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  1. totemo

    Spook6 [totemo]

    Staff account security is a very serious matter. Ensure that your computer is locked at all times when you are not in attendance. Unbanned.
  2. totemo

    Lilithvia [kumquatmay]

    I concur, and I wrote the book. I also find it hilarious that you posted a screenshot proving you modified the contents of your mods folder shortly before you posted your appeal. That's proof that you deleted the xray mod. You are an incompetent xrayer and an incompetent liar to boot. Give it up.
  3. totemo

    Roudydogg1 [Totemo]

    You have fulfilled the requirements of your xray ban and you are now unbanned. If you xray again, we will ban you for a longer duration. It's my hope that by using screenshots to demonstrate how obvious xray tends to be, that people will be dissuaded from even trying. I am frequently disappointed.
  4. totemo

    JonathanL_2003 [totemo]

    If I haven't unbanned you by the 15th of April, open a new appeal to remind me or send me a message on these forums.
  5. totemo

    P2weer [totemo]

    You are unbanned.
  6. totemo

    Revision 22: Second Portal Clue

    Lol I just woke up. Not a difficult clue.
  7. totemo

    Revision 22: Second Portal Clue

    Was that up in the far north north west?
  8. totemo

    JonathanL_2003 [totemo]

    By evading your ban you have earned an extra 2 weeks of ban duration.
  9. totemo

    JonathanL_2003 [totemo]

    No. To elaborate on that, you got an awful lot of diamonds and I don't fully believe you when you say that he was the only one xraying. Nor do I fully believe that you were unaware that p2weer was hacking.
  10. totemo

    JonathanL_2003 [totemo]

    That concurs with my impressions of what saw in at least some of the block logs. I think the admins would be be gratified to hear that you've been enjoying the server. We appreciate new players, but obviously we can't allow people to cheat. We handle xray the same, irrespective of the method used to cheat, so you are also banned for one week from the time of the offence, and you inventory and all your edits have been wiped from the map. If you xray again, you will be banned for longer. Our systems do not automatically unban players, so if I forget, you can comment here to remind me. It's generally not difficult to spot xray, so it usually ends badly. Here are some screenshots of your mining. The edits connected with blue arrows are where p2weer directed you, whereas the edits connected with yellow lines are yours.
  11. totemo

    P2weer [totemo]

    I think I've said most of it already. The first xray ban is only a week from the time you were caught. If you do it again, the ban will be much longer. Our systems do not automatically unban players. I'll try to remember, but if I forget, you can comment here to remind me. Xray is generally fairly obvious to us. Here are a few screenshots of your edits.
  12. totemo

    P2weer [totemo]

    Ah okay. I have seen your appeal now. The xray ban duration is one week on the first offence, starting at the time the ban is issued. As is customary with xray, all your edits have been wiped. When you are unbanned, you will have to start over from scratch. I'm "busy" right now. I'll post more details later on.
  13. totemo

    Sadiri [totemo]

    Okey dokey. Your ban has long since expired: xray ban durations at the time were a month. These days it's one week on the first offence. So, of course, you're unbanned. All you had to do was appeal. Note that the PvP server is long since gone. We still have the same rules against xray and crop grief on the non-pvp survival server, p.nerd.nu. You have to replant crops. And of course we have rules against editing other players' builds without permission on all our servers where editing blocks is possible. Unbanned.
  14. totemo

    Gor3fiend [Totemo]

    You're welcome. I've rolled back the grief associated with your account today in the overworld and nether. You appear to have been lucky in that your inventory was apparently not damaged.
  15. totemo

    Revision 21: Third Custom Spawner Clue

    I think this is the start of a much longer list of coordinates of places where it isn't.