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  1. Sadiri [totemo]

    Okey dokey. Your ban has long since expired: xray ban durations at the time were a month. These days it's one week on the first offence. So, of course, you're unbanned. All you had to do was appeal. Note that the PvP server is long since gone. We still have the same rules against xray and crop grief on the non-pvp survival server, p.nerd.nu. You have to replant crops. And of course we have rules against editing other players' builds without permission on all our servers where editing blocks is possible. Unbanned.
  2. Gor3fiend [Totemo]

    You're welcome. I've rolled back the grief associated with your account today in the overworld and nether. You appear to have been lucky in that your inventory was apparently not damaged.
  3. Revision 21: Third Custom Spawner Clue

    I think this is the start of a much longer list of coordinates of places where it isn't.
  4. Admin Hunt Wrapup & Notice of Cancellation

    We could probably add a command that boils down to `/vanish` and `/setblock` or have the plugin track a player's movement and do that automatically. It could then automatically unvanish them as the disguise and clear the set block once they move more than 0.5 blocks from the block location.
  5. Revision 21: Second Custom Spawner Clue

    > When captured grants the power of > Controlling creatures hereabove. So it's the ghast spawner. > looked for all intents as though > a sickness had begun to grow. So we're looking for a tumour or maybe spots. I looked at the red spots at -1100 -1000 and the ones down in the massive forest down south. And I investigated many tumours. > One slip and we would both be dead. So there's two of us including... > A man appeared out of the dark But if only one of us slips then he must already be dead. That means he's the giant skull embossed in the lava lake at -1100, 400. I was aware of this clue early on, and looked at the dark tumours to the west of him. > Climb aloft, he said - be brave! Climb high, very high. In the end, I found the marker in the subtle spots to his east at Y 195. The second of two very large spikes.
  6. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    It's less stressful for megaproject builders. We have certainty that the rug won't be pulled out from under us at short notice. There is a feeling of control, in the sense that if we can't finish our build in the allotted time, it is entirely our fault. And six months is plenty. I assume knowing that interesting things are coming keeps people coming back. Most of the content put in by Mojang is over and done with by week 2 or 3 of the rev. This is very much a game where we have to make our own fun, rather than rely on Mojang. Admin assistance is welcome. As it should be. I like being able to go to a place and find it not completely mined out. If you want to jam people together, simply bunch up the portals (or delay their addition into the world for a few months). Don't give us less world to play in. The world is not just for making cities. It's for mining and exploration (sight seeing) too. I will rephrase for emphasis: if you're worried about cities being too far apart for rails, put the portals closer together. I like the generator. Now that we have something that does ocean gen too, why not cover most of the ocean floor with coral and seaweed. As someone who exploited the lack of covering of diamonds and other ores in deep ocean: fix that - it's far too cheap. Cover it all with a layer of sand. Pass. The map is large. There is enough of everything that there doesn't seem to be any point in complaining. E Z P Z. People are always going to complain about gold. This rev I have mined 6,800 gold ore so far and only 3,600 diamond ore. It is relatively better than the plumped diamond. Some thoughts below. I mean... I like redstone. It's basically free XP. I mine every bit of it I see, and that is 33,000 ores. Sure. That might alleviate some of the gold pressure. On gold: People use gold for building as well as horses. We tend to use a lot of gold blocks on in Pico, and the last 2 revs we have had un-plumped mesas. But we get by and I like the challenge. I've mined 6,800 gold ore (11.8 stacks of gold blocks) and I guess I've got another stack or more from killing pigmen. I've also mined 148 blocks from ocean monuments. People complain that gold is hard but this week I mined 37 gold blocks from ocean monuments. From similar discussions in the past, some of the most vocal critics of any ore distribution have expectations largely shaped by being predominantly creative mode players. The rev is 6 months long and mining is like half the game; it's in the name. Go and do it. I generally don't support increasing casualisation of the game (as in making everything easy and attainable) because it drags the game down to the lowest level for everyone. It just means that everyone experiences boredom quicker. If you want to give rails a boost, change the gold rail recipe: make it 16 or 32 gold rails from 6 gold ingots. We could do that yesterday. (Configure RecipeManager) If you want to globally increase gold ore, make mined gold ore drop two gold ore items. We could also do that yesterday. (Configure BeastMaster.) Also, yesterday, we could add gold nugget drops to gravel. That would be a relatively modest boost. Just for shits and giggles, add a RecipeManager smelting recipe for armour that returns an ingot from each armour piece instead of a nugget. I saw people suggesting that armour smelting should be more lucrative, in line with crafting cost on r/Minecraft recently. It's really not that radical. I remember many revs ago there was a trade of soul sand for glowstone because glowstone was too scarce. A similar initiative for gold is still possible. On other ores: Glowstone: why do we have this in the overworld? It's not like it's scarce in the nether. It nerfs difficulty when caving in the overworld by suppressing hostile spawns. Let's drop it and make people mine in the nether again. Fine. As suggested earlier, if you want to jam people closer together, reduce the coverage of the portals to a smaller area of the map. Keep giving us plenty of wilderness to mine or be hermits in. Vanilla nether sucks. This rev had the best nether ever. The only thing that is missing are custom mobs up there to make it worth the visit. Progressing BeastMaster to allow that sort of thing is very high on to-do list at the moment. I don't mind a player-made nether spawn. I think a staff made spawn also worked fine. No strong feelings on it. The End is garbage. Elytras are fairly easy to find and fairly poorly defended. They are exploited by a small number of people at the start of the rev, who