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  1. barneygale

    Phantom behaviour change

    Part 1: Why Phantoms are shite If vanilla minecraft was perfect we wouldn't be running paperspigot and dozens of plugins. In my view an extension of the "vanilla with sprinkles" slogan is that we don't make gameplay modifications without good reason, but we do modify vanilla game play quite substantially when it makes sense. Portal restrictions, world size, creeper/enderman/villager/golem behaviour are all non-vanilla and all have a big impact on gameplay. Mojang have a rich history of adding half-baked additions to the game but phantoms take the cake for me. First: the combat is boring, substantially more boring than minecraft's janky combat vs skeletons, zombies, creepers. Every 10s seconds you get a change to time a melee or bow shot as a phantom dives. If you're lucky you can hit them with a bow while they're circling - maybe its just me, maybe its a product of playing a US server from the EU, but I find this very difficult - their movement is unpredictable and vaguely "laggy" that makes bow shots really hard. Second: the "just sleep in a bed" argument - beds are already used for something useful (setting spawn point) and layering phantoms on top of that makes beds less useful. Play styles like my own hermit/vagabond lifestyle are much harder, because I'm constantly having to choose between phantoms and a sensible spawn point. Given the combat is so boring, and that phantoms take away (rather than add) to the gameplay, I propose we "do something" about phantoms, maybe via a custom plugin. Part 2: Some suggestions (mutually incompatible) Phantoms only spawn if you're wearing elytra (my personal favourite) Phantoms only spawn if you have sufficient armour points Phantoms only spawn during thunderstorms Phantoms only spawn after >~25 days awake Thoughts/suggestions? Cheers
  2. barneygale

    Rev 24 Rails

    Cool that sounds very doable! Did previous revs have pre-built spawn stations or is that new for rev 23?
  3. barneygale

    Rev 24 Rails

    I'll dig up some info on TRAVEL and DEEP, but I'm a pretty casual player so if it's the sort of thing that involves pistons every x blocks I find it hard to get excited. I'd hope that with a well-designed rail network you can get almost anywhere with 2 changes of fewer, and as long as the rails and stations are safe you can still do a bunch of AFK travel (its pretty much the reason I prefer rails). Even so I'll check it out!
  4. barneygale

    Rev 24 Rails

    Rail building is dying down a bit in the current rev so I thought it might be useful to reflect on the rail infrastructure in rev 23 and share some ideas for the next revision. Things that work well: Getting your rail connected to the greater PVE rail system is very accessible, both in terms of the skills you need and the resources. Previous PVE revs had very complex rail systems which were a little inhibiting. Item frame stations are compact and easy to build In my experience, everyone has been very accommodating when it comes to connecting up or making pragmatic edits Things that could be better: There's a lot of duplicate/parallel rails that take basically the same route but make different stops. I think these resources would be better used connecting up towns/cities that have no rail links, rather than building 'express routes' The rail station (and portal) at spawn are too hard to find for new players. Not super hard, but still too hard. Interchange between portals and rails is a little confusing in a couple places Almost all rail lines (even fancy resource-intensive ones) are underground! So, a few thoughts and possible points of discussion: I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing this, but I'd love to see a super-simple spawn with really obvious food, portals and rails. The staff can always build huge/crazy stuff away from spawn 🙂 We should favour connecting new settlements, even if you have to make multiple stops, over building express lines parallel to existing lines. Spawn probably has too many possible destinations (32) that promotes parallel lines and discourages hub culture. I think this could be reduced to 16 or even 8. I'd love to collaborate with other rail builders on an above-ground network, especially an overground ring. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic of rails. Cheers
  5. barneygale

    MiniGames & You! A discussion...

    ^ this is the whole problem with opening these discussions to the community - everyone here already has a server to play on. You see it as a 3rd server, but many people who prefer PVP minecraft won't play much or at all on PVE or creative servers. They're not represented in this discussion. nerd.nu pvp isn't going anywhere unless and until a staff member with a love of pvp minecraft makes it their passion project to start a great pvp server under the nerd.nu banner. Whoever that staff member ends up being, I hope the head and tech admins provide them with the support they need to make it a success. But let's not kid ourselves - a server reworked or restarted from some half-arsed forum thread will fail. If you want my view: vanilla PVP survival minecraft isn't dead. Another server I play on has a several hour-long queue just to get in. Minigames or the extinct "PVP" server aren't in nerd.nu's genetics. s.nerd.nu died largely from poor management (including my own), not because of some fatal flaw in vanilla survival gameplay. If minigames is taking up RAM with no-one playing on it then I suggest you take it offline, but I hope the head and tech admins are listening closely to the wider staff; if a mod has a good idea and the motivation to see it through to completion, please let's all rally behind it.
  6. barneygale

    MiniGames & You! A discussion...

