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  1. 2017 Fundraiser Feedback

    Thanks and omg are you me (?) because I too was extremely disappointed at the lack of balancing and playtesting. I put together an initial demo of the event early in the year and then went off to do some serious adulting for a few months, to come back to something that was mostly the same as when I left it. I note that the recent Halloween event didn't improve on that. I find it extremely frustrating and I hope we can do better in the future. Credit where credit is due, too: actually @redwall_hp found the setting in the MonsterApocalypse plugin that controls the insane lag - commented out of the code - and fixed it. I did work very hard to try to make a more playable game during the event (and in the week leading up), but if people are working on stuff like that once the game has started, well we've blown it.
  2. Vextasy [totemo]

    Thanks for your well written appeal. You are unbanned.
  3. Difficulties Logging In

    I suspect you're just having routing issues. Whereas a VPN might fix it, it's not the ideal solution due to the added latency. Instead, I please open the network settings of your computer and in the TCP/IP section set the MTU value to 900. The MTU (maximum transmission units) is the outgoing packet size in bytes. When a packet impinges on a router whose MTU is smaller than the packet size, the packet is split into fragments that are all individually smaller than the MTU. The fragments are later reassembled at the receiver, but that can happen quite slowly. What I think might be happening is that there is a router between you and the servers that has a smaller than average MTU, and packets passing through it (e.g. from the server to you) get fragmented, causing their receipt to be delayed until all fragments can be received and reassembled.
  4. Difficulties Logging In

    Run your network meter and work out how much data that browser game is uploading and downloading while you play. Also, try reducing your view distance on C. My bet is you've got a bandwidth-constrained connection that is causing you to time out.
  5. Revision 21: Blog Post I

    I win. \o/ :P
  6. Rev 20 PvE Awards

    Pico is listed in the Best Themed Build category twice. Could you transfer the vote for the second instance to the first, please?
  7. gk_ryo appeal

    You're unbanned. Thank pez252 for implementing a fix.
  8. gk_ryo appeal

    It wouldn't be fair to me if you can play and I can't because of your cheating. So you will be unbanned when I have implemented an acceptable mitigation for this glitch.
  9. gk_ryo appeal

    I've confiscated the shulker boxes. How many of the gold rails in your rail chest were legitimately obtained?
  10. gk_ryo appeal

    The rules have been "streamlined" to make them easier to read and no longer explicitly mention exploiting various glitches, instead mentioning only "cheating". Are you of the opinion that that duplicating items is not "cheating", as covered by the rules? Am I to take it from your appeal that you know of people doing carpet duplication on PvE?
  11. You must be Mew around here... but I have removed mine.
  12. PvE Awards Rev 19 - Part 2!

    How can Spawn portal be considered in this? It was a creative mode.
  13. Derkek [totemo]

    Yep. No worries. That was over a year ago. You're now unbanned. If you are connected to a certain account that started playing on c.nerd.nu on the 23rd of this month, please do it right in future and get unbanned first.
  14. Creeperofhope [Trooprm32]

    On behalf of Trooprm32, you're unbanned.
  15. PonchoVilla [totemo]

    You're unbanned.