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Found 263 results

  1. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Halloween Weekly Build Contest! The winner will be decided on a public vote. View the entries in this post and on Creative at /warp WeeklyBuild, choose your favourite entry! The vote will close Monday, November 2nd at midnight EDT! Entry Guide https://imgur.com/a/dajUohO
  2. Hello since Berlin time July 17th around 22:00, my account ''FarfallaCC'' cannot log in your server, the logging process stays at ''Encrypting'' for a long time and shows 'Timed out'. I tried other computers with the same account, the same problem appears. Since I can log in other servers without problem, i assume the problem is with this server. Could you pls help me to see if something is going on? thank you:D
  3. Traincarts is a plugin that allows a few different abilities with minecarts that i am suggesting for Creative :D and also i heard you can use ladders as vertical rails
  4. Hallo, I am a beginner, I want to join the creative server under the link c.nerd.nu, after logging in a construction appears, and i have a box inside of which there are a diamond block and a diamond pickaxe. If I choose the diamond block, the system tells me that I am already in the creative server. Then I cannot do anything. The construction is sealed and i cannot go out. There are paths for going down, but i could not find anything down there. If I choose the diamond pickaxe, I am transferred to PvE server which has a beautiful town center, but I don not want to be there. Could anyone tell me how can I join the creative server? Thx!
  5. We are pleased to let you know that all WorldEdit commands and brushes normally available to region owners are back in working order. The WorldEdit limit has also been increased from 50k to 100k. Happy building! - CAdmins
  6. For the month of December we will be having Christmas Holiday Themed build contests! To participate, go to /warp WeeklyBuild and find a free plot, type: /nerdplot claim. You may build alone or as a group. Depending on turnout, there will be 2 contests in December. The first 2 weeks the theme will be: Santa Claus The winner and next theme will be posted in this thread on December 14th! Happy Building! ~Cadmins
  7. At the Jimmy Cinema, you can watch real working movies! CURRENT MOVIES ON SHOW Diorama: Romance Yellow Submarine Ratings: Amenities ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 Movies ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 Overall ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 Picture is on Discord. Location: 4 Spawn Plaza, Spawn City, c.nerd.nu, 12345
  8. It has reopened! The locked doors have been unlocked, and the movies are getting repaired! The adult cinema and the cafe is also open! Visit sometime across Spawn! Happy Gaming! -MrMinecraft1423 Edit: The lights have been returned to it's original glory! The lights now flash and slide! Note: Lights will probably flash and slide in rev 35.
  9. fazaden