then, because of elytras, have an early game advantage exploiting the overworld and nether early in the revision. Because they were cheap in the vanilla generation, we hand them out fairly cheaply with the crafting recipe. I really want to see us throw out the vanilla End entirely and do something custom with the generator. And in the interests of boosting rail, horses etc I'd rather we make elytras unobtainable for the first half of the rev somehow. Either some easy ham-fisted approach (we say you can't have them), or make them require resources that take a lot more effort. I agree with any comment that says that elytras are detrimental to the game. Leave them for late revision exploration. Sure whatever. The whole end is junk. I think people should only have to build $COOL_MAP once. WorldEdit should be limited to setting the base colour of the plot, I think. Like a custom command that resets the plot to a flat plane of whatever you are holding in your hand. Spawn is fine. * The complaints usually set in after a player has mined about 200 iron ore. How about making them a 1 in 125 drop and then scaling up costs appropriately? This gives more regular progress feedback so that players do not get frustrated that they are running on the spot. a. Tier 3 costs started at 6 souls per spawner, 24 for a set of 4 spawners, or 12,000 ore. I think Pico took about a week to get all that. Maybe two weeks at the most. It was not hard enough. Double it to 24,000 ore for tier 3. I'm ambivalent about adding a Tier 4 (40,000 ore total). I can see the value in terms of giving people another challenge and a way to show off, but the people who just want to leech will leech on the Tier 4 grinders, which takes the shine off it a bit. I've mined 58,000 iron ore this rev. It's doable. b. Do upgrades. People can then get in on Tier 1 sooner, if they like. Forget about reducing costs. They are cheap enough. The resultant costs would be: Tier 1: 4 golem souls per spawner = 8 x 125 ore = 1,000 iron ore per spawner. Tier 2 upgrade: 16 golem souls per spawner = 2,000 iron ore per upgraded spawner Tier 3 upgrade: 24 golem souls per spawner = 3,000 iron ore per upgraded spawner Optionally allow Tier 4 upgrade: 32 golem souls per spawner = 4,000 iron ore per upgraded spawner Therefore: A single Tier 3 spawner would cost 1,000 + 2,000 + 3,000 = 6,000 iron ore in golem souls; 4 spawners would cost 24,000 iron ore worth of souls (double the current cost). A single Tier 4 spawner would cost 1,000 + 2,000 + 3,000 + 4,000 = 10,000 iron ore in golem souls, and four of these would be worth 40,000 iron ore. EDITS: Fixed golem soul costs, added suggested other drops. c. The reason that we want other uses for golem souls is because we don't have a functioning economy. There is no trade. If there was something worth trading, people would trade them. Just on the subject of custom mining drops: I mention elsewhere the idea of gold nuggets dropping from gravel, which I think is cute. I'd quite like it if you could find "old bone"s when digging in dirt and fossils dropped when mining stone. Fossils could be smelted for rare items. Old bones could perhaps participate in some kind of necromancy, maybe involving a skeleton skull as well, for summoning rare mobs. Make use of the nether to the full extent. Don't reduce it to a shitty clone of the end with only a single purpose (grinding wither skulls). We want more content and more things to do. A couple of revs back we had free-range wither skeletons in the plains biome of the nether and that was great because everyone could get enough wither spawns - except when nobody else was in the nether and then all the spawns were on a sky platform and that was deemed to be too lucrative and so we swung the other way and now we have far too few wither skeletons and people are unhappy again. Consider other options apart from a policy of The Nether Is For Wither Skeletons And Nothing Else. It's stupid, unimaginative and a waste of a good dimension. Squids. Although vanilla grinders are possible, they're not very effective on multiplayer servers and dark prismarine takes way too much ink. Drop slime spawners and magma cube spawners. Magma cream is craftable from slime and blaze rods, and in any case there is no shortage of magma cubes in the nether. In the former case, anyone can make a slime grinder in the overworld with a bit of effort. Reducing everything to a shopping trip to somebody else's grinder is shitty gameplay. Make people work it; what else are they going to do for 6 months? This is mostly nonsense, and we shouldn't make serious decisions on the basis of a bullshit premise. The facts of the matter are: Guardians are affected by the global hostile mob cap. As such, they are usually impacted by mobs in caves. Guardians do not affect spawner mobs. Period. I have seen many incompetently made guardian grinders, over several revs. Some people have not the faintest clue. These are usually the people that complain the loudest. At the time of writing, there are 66 guardians spawned under the town of Venice outside of one of their grinders. That constitutes about 1/4 of the total number of hostile mobs in the overworld and it does take a way a few slots from other hostile mobs. But it's just incompetence. It's nothing to do with guardian grinders being bad in general. It's that bad design is bad. Venice's other grinder is only half done. It has half the spawning space of a finished grinder, so of course it is going to have disappointing performance. This has absolutely nothing to do with DjentleGiant's (I think his was the target of complaints) grinder being good. That is just jealousy and ignorance. I'm also running Pico guardian grinder at the same time and there are 22 guardians here; that's only 7% of the overworld hostiles and they're constantly being killed. A well designed guardian grinder is not a problem because the mobs pass through quickly and don't pile up. Me. Me me me me me. Other, lesser beings. I like events. The game is old. We need spice to keep things spicy. All the events! Dumb stupid events where people get annoyed and there is no payoff. Prizes need to be proportionate to the amount of effort invested by players. It's that simple. They need to be worth it. Custom skull drops are a good one because they don't change the game balance at all, but they are unobtainable if they are not player skins. Haven't really used rails. Like it in principle. Sure, why not? I think we should stay relatively vanilla with TrainCarts for the sake of the map download. The /place revamp was very good. The launch assistance in WingCommander is fucking gold, if I do say so myself. VoxelMap compatible waypoints in /hgps were also a very good idea.
  7. Rczl [totemo]