    And I'm obviously aware that the nerd admins don't trust me any further than they can throw me, so I'm not expecting any sort of day-to-day involvement if people want to pursue this idea. I can share the code, the tech admins could fork it and maintain it, and if people wanted me involved to fix bugs and whatnot I'd be happy to help (but would understand and expect that people wouldn't want me involved beyond supplying the initial version for careful code review!) edit: it was easier than I thought! Try connecting to 2b2t.space from a 1.13.2 client. Disclaimer: this is still very buggy and it's running on an underpowered VPS. Shout if it goes down. All sorts of things will crash your client or possibly the server, but walking around the world seems to work OK for me, so check out the beta 1.7 terrain gen at least!
  7. barneygale

    MiniGames & You! A discussion...

    FWIW, I wrote some custom software to make the 1.13 --> beta 1.7 proxy work. The source code is currently private but I'm happy to share with any nerd admins. It's a totally different project to the spigot plugin. As proof this is a real project, here's a spreadsheet showing how I'm doing the translation between the old and new protocols: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bEhQIA7TKq6qtQvSb6lh1KdO3Pf92YvENWxjuNyEuOQ/edit#gid=0 I'll try to get a demonstration server up at the weekend (someone poke me if I forget)
  8. barneygale

    MiniGames & You! A discussion...

    A few ideas for you: Run a super low-effort old-school vanilla s.nerd.nu server. No need for any fancy plugins or complicated designs, just put together a spawn and some //stacked roads in an afternoon with a few people, throw it up, and see if it does any better than minigames. You might want to start with quite a limited world border initially, and reset the map a few times a year. I say this because there are vanilla PVP minecraft servers out there doing well, and I recognise the names of quite a few PvErs who started out on survival and might be tempted to split their time. Run a rolling snapshot server. Not sure if spigot provides snapshot builds nowadays but I'd suggest running it in chaos mode all the same. Reset 1/4 or 1/2 the map if the terrain generation changes (my personal favourite because a) i worked on it and b) it's a unique mechanic and you don't see many of those in minecraft!) run a 1.7 beta server. Users can connect with the original beta 1.7 client or a modern 1.13 client if you run some custom proxy software I wrote! I chose beta 1.7 because it predates a lot of the minecraft mechanics we take for granted, such as hunger, sprinting and enchantments. There's a certain amount of nostalgia in the minecraft community for the game as Notch wrote it, and given nerd's claim to fame is being the oldest running server, perhaps running a genuine beta 1.7 server for modern clients might be popular, or at the very least a noble experiment :)
  9. barneygale

    barneybot [ludeman84]

    Banned for ban evasion way back when. My main account has long since been unbanned, so could this alt also be unbanned? Thanks.
  10. barneygale

    Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release is out!

    Everyone loves monday server launch days right?
  11. barneygale

    Survival: The Next Revision

    It is still pretty active and we'll have more to talk about once the announcement is made. darb, I'll check out your village. Keeping the s community alive in-game seems worthwhile.
  12. barneygale

    Survival: The Next Revision

    If PVE folks want to be involved that's obviously great, but building a survival village on PVE seems like a pretty indirect way of influencing the next survival revision.
  13. barneygale

    Staff Page Order

    I agree completely; that was sort-of the point I was making!
  14. barneygale

    Staff Page Order

    IIRC slide did do some work to port the existing website to symfony. For reference the website I co-founded in 2007 began porting to Symfony in 2008 and still hasn't finished (and someone else started a python version in 2010!). MVC in PHP is like pulling nails.
  15. barneygale

    Staff Page Order

    I think splitting online staff by rank is a bit pointless. Either have an additional unranked list of online staff at the top (with the rest of the page unchanged), or remove all categories from the page and allow people to click through to a staffer's profile to see their rank. XkinOEC, if you're talking about the site williammck and I wrote, it's still on github. I heard from a nerd staffer (I forget who) a few weeks ago that nerd might just run it. If they did decide to do that, i'd help with updating it and finishing features if someone asked me. I still think it's one of the cheapest (in terms of man-hours) ways to attract and retain players at nerd.