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  1. Part of the challenge in building a base in survival is to make it secure. That's a key gameplay feature. Some people use layers of obsidian, lava, crafting tables etc to make a roof for example. You go through all this work to make your base secure. Making a piston entrance with different kinds of blocks to slow down or deter people from entering is part of the strategy. So this is part of the gameplay, it **is** normal gameplay and should not be banned. Now, why are ores currently banned for defense? Just to give some history on how we arrived to our current policy: the original reason blocks like lapis or redstone ores were banned for use as defense or in piston doors was because it could be theoretically impossible for a player to get a silk touch pick (this was in the days of lvl50 and/or no xp plump). So it was theoretically impossible for the player to fix the grief. Nowadays it's extremely easy to get silk touch with enchantism, it's not longer a matter of luck. Now, even with enchantism, perhaps one could still argue that to make pvp more accessible, a pvper should have an easier time to enter bases, and silk touch pick shouldn't be required. I can see that kind of argument being made, though my personal opinion is that with enchantism, there is no excuse. Everyone can and should have a silk pick and use it IF they wanna break into a base. PVP is serious business, if you are lazy and don't get silk touch, then that's your fault. Having said that, suppose that ores remain banned, which is something we've been accustomed for a while. Should bookshelves and glowstone be banned? I say absolutely no. Why ban them? You can get glowstone in nether and you can craft bookshelves back easily. Again, the lazy argument applies. Here's my opinion on the blocks: Glass: not grief bait, even though the block is destroyed and the player cant pick up any drop, it can easily obtained and replaced. Smoothstone: not grief bait, cook cobble which is the most popular block and replace, easy. Bookshelves: not grief bait, bookshelves can be crafted back easily. Glowstone: not grief bait, everyone has glowstone, if you pvp you have potions that require glowstone, so even though you get less drops when you destroy, just have spare glowstone in your enderchest to replace. OR use silk pick. Up to you. Don't be lazy. Leaves: not grief bait, anyone can get shears Blocks that can be obtained only with silk touch (ice, ores, mushroom, etc): this may or may not be grief bait, up for debate. This is very tricky, with enchantism, it could be argued everyone has silk touch and so if they choose to break into a base, they can do so easily. The bottom line for me is: securing a base is exclusive to survival, you don't do this on p or c. Using blocks that slow down or deter PVPers from getting to you is part of the strategy. If you are a PVPer and you are too lazy to replace, then don't grief, find another way to get to your opponent. Reality check: most of the regular PVPers tend to avoid breaking stuff to enter a base. And if they break into a base they use a hidden entrance, or pearling.
  2. I feel a bit bad for p players, but if you guys really want something you should make your voices heard more. Don't think it's trolling, the server really needs input from its community. If I were a p player what I'd be asking is: Given the low player count that p has been experiencing for a few weeks now, why is there no new p map or at least an official word from p admins justifying the hold up? There are no tech issues as impediment (which is usually the hold up); all that's needed is a new map which was supposedly done a couple of months ago and the spawn which I'm sure other mods can help with if needed and finish that fast. Perhaps there is a great reason for why it has been delayed so much, perhaps not. My guess is that irl things came up and p admins haven't been able to do much. Whatever the situation is, there needs to be solid communication on what the hold up is, and if there is something the rest of the community can do to help, then get other people involved. Barlimore has mentioned that CTF and new p rev launch are not necessarily dependent on each other, and all the feedback I've seen so far supports this idea. This lack of communication and/or disregard for what the community is voicing is exactly the kind of thing that polarizes and makes people frustrated and ultimately why people quit.
  3. I'm not comfortable with hiding the voting, it would make the process less accountable and less transparent to the community. We had a big discussion where there was clear consensus that the community wanted to get more involved and have more influence in how their server is run and by whom. We need to work towards that goal.
  4. I agree with TheRandomnatrix. I just think we should keep reminding ourselves that future mods may see the comments and to keep our feedback as professional as possible. In the past I've called some candidates "immature", I have no problem going face to face with them if they became mods and explaining why I thought of that, and I'm sure we'd still be friends. I really dislike the idea of hand picking or "censoring" content, it sets a not-so-pretty precedent in the grand theme of transparency. Lets just keep our comments constructive and professional.
