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  1. Click Here for full details. This event will run until either C or P begins a new revision.
  2. Better late than never, it's time for the Feedback Thread for the 2019 Fundraiser! 6 Weeks ago, we hosted a Museum-themed fundraiser, with a series of rooms themed around PvP battles, PvE adventures, and assorted Minigames. Now, we'd like to hear from you! What did you like about this year's event? What did you not like? How did this compare to previous fundraisers? How can we improve things for the next fundraiser? (You don't have to just answer these questions, you can give any feedback you want.) Thank you in advance for all of your feedback, and thanks for a great fundraiser!
  3. until
    Save the date and watch this space! Creative and PvE will be shut down during this time, while we celebrate our 10th anniversary by partying our way through the spawns of many of our old maps. More details available at http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/2019_Fundraiser . Set your client to 1.13.2, and join event.nerd.nu! (or type /event from the lobby)
  4. This year's fundraiser has come to a close, and we'd like to hear your feedback on it. What did you like? What did you not like? How was this compared to CTF and/or last year's Zombie/Carnival event? How can we improve things for next year? (You don't have to just answer these questions, you can give any feedback you want.) Thank you in advance for all of your feedback, and thanks for a great fundraiser!
  5. Greetings nerds! The 2018 Fundraiser event is in the works and we invite all community members to join in by building dungeons to be used in the event. To participate: Log onto the Creative server Use /warp FundraiserDungeons to teleport to the building area Stand in an empty plot and use /nerdplot claim. This will protect the plot to you. If you would like to build with others you can use /region addmember <regionname> <playername> (Find out your region name by standing in it and typing /rg i) Build your dungeon. Deadline is June 1st! Contact cujobear for all things dungeon related Basic Information: (updated 3/5/18) Plots are set at 50x50x50 for the dungeon and 10x10x10 for the above ground entrance https://imgur.com/a/cpK7m All builds will be referenced as dungeons as most will be underground Dungeons can be or include mazes, traps, parkour, mob battle arenas, etc, and can be lethal! Dungeons should have only one point of entry (There should be only one entrance. The exit can either be through the entrance or via an easy sign warp) Use yellow wool to designate where the 10x10x10 section will connect to the 50x50x50 section should you choose to include it Dungeons will have a treasure that will need to be found by players Admins will place the prizes, so please place a gold block with a sign that says ‘TREASURE HERE’ All builds will be completely protected as they will be visited by multiple players throughout the duration of the event. Players will not be able to break or place any blocks. Advanced Information: The use of non-vanilla mechanics (including, but not limited to, command blocks, easy signs, and spawners) can be discussed with Head Admins. Disclaimer: Admins reserve the right to edit your dungeon if necessary to fit it into the world properly. Admins may make exceptions to any of the above, but also reserve the right to say no. Please ask if you have any questions. Cujobear can be found lurking on P most evening hours (Central Time)
  6. Following up from the subreddit post here, I figured this could be an interesting way to add additional photos or whatever in something a little more friendly to that format. Thanks to everyone that showed up, and provided assistance along the way! 4 image album: http://imgur.com/a/sTTmJ http://imgur.com/e4b2SEn http://imgur.com/igJglMD http://imgur.com/R20t4GK
  7. Several people have already roamed the new P rev on their own or with their friends, but now it's time to setup an expedition for the masses! Everyone's free to join The Great Horse Expedition that will leave from spawn on Saturday 17.6. 19:00 UTC. So bring yourself with your horse/donkey/mule, a minecart and a boat for some detours (to reach certain places where horses have hard time going), and some food. We will start with heading west and zig zagging the area for the sights and continue through the map clockwise. At some points we might take a nether portal to advance. I will plot our course beforehand so we're not aimlessly wandering. The goal is to explore most of the settlements people have made out there, take screenshots and have fun! We shall also have a mumble channel (or discord, we'll see) for the event. We did this already in a smaller scale last rev and it was a lot of fun, so hopefully a lot of you want to join!
  8. Hello everyone! Bermuda here. One of my favorite Minecraft pastimes is the unforgivable UHC. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the UHC gamemode, it stands for Ultra Hardcore, and is a survival/PvPE-based event in which you do not naturally regenerate health. All players are scattered around the map at the start of the game and must put their survival skills to the test in order to dig down, gear up, and, ultimately, survive. As the game goes on, players will fall to the environment, mobs, and other players, until only one person (or team) is left and reigns victorious! The game usually lasts for a few hours, depending on the number of players. The rules are very flexible and are certainly up for discussion in the future, but generally: The only way to heal is by eating a golden apple or by using a potion of healing. Potions of regeneration are banned. Strip mining is banned. Stair-stepping to find caves is allowed. If we play solo, teaming is banned. If we play with teams, cross-teaming is banned. Travel to the Nether is allowed, but travel to the End is banned. Portal trapping is banned. If you die, that's it! You're out! Generally players should leave the game (and usually get banned so they cannot return in spectator mode and aid other players), but allowing dead players to remain in spectator mode is up for discussion. This is going to take a lot of planning, and I'm currently in discussion with Silver (and by proxy the other heads and the techs) about the whether this type of event would even be possible. So, what do I need from you? Well, if you're interested, let me know! The most people who show interest, the more likely we can get this to happen. Please show your support (or disinclination) by voting above! To be clear, players from both P and C are welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or find me in game (bermudalocket on P)! - Bermuda Edit: Please note that this event has NOT been approved yet. This is very simply, as the title puts it, an interest survey. I apologize for any confusion.
