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  1. Note Appeal

    thanks man!! :) should i wait around to see about the other notes?
  2. Note Appeal

    looking for my notes to be removed, most recent being 1 year and 10 months ago but theres ones from near 6 years ago aswell, im looking for all of them to be cleared but if not just as many as possible, thanks :)
  3. PvP discussion

    i feel that nerd.nu can and should facilitate more in PvP within the game, the survival server is gone and wont be coming back its as simple as that, unfortunatly.. i want people to discuss the possibility of reviewing the rules of PVP on PvE, one example would be the size of PvP regions? if we want more active members in our community i think we have to look at what can be done to become more appealing to those who would be more inclined for that game style, I for one would love to see a town on P that will have a PVP region but this comes with scenarios that would need to be thought about. and ideas of your own or concerns then raise those points! lets discuss!
  4. shanty_sniper [Mrloud15]

    misur lood i have red de ruls nd i hav servd mi suntance n am rdy 2 b a fre min
  5. shanty_sniper [Mrloud15]

    yeoooo FTR UTH FAP
  6. shanty_sniper [Mrloud15]

  7. shanty_sniper [Mrloud15]

    banned for trolling, other ban appeal got regected because it wasnt serious enough, forgot minecraft is quite a serious matter or seriousness
  8. shanty_sniper [Mrloud15]

    i have been banned for trolling, unban me and ill show you actual trolling, if ur ballsy enough m8
  9. I'm back

    well well, look who came crawling back :P Vortex you have been missed
  10. Just going to leave this here.....

    hahahahahaa peeps b mad as hel
  11. I am shanty_sniper AMA

  12. MCPublic General Meeting #1 - Time & Agenda

    looks like i will need to get the mic back for this :)
  13. shanty_sniper [cyotie911]

    hello!!!! its been 6 months now and i would love to get that awful ban reason off my mcbouncer page. i had a look at the rules again and all of that fun stuff so.. yeah
  14. I am shanty_sniper AMA

    natdog Bae i forgot you D: <3 i want to know what she is on..
  15. I am shanty_sniper AMA

    just.. fuck you.