  5. Indeed. I think we should aim at making the best servers possible and let users decide where they want to play for themselves. For example couldn't we add koth to P? After a day of city building, wouldn't it be cool to play some koth with fellow PVErs on p? If the reason not to have koth is because it's something exclusive to s, then we are artificially limiting the server's potential.
  6. Unfortunately having arenas on p isn't enough for full prot4 PVP, there are a few things that are deal breakers. One issue is that getting PVP gear for regular matches requires unreasonable amounts of time, there is no xp buff or any other aid such as enchantism. That's a huge deterrent for PVP. Another big issue is lag; lag affects both s and p, but from what I've heard p has even more lag. Another thing that would have made PVP viable on P was the /duel command. This would allow 1v1s outside arenas without disturbing other fellow PVErs. This idea was also dismissed by the admins. I personally would love to see PVP on p and I don't think it would affect s. Regular s players have made it resoundingly clear that they hate PVE areas, so they have no reason to switch to PVE. At this point it depends on both the community to give feedback on whether they would like something like /duel and a way to make enchanting a bit more reasonable for pvp gear but also it depends on the admins to be open to change.
  7. Closed because of no reply. To be re-opened if/when samsam123 comes back.
  8. Hello thanks for appealing your ban. As stated by Mrloud15 your ban reason is for griefing farms and other items. Please take some time to re-read the rules at http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules. Reply back quoting the griefing rule and stating that you'll follow it from now on.
  9. It's unfortunate that many players seem to have that attitude of not caring or at least not showing it. For what it's worth, I've heard a lot of feedback behind doors for a long time and one thing is clear, many players don't chime in because they don't think anything will change. I do agree the issues in the original post are somewhat minor but the general message is not. The general message, at least how I see it, is that better communication is needed. Some times it feels like the policies, decisions, or simply inaction by the staff don't reflect what the community is needing. Yes focusing on 1.6 and CTF is a priority but wouldn't it be nice if there was more communication on why these have been delayed so much? If techs are busy and have IRL things to take care of, why don't we ask for community help? We've had tech delays and issues for almost close to a year now. We've recently had Totemo added to tech admins. Why wasn't he added sooner? Many of us thought he should have been added a lot sooner. His contributions have had a very positive direct impact on players. The fact he wasn't added sooner is a direct consequence of policies or decision making by the leading staff, whether warranted or not. I understand adding staff, particularly tech admin is a difficult task, but it seems to me the tech situation is still at a frail state and something should have been done sooner. I don't know how much of a concern lag is on p but having lag on s kills the server. Lag has been an issue for almost all the revs I've been in. Many players give up on serious pvp because of lag. We've raised the lag issue before and sometimes we haven't had a single tech admin chime in with any insight at all. There are other servers with a lot of plugins, a lot of players and they have less lag than us. IMHO we should have changed providers a long time ago. I think in part the issue is simply that some of the people in charge don't seem to play the game anymore, or much. That's not necessarily disqualifying thing for leading the servers, but it does have some implications. If you are that kind of admin you should be acutely open to feedback and proactive in seeking feedback so you have an idea of what's needed. Don't just wait for drama to explode to take action. I don't know how much of the tech staff still plays regularly, but consider something like KOTH on survival missing kit signs for an entire rev. If there had been an active tech admin playing on survival, I bet signs would have been working in a couple of days. This may be a minor example, but the larger point applies. At the end of the day this is volunteer labor and it's clear many of the staff have irl priorities and even their gaming tastes shift and that's understandable. It'd be great if more were actively playing on the servers but that doesn't seem viable. I can't really blame anyone, but if someone is interested in improvement, there are clearly many things to improve. Dismissing these concerns as drama is or whining is not wise, there are clearly things that need improvement.
