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    Smaller map

    That I understand but I'm basing this whole need for a smaller map on the fact that the number one reason players do not stay is that of the serious lack of multiplayer. As it stands right now a new player could come out of spawn and walk for thousands of blocks before finding more than one house. It just doesn't make any sense why we have an average of maybe 40 players most nights but have a map size of 9000 x 9000 is truly mad. I know for a fact it would increase the multiplayer experience tenfold if we started with maybe say a 2500x2500 map or so and expanded it based on demand from there.

    Smaller map

    Oh okay very cool, maybe we could dive more into specifics like exactly the radius it would be and such. I admittendly didnt see the discussion for it already so my bad.

    Smaller map

    So I was gonna put in a suggestion but figured an open dialog would be easier but I wanted to gather the player and Padmin thoughts on possibly shrinking the PVE map... like a lot. I personally find the current map size insane. That may seem strange cause the map size has basically always been the same but if you really look at the map development on a carto, its barren. We just don't have the player count to justify a map the size that we have. So my personal suggestion is to make the map much much smaller for at least the next rev. In a way forcing players to build closer together and form closer communities. Some seem to like the idea and some I'm sure will hate it, now please discuss.
  4. Slow day huh? Of all the issues this community has under the rainbow somehow something as trivial as this gets a post? Anyways I'll say yeah why the hell would you hide ban appeals? You listed no good points besides "some people get made fun of" if you really even count that as a legitimate reason. Could we maybe focus on the nerfing of elytra? Just saying...
  5. Yeah I am 99% sure it was like Thrawn and Devevian and a whole mess of admins (and/or including Barli) who built the magical rev 10 castle.
  6. Why don't you play with by yourself??? Seriously though I'd be down for a GTV group match if we can pull one off.
  7. I know you haven't been here long but the instant you throw someone's name out on the mix the heads will delete this topic so I'm not taking that approach. I have evidence if you care to see. Why wait? Because if you get permission from one region owner to build and then another wants to remove it what's stopping them? That was exactly the case here. Plus the abuse of power. I wouldn't make these accusations out of thin air, and while I'm pretty angry this shit still happens, it would be nice if we could establish a single rule for a certain time period allowed. Also maybe add a written rule that admins can't complete their own admin requests as apparently no one cares if they do or don't.
  8. I understand that rule, it mentions discretion but for builds that took considerable time and effort it's crazy to think there is no limit to "you have 20 days to remove your build". Also it mentions p admins only which doesn't seem to hold true from my observations. All we need is something to say "2 weeks you remove your build or the p admins will"
  9. Perhaps I made it a bit confusing by throwing in the private messages issue. Bottom line is we need an amount of time someone should be allowed to remove their build before P admins do it. Not admins completing their own requests because they're upset. We trust these people with our money to keep the game running smoothly, well that doesn't work when any admin on a bender can destroy an entire build with no warning to the owner and for it to be allowed.
  10. No it's not pointless. This happened this week and the admins have said it's not a big deal. I wanted some concrete rules established around admins removing builds because they don't like it.
  11. So time to clarify and bring some light to some issues. First off, back in the good old days does anyone remember how long it took to remove builds on PvE even by region owners? A maximum of 2 weeks normally. Well now it's been changed to an admin can complete there own admin requests and destroy builds Willy nilly. Comforting? I thought so too. Private logs: here we go again with these but why is this the main form of how admins spy on us? Obviously there's no chain of command so any admin anytime can simply see who's talking to who about what. I'm opening this up to everyone but I'm curious who is in favor that we simply start letting admins complete their own modreqs for removing builds? Message me if you want specifics but trust me this has happened before, recently and will happen again.
  12. Just to see if I'm wasting my breathe or not, perhaps a Padmin could chime in?
  13. Perhaps a different type of TNT? A block that is specifically set so it destroys 10x10 like I said before. I know the mechanics for TNT aren't perfect so maybe adding a simple fix that won't bounce when blown up and such.
  14. I understand that bit adding something such as "modreq I need a region to allow TNT use" or something to that effect. It'll take oversight like I said in the beginning but is useful when put to practice. Maybe even something like TNT that is difficult to craft but can clear a 10x10 area or something to that effect.
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