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  1. such a negative comment, however i am glad to inform this player that we have indeed, been speaking to admins and have got input, very constructive input at that, if you were more engaged with the servers maybe you would have known this, as you have not been seen on the servers in the past 4 months 🙂
  2. requesting to be unbanned from discord, and a bit of a weird one too, i noticed i have a warning point on the forums from none only than MrLoud15 in 2015, id like for that warning point to be removed if possible, from what i know the thread no longer exists, and from anyone who can recall, there was severe distaste between survival playerbase and the appointed S admins, and with prior in-staff confliction being at times diresome, although without no thread to go on i cant even recall what was said
  3. ban on circumstances regarding behavior and attitude in-game and in private discussions. appealing ban as me and the admin dealing with my ban reasonably discussed the issues via mumble, i acknowledge the faults and wrong doing on my behalf and i formally apologize to those involved
  4. good to see the nerd community is still just as engaged with forum posts! seriously guys big time disappointed with the lack of input..
  5. thanks man!! :) should i wait around to see about the other notes?
  6. looking for my notes to be removed, most recent being 1 year and 10 months ago but theres ones from near 6 years ago aswell, im looking for all of them to be cleared but if not just as many as possible, thanks :)
  7. i feel that nerd.nu can and should facilitate more in PvP within the game, the survival server is gone and wont be coming back its as simple as that, unfortunatly.. i want people to discuss the possibility of reviewing the rules of PVP on PvE, one example would be the size of PvP regions? if we want more active members in our community i think we have to look at what can be done to become more appealing to those who would be more inclined for that game style, I for one would love to see a town on P that will have a PVP region but this comes with scenarios that would need to be thought about. and ideas of your own or concerns then raise those points! lets discuss!
  8. misur lood i have red de ruls nd i hav servd mi suntance n am rdy 2 b a fre min
  9. banned for trolling, other ban appeal got regected because it wasnt serious enough, forgot minecraft is quite a serious matter or seriousness
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