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  1. It has been quite a long time; long enough now that hopefully you've grown as a player. Welcome back, please be sure to read the rules, and enjoy the new rev! Unbanned.
  2. If you truly think that there's nothing wrong with that statement, then you are on the wrong server. Appeal denied, please find somewhere else to play.
  3. I'm also not arguing against the ban, because by this point, you certainly know better. When you object to the behavior of another player on the server, the answer isn't to act even worse. When you object to the way people ask you to stop, the answer isn't to blatantly insult them. All you had to do was drop it. Replacing the c-word with any other insult would have gotten the same results. The ban stands, and will end at 3pm AEDT( 11pm Eastern, about 5 hrs and 45 mins from the time of this post)
  4. Out of town this weekend from the 11th to 15th, I'll still be reachable on Discord if you need me.
  5. Modreq is meant for in-game help, not for discussing things on Discord or bans. There will be times when you won't be able to reach an admin right away. We do have lives, and don't always look at discord during the day. Asking for a modreq to reach an admin for out-of-game events won't get people's attention any faster, as I hope you realize now. Sometimes, you just have to be patient and wait another hour or two. You're unbanned, but next time you feel like an injustice might have been done, take a little time to reach out in the proper channels first before you react as strongly as you did yesterday.
  6. I'd like to add a little more context here. Mehl, if you had stopped after reason 1 listed above, things would have been fine. At that point, we could have left it at "ha ha it kinda looks like a dick, very funny, let's move on to something else." We removed those blocks because you would. not. drop. it. You can't expect to modreq for protection of a tiny assortment of blocks in that shape to actually go through; it's a waste of everyone's time. From there, you proceeded to make a petition and start spamming users in an effort to get signatures. Spamming the Call button on discord is exactly that: spam. You also insisted on messaging Temp with additional signatures you got on your petition: The answer is YES. Yes, it's still harassment. He asked you to stop, you didn't. The "fuck you temp" sign didn't help things, but insulting staff is no different from insulting any other player: it's always a dick move. It wasn't saying "you're in modmode" that got you banned, it was the spam. Next time, please listen when people ask you to stop. Incidentally, you also straight-up admitted to x-raying on Discord, and an in-game search confirmed that you x-rayed quite a few ancient debris. X-raying leads to a full rollback of your edits (which has already been carried out), as well as a one month ban. It will run concurrently with the one you're appealing, so I'm going to just edit your ban reason to "Harassment and X-raying". You may post here on September 30th acknowledging what you did wrong, which can get you unbanned. P.S. I would also like to remind everyone that a ban appeal thread should only be between the banned player, banning moderator, and any Head Admins (like me) that happen to step in. We do not allow other players to post in these threads because they typically don't have all the facts. The previous comment by an uninvolved user was in fact removed, but here are some of its relevant points (I bolded some text for emphasis): The ban isn't for NSFW builds, it's for harassment. This isn't the first time on the server people have looked at natural generation and thought "lol dongs", but it's the first time in a while that they've gone to such lengths to advertise it. He obviously didn't build the thing, but he took the joke too far. The blocks were edited in response to a frivolous protection modreq and also in an effort to change the subject, and I fully support that decision. That is true, but deliberately spamming private messages both in-game and on Discord (as well as spamming players with Discord's Call feature) is not the way to do it. The receiving party did indeed ask Mehlsuppe to stop, repeatedly. Please refrain from commenting on situations where you don't have all of the evidence.
  7. It's not just you, the livemaps always do that right after a restart. Just refresh the page after a minute or two and it'll be fixed.
  8. Since it has been some time since your last reply, I'm moving this to the archives. If you'd like to be unbanned, read through nerd.nu/rules and start up a new appeal.
  9. The nominations are in! Voting will last for just shy of 3 hours - plenty of time to visit the nominees! Next to each island's name are directions to their warp sign so that you can pay a visit. Some categories only had one nominee, so the vote is for whether you feel they deserve the title. Islands may continue building right up until the end time, so you may want to wait until it's closer to the end time to vote.
  10. This is the thread for island owners to nominate their island for an Island Superlative. When posting your island, please submit the following information: -Plot Number (found by typing /rg i on your island) and Warp Sign Block letter -Plot Owner's username -Whether you are a group island or an individual -Island Name (If none is given, it will simply be labeled (Owner)'s Island. -Category they wished to be judged under. (You may only choose one) -The available categories to choose from are: -Prettiest Island -Most Useful Island -Spookiest Island More categories may be added upon popular demand. This thread will open for posting at roughly 11am EST on Saturday, December 12th, and close at 5pm EST on Sunday, December 13th. Afterward, a public voting thread will open for at least 4 hours. The winners in each category will be announced after the close of the event.
  11. Hi there! Thank you for your honesty, you were indeed banned for griefing builds and destroying several entire beacon pyramids, back when you used the username FADE_3: Here's one of the pyramids you emptied out: Please read through https://nerd.nu/rules/ and reply back here when you've done so, and you'll be unbanned.
  12. fazaden

    2020 Fundraiser!

    You've been waiting, you've been wondering, and it's finally time! Our 2020 Fundraiser will be held the weekend of Friday, December 11th through Sunday, December 13th! Join us on event.nerd.nu, using version 1.15.2. Why the wait, you ask? It dates back to an old holiday Nerd.Nu tradition. Back in the Ancient Times, before Minecraft saw its official release, our community had a tradition of a late-year donation drive to Child's Play. This charity provides toys, video games, and more to children in hospitals worldwide. Thanks to your extreme generosity in past fundraisers, the servers are currently already funded through at least July 2021. As such, we'd like to give 50% of the upcoming 2020 fundraiser's donation total to Child's Play. Full information post at https://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/2020_Fundraiser. Time Zone Converter
  13. I'm not opposed to S coming back some day, but it would have to be done right. Any half-measures would just lead to the server dying out within a few weeks/months. In my mind, a properly-resurrected S would require its own server, not a multiverse or section of another server's map. There are several other issues that are all solveable, but many would require significant discussion first: 1. Staffing: A PvP server requires a lot of time and energy to moderate. While PvE has its share of claim disputes, x-rayers, and hackers, PvP also introduces the issues of combat logging, base griefing, pvp hacks, as well as higher tension in chat (See issue 2). Finding/training a group of mods/admins who are willing to deal with these issues is possible, especially if we work out the issues further down the list, but it's not easy, and it definitely can't happen overnight. 2. Community Standards: There's a line between friendly competitive joking and abusive trash talk, and that line is unfortunately different for every player. The more we try to define that line, the more we'll see rules lawyers trying to dance around it. There have to be clear expectations from the very beginning: What behaviors will the community crack down on, and what will they tolerate? What level of moderation is expected from the staff? 3. Past History: Often times when Survival is brought up in public chat on the servers these days, it devolves into the same old arguments again and again - usually variations of "S PlAyErS wErE aLl ToXiC!" and "tHe AdMiNs DiDnT cArE aBoUt Us!". There was a lot of bad blood back then. Instead of dredging up drama from 5+ years ago, its best to just learn from it and move on. That includes anyone who's thinking of making joke comments in this thread, by the way. As for game mechanics (revision length, elytra, combat logging, respawning, portals, etc,) there's no way to cover every single base in advance, but the more we talk about it, the easier it will be to get a clear picture of what the userbase wants to see. Those kinds of discussions can happen later, after the main question (is there enough community/staff interest in even committing to this?) is settled.
  14. assasymphoni has accepted the position; training to follow soon.
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