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  1. Bring me in on early beta testing.
  2. you joke, but that's what some people actually want(to varying degrees)
  3. We have some of those still?
  4. sorry, what? when did an undiscovered end portal happen?
  5. I got there in the end -- the witch spawner helped, it's a big S! -- but I honestly still don't get what the coords in the post were for! Finding it was essentially just mapping the rest and guessing at the "pattern". EDIT: I've been informed it was hard to see my lines. Here's a clarification.
  6. A list with roughly twenty billion entries
  7. How unspecific! What shelter? What covered path? There aren't many of either of those. At this point all we have is "go upward". That's literally anywhere if you're starting at y1!
  8. Wow, that shader really did not like the End.
  9. I have a dying, ancient community I'd like some help keeping alive, and it occurred to me some random people (that definitely-weren't-invited-via-a-forum-post ) coming in and staying in might help. I'm not asking for anyone who doesn't know what EsperNet is, and I'm not asking for anyone who isn't already there regularly in some other channel. I'm just looking for some people that wouldn't mind adding a channel to their auto join lists and... denying any prior attachment to me/this post.
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