  10. I really liked the rev15 road/warp/portal layout, it was great. At the end of the rev we saw a good distribution of builds and getting around all portals/quadrants was fast. There was a 'slight' issue of portal camping but it wasn't significant enough to discredit the layout imo. The classic cardinal layout could work too, but I strongly advise about having portals at 300 not 500. It makes a big difference for faster travel around quadrants. So there would be one at 300 and another at 800. For reference, we've had portals at 500 in rev14, and portals at 300 in rev19 and 21. About GetaFever's comment on warps, the scenario he mentions didn't happen in the rev's that had warps. It's wasn't easy to get to warp and grab another armor set and return to a fight. Having warps is like having a de-centralized spawn basically, it can save the player some travel time but it's not drastically different from a regular non-warp map in terms of base accessibility.
  11. Yes, different enchantments should have different costs depending on what the enchantment is. To get costs I would suggest getting them from here: http://pernsteiner.org/minecraft/enchant/tables/ I would stay away from any of these non-vanilla enchantments for now. The reason being that we have no idea how a punch 4 may change PVP in the sense that it may make a bow OP for example. Extra efforts would need to be made to thoroughly test and see how each of the non-vanilla enchantments affect the gameplay. But the most pressing issue I believe is how we'll use Enchantism to address the PVP issues in 1.6 per this thread https://nerd.nu/forum/index.php?/topic/588-vanilla-pvp-is-broken-in-16/ This will affect non-vanilla enchantments if that ever gets decided to be included.
  12. Ida, I would have to try it out, but from what it's shown on the video it sounds like a good solution. What I do agree 100% is that something should be done. I've been trying the PVP in 1.6 and fights do indeed last 20-30 seconds. This means that players spend hours getting gear only to lose it in 30 seconds. Everyone I talk to, including good pvpers that do well on 1.6 admit that it's messed up. We've had s revs in the past with bad policies/mechanics and we went through full revs without any adjustments (ie OP bows in rev19 for example). Or 2 hour grinding for a single item in rev 12. Lets be proactive and smart about this, lets not go into a new rev with something as messed up as this.
  13. He's not necessarily saying it'd remove /unenchant, it'd just be another way to do the same thing but from the enchanting table interface.
  14. There is a thread about hopper traps that you may wanna chime in if you have feedback on that https://nerd.nu/forum/index.php?/topic/427-hopholes-discussion/
  15. The Enchantism plugin I think was mentioned in the mumble meeting but I wanted to gather more feedback from community to hopefully help s admins in deciding on whether to implement it or not. Enchantism, a plugin developed by our fellow in-house resident Smiler100, allows choosing whatever enchantment you want on the enchanting table. The interface looks like this: To enchant you put your item in the enchanting table, and the applicable enchants appear, letting you choose the one you want. It's one enchant per lvl30. So far the impression I've gotten from different people I've talked to has been positive. A lot of people, including myself, have spent way too much time in mindless grinding and having something like this would help reduce the waste of life that grinding is. This does not mean the game will get drastically easier all of a sudden. People still need to mine as usual, gather all potion materials, brew them, mine ton of iron for anvils, make a grinder, and still spend a good amount grinding for enchantments and anvil usage. I remember the no-potion-no-enchanting days. All you did was mine iron or dia, make armor and go out pvping. There was no grinder necessary, no potions, no enchanting, no anvils, nothing. People still had a lot of fun and had stuff to do. Where are we today? The game has considerably gotten more sophisticated and it's no secret Mojang has screwed up the PVPing/enchanting part of the game. Should we blindly defend vanilla regardless of the obvious issues, regardless of wasting people's time in a way that's not reasonable? I remember back in rev12 in survival spending 1:15 - 1:30 hours for a single piece of armor. Six hours for a complete set. Then the armor could be gone in a 3 min fight. That's ridiculous. Things have gotten a lot better since then, but it's still a drag. Lets keep an open mind about this and discuss, I'd really like to see this on survival. If you would like to see this speak up, we need to get feedback. If you'd hate it please explain why, perhaps we can compromise. Techs: can you take a look and give feedback on how viable this is and what it'll take to get it 'passed'? Any questions or suggestions to improve plugin are welcomed. Lets get ball rolling and get this working at start of new rev22!
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