    Apologies for being late. You're unbanned.
  8. Rczl [totemo]

    Thanks for your appeal. As is customary, your inventory has been cleared and all of your edits wiped from the world. The ban duration is 7 days, so you will be unbanned on the 7th of January, New York time zone, when it is Wednesday my dudes Sunday the 7th (my maths was way out). A longer ban duration will apply if you xray again. If you are not unbanned by then, you can comment here as a reminder to us and someone will unban you. In the mean time, please read http://nerd.nu/rules. Here are a few screenshots illustrating what we see and why you were banned:
  9. 2017 Fundraiser Feedback

    Thanks and omg are you me (?) because I too was extremely disappointed at the lack of balancing and playtesting. I put together an initial demo of the event early in the year and then went off to do some serious adulting for a few months, to come back to something that was mostly the same as when I left it. I note that the recent Halloween event didn't improve on that. I find it extremely frustrating and I hope we can do better in the future. Credit where credit is due, too: actually @redwall_hp found the setting in the MonsterApocalypse plugin that controls the insane lag - commented out of the code - and fixed it. I did work very hard to try to make a more playable game during the event (and in the week leading up), but if people are working on stuff like that once the game has started, well we've blown it.
  10. Vextasy [totemo]

    Thanks for your well written appeal. You are unbanned.
  11. Difficulties Logging In

    I suspect you're just having routing issues. Whereas a VPN might fix it, it's not the ideal solution due to the added latency. Instead, I please open the network settings of your computer and in the TCP/IP section set the MTU value to 900. The MTU (maximum transmission units) is the outgoing packet size in bytes. When a packet impinges on a router whose MTU is smaller than the packet size, the packet is split into fragments that are all individually smaller than the MTU. The fragments are later reassembled at the receiver, but that can happen quite slowly. What I think might be happening is that there is a router between you and the servers that has a smaller than average MTU, and packets passing through it (e.g. from the server to you) get fragmented, causing their receipt to be delayed until all fragments can be received and reassembled.
  12. Difficulties Logging In

    Run your network meter and work out how much data that browser game is uploading and downloading while you play. Also, try reducing your view distance on C. My bet is you've got a bandwidth-constrained connection that is causing you to time out.
  13. Revision 21: Blog Post I

    I win. \o/ :P
  14. Rev 20 PvE Awards

    Pico is listed in the Best Themed Build category twice. Could you transfer the vote for the second instance to the first, please?
  15. gk_ryo appeal

    You're unbanned. Thank pez252 for implementing a fix.