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  1. Your attitudes have not changed, and advocating for violence is not welcome here. Appeal denied.
  2. Your authentications come from the same IPs as PlaceRebuilder, and account that was banned for spamming. You share all the same IPs as that account, and the IPs even changed on the same day. The IP that you made this post from is a proxy service.
  3. It looks like your account was banned as a compromised account. This means that it was on a list of usernames and passwords that were being worked through to grief or otherwise harm the server. You have been unbanned.
  4. Since no one has responded. It is certainly something that we would consider. I have been peeking back at the status of it every once and a while. There are a lot of factors, but it isn't something that we are against doing.
  5. Hello everyone! Our current server has done us well over the last 6 years, but with our contract renewal this year we decided that it was time to upgrade to a new server. We have investigated upgrading the server in the past, but the marginal performance increases were not worth the price increase we would have experienced. This year, with the age of the server and it's components, we decided that this is the year we will be upgrading and thankfully were able to get a fairly good deal which only comes at a slightly higher cost than are currently paying (~$10 / month more). Due to a new server coming in, we will need to migrate all of the data on the current server to the new one. The plan is to start this migration on Monday June 3, 2019. We will be doing an initial sync while keeping the servers up. Once the files are all copied over, we will then take down the minecraft server and resync everything once again. We will then take time to ensure that everything comes up nicely on the new server before opening it back up to everyone. Currently the plan is as follows: Monday June 3rd: Sync current server contents to new server migrate website and forums Tuesday June 4th: Shutdown minecraft servers and resync contents Ensure servers are operating as expected Open servers back to public I do not have a timeline for Tuesday, but it will occur during the day North America Eastern Time. Please let me know if you have any questions. Comments can be made on the reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/bun3bq/new_primary_server_coming_next_week_week_of_jun_3/
  6. @Abitcat I can look into making or finding a dark theme.
  7. I play on occasion, it's definitely fun.
  8. I have updated the page, thank you tebok.
  9. Will be away from Jan 30 -> Feb. 8th.
  10. The information slightly exists in MCBouncer. I have how many connections to a server, etc. But I need to get the per day stuff working, either of us could add that in c45y, but we should discuss what would be the best method for that.
  11. I will be away from July 25th to August 3rd, with very very minimal if any at all internet access.
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