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  1. OVER a month since staff replied to this thread, a bump to make sure it has not escaped minds, this thread has not been concluded until resolutions are found and peoples rights are once again respected, this has not been found, resolutions have been rejected, more resultions have been put forward, we await a reply.
  2. looking back on the thread from 2014, i notice there is strong and clear opposition to the prospect of forcing usage of general chat to only be english: th this led to no change of rules on nerd.nu/rules and there has never been an official rule change since, yet even within mod and admin training it has now become part of the list of things to limit, mute, and even ban for, due to the fact there is no rule for it, disrupting general chat usually being the reasoning, which is very concerning as it has placed label of disruptive on any languages other than english on an international server, although sidelined making it an official rule, which would make it clear that we are no longer an international server space. on the topic of our rules when you limit speakers of other languages or at times only language native to their country it can come off bigoted and thats enforced by the enfocrment of english only in general chat, even if unintentional and due to easement of moderation tasks it still has the effect of either silencing or segregating speech of other nations, again which makes me question our international server status, and it also draws my attention to this rule: the reasoning we have this rule is fairly clear due to what we have always been about, an equality based and concerned server that is tolerant and welcoming of all players including but not limited to listed above in our rules, when it comes to the express concerned that people may be using other languages to use a rule break within the rule above, we have always been able to find out if thats happening and act on it, which was an example given by a staff member to myself as to why both arguments have weight, however as being nerd.nu we should always put equality first, to be tolerant, and welcoming to players of non english speaking backgrounds.
  3. 2 months ago was banned for pearling into an unmarked, not allowed area for normal players, namely into the wider miltiworld of an event containing unprotected admin chests and other events, we (or atleast i) didnt find the admin chests in question and instead we set up a community with little to none malice within that map we were not allowed in, can i be unbanned now please, cheers.
  4. hey! just wondering if i could get the note removed relating to a modreq that was debunked, cheers! 🙂
  5. only thing in question of fault on my behalf is making 3 multiple modreqs (not 5, we cant include the first since it was closed my a mod, when it was to be escalated) and the last modreq was regarding the warning that was placed on me, not a multiple, yes there is questions about if the mod in question acted too brash compared others when handling this, and yes we can keep on asking them, but a mods within their right to kick/ban after a warning is given, tho most would not ban like this, it has happened, but rare, and for that i must say whoops on the 3 multiple modreqs (tho i think its understood now that if the first req was just escalated instead of closed, like asked, this wouldnt of happened), when it comes to the discord, i expect all staff to adhere from the policy that was agreed around memes from now on, as should have been to begin with, members get punished for not adhering to the rules and policies, then so must the staff on the basis of impartiality. go raibh maith agat
  6. got banned for making modreqs, first modreq got closed although escalated tagged, then i made reply modreqs as well as an additional modreq to match original, i got warned for making multiple when multiple would not have been made unless the escalation request was respected, this shouldnt of been done, additionally just looking at modreq listings, i see plenty of previous actual duplicate modreqs nto targeted like this. When it comes to the discord ban, i didnt break the rules and called out when a staff member was picking to find something yet again, which has made me feel increasingly harassed and frustrated at unclear messaging and my patience with it is done, which i already expressed before, so on that note: fuck the queen and the uda x
  7. such a negative comment, however i am glad to inform this player that we have indeed, been speaking to admins and have got input, very constructive input at that, if you were more engaged with the servers maybe you would have known this, as you have not been seen on the servers in the past 4 months 🙂
  8. requesting to be unbanned from discord, and a bit of a weird one too, i noticed i have a warning point on the forums from none only than MrLoud15 in 2015, id like for that warning point to be removed if possible, from what i know the thread no longer exists, and from anyone who can recall, there was severe distaste between survival playerbase and the appointed S admins, and with prior in-staff confliction being at times diresome, although without no thread to go on i cant even recall what was said
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