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  1. Most of you will not remember me, because I haven't played or been active in years. I played S back in 2013-2015ish. My MC username has changed, it used to be _Ryan__. I made a new account to avoid confusion on who I am. My crowning achievements were successfully building an absolutely massive sheep statue by spawn in one of the revs and subsequently getting absolutely rekt in pvp every time I logged in. My clan on s was with djt832/djtpls, Emery17, chewsonthemove, and Hamsale, if any oldsters recognize those names. Off the top of my head I remember JacktheLumberr (fuk u, srsly), pkome, iDANUB, Mumberthrax (best librarian evr), n00ble. a lot more escapes me nowadays. I'm djt's younger brother, if that helps jog some memory. I'm old and busy now, but thought I'd pop in, say hey, and check out P. missed u nerdz.
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