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  1. You must be Mew around here... but I have removed mine.
  2. How can Spawn portal be considered in this? It was a creative mode.
  3. Yep. No worries. That was over a year ago. You're now unbanned. If you are connected to a certain account that started playing on on the 23rd of this month, please do it right in future and get unbanned first.
  4. On behalf of Trooprm32, you're unbanned.
  5. You're unbanned.
  6. Just to inject a little bit of truth into this appeal, you were kicked by a staff member on Creative for wearing a Hitler skin. You then joined PvE where you were kicked by a different staff member for wearing the same skin. Each time you were told to change the skin in the kick message.
  7. That's unfortunate. You are ultimately responsible for all actions performed on your account.
  8. You were warned not to use xray client mods at spawn, in the in-game help (reproduced here) and in the rules. You're banned for one month. Your inventory is cleared and all your edits are gone. Open a new appeal on the 20th of April to be unbanned. Screenshots of your edits follow. In some of them I've marked gold with yellow stained glass and diamond with light blue stained glass (although I didn't fully mark the ore deposits - just the "front" of it as you tunnel in). In others I just rolled the ores you took back into place for the duration of the screenshot. The last screenshot shows a particular tunnel in the shape of a J where you threaded from diamond to gold to diamond, digging down into the floor to get the expose the final diamond. Most of the other ores are diagonally off pre-existing (made by someone else) tunnels, or tunnels that you made. The last screenshot also shows a diamond in a diagonal side-tunnel off in the distance (below the glowstone) and a gold deposit marked with stained glass on the right, both of which are shown in detail in later shots. For these holes in the side of tunnels, if not marked with stained glass, then the original block was stone.
  9. I understand your frustration. I am similarly frustrated with the situation. I am also very busy at the moment. This is a situation caused by NotTegu xraying and using movement hacks and then evading that ban as JetPackJohn8, MiniTortoise and PvPMatt. We need to enforce the rules on the server, with real consequences and we have limited tools at our disposal for confirming people's identity online. He also came back on a VPN as CPTTurtle14. The same VPN that you are using, in fact. As I said, I am very busy at the moment and so have limited time (the most valuable thing a person has) to waste in trying to sort out who is whom. If you would like to play this month, work out how to turn off the VPN. Otherwise, wait for NotTegu to be unbanned, I am truly sorry if this causes you to be incorrectly banned, but I don't have time to do any better this week.
  10. We're going to have to get into specifics. Brand name on the VPN and I suggest you look seriously into how to turn it off.
  11. Find out what VPN that is and let me know.
  12. Yep. You can feel free to play if you don't use a VPN. Please turn off your VPN and comment here.
  13. James, I can see the email address you use to register forum accounts. MiniTortoise - NotTegu - PvPMatt - If you post any more appeals I'm simply going to start banning forum accounts and adding extra time onto the NotTegu (and all alts) bans.
  14. We cannot determine who is operating a given account at any particular time. These accounts have been used to evade a ban, therefore they are banned. Stop opening new appeals and wait until NotTegu is unbanned.
  15. As there is no way for us to determine who is operating a given account at any given time we cannot enforce the NotTegu ban without banning the other accounts. So sorry.