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  1. hey what if: instead of free user creation of portals, we limited it to the literal ruined worldgen portals that exist now (note: both overworld and nether) in theory you'd be relying on worldgen to take care of spacing and compromise between complete freedom and the former limitations, and it would encourage road building and communication -- imagine an environment where we place bounties on finding portals closer to where cities set up, or want to set up. This rev we're in now, there happened to be a ruined portal inside a hill behind our house. I loved excavating it and sprucing it up, but would have loved even more if I could have followed that up with making it a legitimate travel hub, instead of relying on the one across the ocean.
  2. > we hope to expand this list ice melting
  3. I hope you can understand that, being one of the most active players every revision for years, I've come to love and cherish my time here for multiple reasons. I don't get any other places in my daily life that give me the kind of experiences that I have in this community - including but not limited to avenues for extreme amounts of cooperation, sharing, validation. and creation. I've put almost a quarter of my life into this community, and one of my biggest regrets now is that I did not share current staff's idea of how big a deal this behavior was.
  4. I'll do my best to not do a thing without saying anything again
  5. previously: I didn't have to tell cujo what was going on when she asked me what was up with the spawn chest full of old event tokens that Shanty reported. I also didn't have to tell her about the re-entry under the barrier block gap(though that's not particularly an issue). Viewing this as "you got caught and immediately confessed to your crimes" is not giving me enough credit - I could have just not said anything. But I told multiple people from the server. I left multiple signatures in that other world - check northwest and southeast 10000,10000(and that sign in the labyrinth - did you figure out that the southeast corner wasn't protected?). I got two separate moderators to extract me when I got stuck in places, out in that other world. I put the old event tokens in the public chest in spawn. You're right that I could have gone directly to staff and explained the issues, but consider: when I was given the feedback of "the chair on top of the head shop was disabled", which is to say far before cujo went "ahhh dammit, we fixed that but I guess you got through before we found the issue" and I simply clicked on it again and discovered I could no longer sit there, my conclusion was that my actions had directly led to that happening. I don't want to make it seem like I'm arguing I did nothing wrong, or that I couldn't have done better. I do think the idea of a reward for finding missteps in event/spawn setups will do a lot in this context. There have been many, many such issues in past revisions that, you're absolutely right, I should have been more vocal in reporting. I've been finding critical issues with staff setups regularly since revision 7. It goes as far back as learning how to break into the famous "5K" event multiple times from multiple areas. Here is me in an event area in that 2012 revision's spawn before it was announced, but after the initial time I got there, which was when it was an empty, unbuilt room. This history of exploration -- of measuring my abilities, if you will -- includes things like retrieving items from Summer 2018 fundraiser's wild west challenge areas that weren't supposed to get back out into the global region with the player. It includes understanding plugins well enough to design events for players around them and ask for the right region flags to be set to prevent cheating, such as in multiple parkour/puzzle areas tompreuss and I have put up in the past. And there was the memorable time when I got out into the void in the September 2019 fundraiser and flew tens of thousands of blocks to the spawn point of the world. I've been on this server for longer than 95% of the playerbase. I've seen like a dozen administrative teams come and go, I've seen plugins come into existence to stop things from being possible, and y'all have been historically, universally worse than I am at catching improperly set up regions and plugins. But that could be a resource for you! I've been called magnetically attracted to bugs by a former player - finding this stuff is so, so easy for me! I've submitted a ton of issues to mod developers, I've even submitted issues with code here - someone may remember me pressing a certain flaw with safebuckets and restarts and adjacent redstone updates causing water to flow. I can point out a few issues in current server-custom event setups, if they still exist, if we can get in touch with each other and do it in person. Lastly, when I was initially writing this post in the second week of August, an idea I had was to skim modreqs, suggestions, and conversations with staff as a form of... I don't think "character witness" is quite right here, but I hope that gets at what I was aiming for. Background check? Anyway, in the following links is as far as I got with those before I lost momentum. I stand by the sentiment, still, but I don't have the spoons to start back up on working on it. That, and modern suggestion box response posts just didn't seem to exist in the first place, which I remember prompting cujo to tell me that all of current staff is "bad at paperwork". https://pastebin.com/2Xjnprhc https://pastebin.com/ZxkD0w8h https://pastebin.com/CPZqGTDP
  6. - (this post wasn't really want I wanted to say, will be back eventually with a separate and more fully formed reply)
  7. I have a feeling I'll think this is entirely reasonable, but just out of curiosity I'm submitting this to ask for specific reasoning and a timeframe.
  8. you joke, but that's what some people actually want(to varying degrees)
  9. We have some of those still?
  10. sorry, what? when did an undiscovered end portal happen?
  11. I got there in the end -- the witch spawner helped, it's a big S! -- but I honestly still don't get what the coords in the post were for! Finding it was essentially just mapping the rest and guessing at the "pattern". EDIT: I've been informed it was hard to see my lines. Here's a clarification.
  12. A list with roughly twenty billion entries
  13. How unspecific! What shelter? What covered path? There aren't many of either of those. At this point all we have is "go upward". That's literally anywhere if you're starting at y1!
  14. Wow, that shader really did not like the End.
  15. I have a dying, ancient community I'd like some help keeping alive, and it occurred to me some random people (that definitely-weren't-invited-via-a-forum-post ) coming in and staying in might help. I'm not asking for anyone who doesn't know what EsperNet is, and I'm not asking for anyone who isn't already there regularly in some other channel. I'm just looking for some people that wouldn't mind adding a channel to their auto join lists and... denying any prior attachment to me/this post.
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