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  1. fazaden

    FrakesUwU Ban Appeal

    Hi there! Since your banning moderator is no longer on staff, I'll be handling your appeal. Here's some info about your ban for documentation purposes: Seeing as how this took place nearly three years ago, I'll go ahead and unban you. Please be more considerate of other players' builds in the future, and give yourself a refresher of our rules.
  2. fazaden

    Dappyy [EeeKitties]

    Hi there! Thanks for your appeal; This was your ban for documentation purposes: Considering this ban happened back in Summer 2011, I'd agree that you've had plenty of time to grow and mature. Please give yourself a quick refresher of our current Rules; and consider your self unbanned!
  3. The people have spoken! The 2019 Nerd.Nu Fundraiser will be on the weekend of September 13th-15th. More details to some Soon™ .
  4. fazaden

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    I'll be away Aug 17th and most of the 18th.
  5. Greetings fellow nerds! It's time for our annual fundraiser! For the newer users out there, this is a weekend-long event where we close down the other servers and hold a big party. (And if you so choose, you can even donate to help with our server costs for the upcoming year.) In order to make it the best event it can be, we'd like input from you, the community, on when you can make it. The poll above shows the weekends we're considering; please vote for the dates that work for you (you can choose multiple weekends). The poll will close this Monday, August 19th, shortly after 10PM Eastern Time. [EDIT: Due to constant ties, the poll has been extended an extra day] P.S.: I know you're all itching for some details, so here's a little taste before the big post: In honor of our community's 10th anniversary, we're going with a Museum theme! Expect to build, fight, and play your way through the spawns of many of our previous maps. More to come Soon™! Thanks, The Head Admin team
  6. fazaden

    New Moderator Voting: gk_ryo

    gk_ryo has passed the vote and has accepted the staff position. We'll be setting up training and updating his permissions soon. Welcome to the team!
  7. Please add your vote by the end of Saturday, August 10th. If a staff member votes 'no', it is expected that their accompanying comments have been previously made known either within the feedback thread or directly to head admins. If not, we will get in contact with the staff member to get more detailed reasoning. If this vote is successful: We will contact the player to ensure they would like to join staff. If they would: We will contact techs to update player permissions in game, and update forum, slack etc. permissions across our services. We will arrange basic training and inform server admins when new moderators are ready for additional server-specific training. We will move this voting post to public mod forums, and inform the playerbase via the Head Admin changelog. If this vote is unsuccessful, or the player declines, we will inform staff within the post, and move it to the private closed nomination forum.
  8. fazaden

    Head Admin Meeting Notes

    Head Admin Meeting Notes June 29, 2019 HR Issues Update Finance Document Activity Update Prep Resume r/mcservers posts, and replace minigames with chaos in advertising materials Content for New Website Subreddit Updates Fundraiser Discussion
  9. fazaden

    i got banned for no reason

    Since this has gone 10 days with no further response, I'm closing this thread. If you'd like to make an appeal, please go to nerd.nu/appeal and type your banned Minecraft account's username at the bottom of the screen.
  10. fazaden

    i got banned for no reason

    Could you give a bit more information? For instance, what is your minecraft username? Were you banned recently, or a while ago?
  11. fazaden

    Rule Clarification: Chat Rules Clarification

    We're locking this thread because it is going very off the rails. What is "just a joke" to some people is not taken the same way by everyone. This isn't some kind of instaban offense, it's more of a "hey man, that's not cool, please knock it off" thing. End of discussion.
  12. fazaden

    Creative Revision 34 Feedback/Poll

    My number 1 problem with FFA spleef is that some jerk can just delete the block right outside of the gate and screw over everyone else in that gate. It's not fun, it shouldn't be part of the game, it's an absolute dick move. If we do a new arena, wider gates are a must.
  13. fazaden

    2018 Fundraiser Feedback

    As a guy who's not much into pvp, this was probably the first fundraiser ever where i did the main event, instead of just hanging out in the minigames zone the whole time. This style of event is awesome, and easily adaptable to other themes (like a space settlement, etc). The "go out into the wilderness to find _____" can easily substitute dungeons for mazes, obstacle courses, or other player-made builds. The good: 1. You had a choice in how deadly the monsters were, based on where you camped out. 2. Working together to unlock new abilities (Haste, Regen,extra health) really scratched my Cookie Clicker itch. 3. There was pretty much always at least one admin on to upgrade buildings when they were completed. 4. There was incentive to mine out all ores, not just gold. (I got like 80+ nerdcoins from redstone alone) The not-so-good: 1. Branch mining was pretty much the only option, actual cave systems were rare. (This might not be a bad thing for most people, but I'm a lazy caver through and through) 2. It took quite a long time to unlock the first few buildings, but this was mostly fixed when they adjusted the exchange rate for gold-to-nerdcoin. Overall, I had a lot of fun, and would love to do an event like this in the future!
  14. fazaden

    Revision 22: Another Portal Clue

    Oh, it's very visible, yes
  15. fazaden

    Revision 22: Third Portal Clue

    That was a fun one! Rather than take credit for finding another portal, here's another hint: each of those blanks is a different number, and none of the blanks are a 0, 1, or 4.