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  1. This is precisely the attitude that has driven us as far down as we are right now. Don't ask "would it" ask "could it" Would it: Not necessarily a lot, but it may bring some. Could it: yes, it has the ability to bring in several hundred people. Since it could, the relatively small effort will be worth it to make even if it brings in just one more player, because one player is one person spreading the word of how awesome our servers are to their friends, or at least another person playing the game on our servers and enjoying their time. I can't believe I am still saying this in 2016
  2. about the same, I just retry connecting and it works, I feel it has to do with mojang authentication.
  3. I've brought this up multiple times... Flat world would be great, for a multitude of reasons, though my primary one was to allow the PVE planning area... However it seemed some former staff wanted to turn the concept an impossible route and insist that such a map should exist inside of pve instead of C, then cause cross-community drama... They are gone now, yet this idea seems to have been even less explored than ever... Until this post that is... flat overworld map for use as a testing area would be nice. cut that plot shit, I want to build a redstone calculator...
  4. well... I'm not even that anymore... According to minecraft I'm not ChesterZed... My mojang account was compromised, and they changed my username...
  5. Closing thread. /modreq plz2clozthread
  6. Can I continue to request that we don't just turn off the other servers when this happens? But honestly, some advanced warning would have been nice too... I joined nerd each day before, and don't recall seeing a single thing about it until the day it was happening when I signed into C and got kicked to the lobby which all of the servers were closed... I turn around and see CTF... I honestly could have taken that as just "all the servers are down, kthxbye" But regardless, advertisement of the event probably would have helped a lot...
  7. I agree, I think we can do for getting rid of a dead server in favor of something fresh and fun... Honestly, I'd say the same for C, but I know a good portion of its player base will refuse to try a modded game... for some reason...
  8. Regret to inform you Herr_Fawkes, our player base is barely suited for 2/3 servers we host... Maybe if the player base wasn't almost entirely on P it would make sense, but I've never seen more than 2 people on pvp, and C is empty for 80% of the time I'm on it. We've really done nothing to bring in new players to stay in years... we've just kept inventing little event things to keep each server slightly busier with people from one of the other 2 servers or people who left the server. This concept of modded minecraft would bring in a ton of new people, because despite what you say, it's hard to find a good modded minecraft server anywhere that isn't hosted by a 12 year old who thinks mod aboose is fun...
  9. I miss the 2011 site... Can we bring it back?
  10. Theoretically, our current Multiverse mod should be capable of allowing us to have multiple servers share the same chat communications and limiting items per map. So theoretically, we could have a modded minecraft creative that co-exists within creative so we don't divide the community, everyone can chat together and the modded client people can still visit vanilla creative. Obviously those on vanilla would need to get the modded client to join modded, but its still possible to be very much integrated together.
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