    Cross-Server Puzzle Challenge

    Click Here for full details. This event will run until either C or P begins a new revision.
  10. CTA Connections: The CTA Magazine Issue 1, December 2019 Welcome to the first issue of the official CTA magazine! This is a magazine on everything CTA! Enough talking, lets start! The New CTA The CTA is getting a revamp! Say goodbye to this CTA, because the CTA is getting TrainCarts! TrainCarts is a plugin that makes you link minecarts and make minecart lines auto, or semi-auto! It's one of the best plugins! It's My Birthday! My birthday is tomorrow, Dec 14th! That's it. Lol! Thank you for reading! Happy holidays!
  11. Over the next two weeks there will be a special Halloween themed build contest! Players can join the contest by going to /warp weeklybuild and use the command /nerdplot claim on a free plot. Players are allowed to build on one plot entry as a group or solo. The build will be open tonight, Oct17th until the evening of Oct 31st! ~Cadmins
  12. Today I am happy to announce that marting11 will be re-joining the Cadmin Team! marting11 previously held the role from September 2013 to mid-2015 and now we are excited to have him back as an admin after being active as a moderator since May. We will be working to bring you Creative 1.14.4 and Revision 35 soon! ~Cadmins
  13. The Winner from our first Weekly Build of this Rev goes to Stongduke, Congrats! This build can be found @ /warp weeklybuild in the Hall of Fame! Week #2 Theme: Space ships How To Participate: The contest takes place on c.nerd.nu In game, type /warp WeeklyBuild Make sure to read the rules and the category before starting. Find an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim You may build with a friend, and you do have access to World Edit! All builders will have 24 hours following the contest's end to modreq to have their builds saved, as the field will be wiped for the next theme! The contest will run all week until Wednesday, April 10th, at 9PM EDT. The most recent winner is now displayed! All winners will be displayed collectively at the Weekly Build Hall of Fame located at /warp weeklybuild.
  14. The Creative server will be launching Revision 34 on November 30th 2018. Due to delays with server plugins for 1.13 we will be launching on 1.12.2, we will stay on 1.12.2 until we can guarantee the functionality of necessary plugins for 1.13 or a future version of Minecraft. We apologize for the delay in bringing this news but we had to be certain as to what version we were going to use before announcing a date. Another announcement will follow, giving details on the changeover schedule. Thanks to everyone who took part in our poll to gather ideas and suggestions, we have taken all input into consideration! Here are some screenshots from the new map! ~Cadmins
  15. Uptown station is now open! There was a ribbon cutting ceremony today! More CTA updates later! Happy gaming! Mr CTA
  16. Entry #1: https://imgur.com/a/2vogsLF Entry #2: https://imgur.com/a/Xsd6U0B Entry #3: https://imgur.com/a/bxK8ABW Go to /warp SBAContest to see the builds! The poll ends Friday, March 1st, at 9PM EDT. Sorry for the repost, derped something up! Please just revote again.
  17. We are pleased to announce the first contest of Revision 34! The current /warp SpeedBuild is going to be retired soon and we need your help building a unique arena to facilitate our bi-weekly Speed Build competitions! We've got some requirements and guidelines for the arena to work to it's fullest potential, so please read carefully. GUIDELINES: You will have a 300x300 plot of building space! Any theme you want is okay. If you build SQUARE plots they must have a minimum size of 25x25. If you build CIRCULAR plots they must have a minimum diameter of 30. Plots must have FULL vertical clearance (nothing blocking potentially tall builds). Plots must be at least 7 blocks deep from ground level (for any builds that require digging). The arena must have a minimum of 18 plots. More is fine. (If your arena wins and does not meet these guidelines, it may be subject to modifications. If it cannot be modified, the 2nd place arena may be chosen in it's place.) HOW TO PARTICIPATE: The contest will take place on c.nerd.nu Enter the contest with /warp SBAContest or /mv tp speedbuild_contest Find and stand in a plot, then type /nerdplot claim You can use World Edit in your plot. You may add other players to your plot with /rg addowner. DURATION: Begins: January 26th 2019 Ends: February 23rd 2019 Public voting will be held upon completion of contest. Have fun and happy building!  -Cadmins
  18. Hello Everyone! Below is the schedule we will be following during the change over to Creative Revision 34! - November 28th WEDNESDAY @ 9PM EDT CHAOS (Survival Mode, World Edit Disabled, PVP enabled, Griefing Allowed - All other server rules apply!) - November 29th THURSDAY @ 9PM EDT TNT PARTY (Creative Mode, World Edit Disabled, Griefing Allowed - All other server rules apply!) - November 30th FRIDAY @ 9PM EDT Revision 33 Launch (Everything back to normal, with new map.) Here are some more details on the maps features: Main World will be 15,000x15,000 blocks, and made with WorldPainter and WorldMachine. Spawn City will feature Suburbs, Downtown, Uptown and City Representative Offices in the spawn building. Suburb plots, Downtown plots, Uptown plots, City Rep Office plots - Nerdplots available from the beginning limited to 1 of each per player. Cardinal roads will be player built. We have several players who are keen to build them. The CTA has a spawn station. The current map and Testbuild will be transferred with their contents to Revision 34 as separate MV worlds. The Revision 33 Map will be available for download shortly after it is taken down. It can be found at http://mcp-dl.com ~The Cadmins
  19. Last night we launched our first ever Weekly Build! This weeks category: WITCH HUTS Additional Weekly Build info: Every Saturday night after Spleef or Speed Build, we'll announce our new Weekly Build category. The contest will end on Thursday nights, and you will have the remaining 2 days to vote. Voting ends Saturday night, and the winner will be announced along with the new category. How To Participate: The contest takes place on c.nerd.nu In game, type /warp WeeklyBuild Make sure to read the rules and the category before starting. Find an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim You may build with a friend, and you do have access to World Edit! The most recent winner will be displayed at Spawn for a week. All winners will be displayed collectively at the Weekly Build Hall of Fame located at /warp weeklybuild. -CAdmin Team
  20. This Friday at 6pm - 8pm EDT there will be a group build with the theme Mayan taking place on the creative server. Take a look at some Mayan buildings and structures, here are a few examples. For some of the older players, you may want to watch the film Apocalypto for some ideas (awesome movie). The location for the event can be seen here. All server rules apply. You will have access to world edit. The event officially ends at 8pm EDT, however, if you still want to continue building afterwards that is up to you. We hope to see you all there, and hopefully we can have a pretty amazing event!
  21. Our new revision is approaching, and as always, we're ready to hear your thoughts about how to improve the map and server in whole during this time. *Please note that this Poll/Feedback topic will be up much longer than usual, as Revision 34 will not be released until sometime in October. (And as always, we will be announcing the official launch day exactly 1 month before launch) Questions on the poll resemble those asked last year. If there's anything that you don't see on the poll, please feel free to open a discussion in the comments. We, the Cadmins, will try our best to keep up in replying and working with the player base of Creative to make a map that will satisfy. A useful link to consider for discussion on events can be found here: All discussion and feedback is very much appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read.
  22. We would like to officially announce that the Revision 33 map will remain until the fall of 2018. This was decided mostly from player feedback, activity and amount of free space on the map. It was decided to have a longer than usual revision to facilitate more long term projects which players have seemed more inclined to create. A measure to promote large projects on Creative is that we will be making it easier for players to copy builds from this current map and into Revision 34. A new map can be expected in October of 2018. We want to give some clarity to this now so that players can properly plan out, or continue developing their large project. We also understand some players may be upset with this, but it needs to be known that it is a lot of work to make a new revision and all the work put into a map feels wasted if it doesn't get somewhat filled. We really hope our efforts to cater to large projects will be appreciated. Happy Building! ~cadmins
  23. Hollifer has rejoined the Cadmin team! We are pleased to have her back to help run the server and dedicate her time to it, we are excited to have her guidance again. Be sure to welcome her back when you see her in-game! ~Cadmins
  24. Idea: Countries. Divide the world in countries, with different cultures, religions, politics, etc. How would the culture and religion would work: There would be different cultures/religions in the world, one for a country. They wouldn't be obligatory, but would serve as inspiration and/or lore. For example: I want to make a temple, but I'd need to have a religion/culture. Since irl religion/culture is polemic and would probably cause problems, and a person would have to create a religion/culture only for that building (maybe others by them, too), having several bases would be good. It would also be good to locate a building. For example: "My build is on (Country name), at the northeast region". We could have more events too, based on the religion/culture festivities. For example: "October 27th is (God name) day". Say your ideas and opinions in the comments!
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