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  1. fazaden

    i got banned for no reason

    Could you give a bit more information? For instance, what is your minecraft username? Were you banned recently, or a while ago?
  2. fazaden

    Rule Clarification: Chat Rules Clarification

    We're locking this thread because it is going very off the rails. What is "just a joke" to some people is not taken the same way by everyone. This isn't some kind of instaban offense, it's more of a "hey man, that's not cool, please knock it off" thing. End of discussion.
  3. fazaden

    Creative Revision 34 Feedback/Poll

    My number 1 problem with FFA spleef is that some jerk can just delete the block right outside of the gate and screw over everyone else in that gate. It's not fun, it shouldn't be part of the game, it's an absolute dick move. If we do a new arena, wider gates are a must.
  4. fazaden

    2018 Fundraiser Feedback

    As a guy who's not much into pvp, this was probably the first fundraiser ever where i did the main event, instead of just hanging out in the minigames zone the whole time. This style of event is awesome, and easily adaptable to other themes (like a space settlement, etc). The "go out into the wilderness to find _____" can easily substitute dungeons for mazes, obstacle courses, or other player-made builds. The good: 1. You had a choice in how deadly the monsters were, based on where you camped out. 2. Working together to unlock new abilities (Haste, Regen,extra health) really scratched my Cookie Clicker itch. 3. There was pretty much always at least one admin on to upgrade buildings when they were completed. 4. There was incentive to mine out all ores, not just gold. (I got like 80+ nerdcoins from redstone alone) The not-so-good: 1. Branch mining was pretty much the only option, actual cave systems were rare. (This might not be a bad thing for most people, but I'm a lazy caver through and through) 2. It took quite a long time to unlock the first few buildings, but this was mostly fixed when they adjusted the exchange rate for gold-to-nerdcoin. Overall, I had a lot of fun, and would love to do an event like this in the future!
  5. fazaden

    Revision 22: Another Portal Clue

    Oh, it's very visible, yes
  6. fazaden

    Revision 22: Third Portal Clue

    That was a fun one! Rather than take credit for finding another portal, here's another hint: each of those blanks is a different number, and none of the blanks are a 0, 1, or 4.
  7. fazaden

    Creative Weekly Build Contests

    -Dragons -Fractals Or, when winter comes: Snowmen Gingerbread houses Beach scenery (for our friends Down Under)
  8. fazaden

    Coming Soon: Puzzle Challenge 3!

    Update! I've finished building the puzzles for the event, it will take place on Saturday, April 11th, at 2:30 pm EST! (6:30 pm UTC) Link Prizes: -1st place winner gets subreddit flair, along with their pick of one of the following prizes: -$1000 survival cash -A well-enchanted pickaxe -A well-enchanted sword -The 2nd place winner gets to choose one of the remaining two prizes, while the remaining prize will go to 3rd place.
  9. Those of you who've been on the server for a few years may remember my Puzzle Challenge, where players have to solve riddles, crack codes, and such. I'm currently working on a third, Creative-oriented scavenger hunt. If all goes well, the event should go live around mid-march. But first, I need your help! Specifically, I'm looking for suggestions for prizes. What would you want to see the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners get? Premium building spaces near spawn? Subreddit flair? Free items on S or P? Get Creative!
  10. One thing I'd love to see, but might ultimately be out of our control, is the servers getting updated to 1.8 next revision. There are a lot of cool features (item frame rotation, banners, etc) that i would love to include in my next puzzle challenge. Also, I totally agree with Sir_Walmsley about the CTA. It's always looked nicer as a subway system, and digging underground is easier than ever. The big builds can still be accessible by rail, but there wont be thousands of blocks of empty road taking up space on the surface.
  11. fazaden

    [PMC] 2014 Donation Drive - 5th Anniversary

    Are we going to do a minigame area like in past CTFs? If so, I will gladly volunteer my services as an obstaclecoursesmith. In the meantime, I'll help get started on that giant tree.
  12. fazaden

    chriscuber123 [fazaden]

    Hold the phone for a minute, let's take a look at what your account has been up to over in our Pixelart area: http://i.imgur.com/sq9kvFy.png Would you call over 3000 destroyed blocks "just looking around?"
  13. fazaden

    I'm fazaden. Ask me stuff.

    I think there's plenty of newer blood that can contribute to the job. Most of the stuff that I want to do here on the servers can be done as a regular mod. I'm not saying "never," I just don't think I'd be needed, especially since I'm not as active as I used to be. Heh, you must not know me that well. I think I spend a grand total of 2 hours on S per year. It's a fine server, but pvp isn't my scene. C's my home server, though I do venture to P from time to time.On PvE, the biggest thing I've ever started was a massive community farm that could grow pretty much anything. Dude, for the last time: You can't just dump paint on cats and call them crayons. The animal shelter has you as the first 7 people on its Wall of Shame!
  14. fazaden

    I'm fazaden. Ask me stuff.

    Good question! I keep a list of cool puzzle ideas I've thought of, and once I get enough I start up a new hunt. Right now I've almost got enough. Worst case scenario, I'll start one up on rev 27, but we'll see how things go.