  9. My group has played and enjoyed KoTH, but like many players, we noticed an unfair advantage. Whichever team captures the beacon first will likely win the game. To counter this, I recommend having two beacons (hills) that must be captured. This way, both teams earn points as long as they keep at least one beacon each, but the real contest will be to capture the second beacon ... to have two beacons simultaneously earning points. This will be more player-friendly, more balanced and also more challenging, which may also require more teamwork. Just a suggestion.
  10. There should be some kind of teleport command that takes you to a different speedbuild plot depending on what number you specify, AND/OR a command that lets you teleport to the third, second, and first place winners of the current speedbuild round. It's a pain flying around rushing to find the winners before they get rolled back.
  11. GO HERE TO SEE THE ENTRIES: http://imgur.com/a/IlJLZ Well it's finally over, and time to vote on which post office you'd like to see near spawn soon! Please choose your top favorite 3! Voting will end Thursday night 9pm ET. What would you like to build next? Comment below sharing and discussing ideas for future contests!
  12. Hello all. We're bringing you an fun and quick contest to participate in this week! We'll be having a building contest to create a post office build that contains a minimum of 150 single-chest (or double-chest) PO boxes for creative players to claim and share mail in! The winner's build will be placed by spawn and warped. To participate login to C and type /warp PostContest, There are 12 plots (more will be added once all are claimed) each of varying sizes. You may claim 1 plot, and you'll have until August 20th to finish your build, then it will be put up for show for voting all of Sunday. Monday the winner will be finalized from the poll results, so act fast. Users will be able to claim chests for PO boxes (donation chests) where we may give you those 1000 cookies we've been waiting to give you while you've been away. [ Or send you that novel-length /mail message in a book instead of blowing up your inbox ] Have fun nerds! All welcome. EDIT: Due to high demand to extend the length of the contest, i've decided to go ahead and do so. You'll have until Saturday the 27th at 9PM EST to finish your builds.
  13. Hey guys, Thanks for helping to raise funds to keep our servers going for another year. I'd like to get some feedback from you to help make our next fundraising effort more enjoyable, for as many people as possible. Please comment here with anything you feel it is constructive to share. For example: What did you enjoy or find less enjoyable about this year's fundraiser? What could be done to make fundraisers more accessible or enjoyable for you in future? Do you have any game types or ideas to share for next year? Would you like more community involvement in the construction of events (build competitions etc.) or do you prefer to be surprised? Any other things you feel are important to mention? Having read some feedback already, I know that this event was difficult for some people to access, and for others, just not a gamemode you particularly enjoyed. I'd like to get some positive discussion going if possible, so that we can get a well rounded view of the kind of thing people would like for next year. Thanks once again! ~Didy
  14. Hey all, Before we wrap up the CTF related stuff, I just wanted to take some time to credit the wonderful contributers amongst our staff and players - all the people who helped to make sure the event came together. redwall_hp: redwall was our lead tech for this year's event and put in countless hours so that we could all enjoy the wonders of the cosmos via jetpack, and suffocate in the vacuum of space! He listened to an endless array of annoying queries and issues from me, and still somehow managed to help create an amazing event without throwing me off a cliff \o/ I'm sure I'm missing a huge amount of background tech horror stories that I will never know anything about. Sufficed to say, we could not have held the event without him - so please thank him if you see him, as he deserves it a hundred times over! Thanks to buzzie71 and schererererer for building those amazing lime (buzzie) and red (scher) team spawn ships! scher also built both team domes, and buzzie as you know, helped out with some backstory for the event, and spent a good portion of it shooting video too! We benefitted immensely from both these guys' great building skills early on in the project, and I'm sure you will agree with me that the outcome was pretty great! Thanks to Zomise for making us trail through the intestines of a space monster... by building the SW buff! She also built a ton of space rocks, the lime flag bases, and spent some time recording video too, including the brilliant trailer you watched prior to the event. Oh! And those creepy cavespider islands, or that water ship that killed everyone? #blamezomise :P Thanks to Bluuefuzzy (with help from zburdsal) for the space station globe NE buff filled with staff statues. I visited it numerous times during the course of the project just to laugh at the job roles people had been assigned on their statues. If you came across a large set of beautiful islands covered in vines, that was down to these guys too. Thanks to Narissis for The Othello, our giant spaceship puzzle at the centre buff. I don't ever want to attempt to understand the redstone behind it! He also wrote some extensive backstory for the ship, in the lead up to the event that really added depth to the build. Thanks to Tharine for the egg shaped lobby you initially spawned in! She jumped on the project at the last minute and did an amazing job! Thanks to Sapphric for making the custom texture pack that had you running from blue eyed spiders, spacesuited zombies, and staring at the Earth instead of the moon! Thanks to my fellow insane asylum inductee head admin Silversunset who helped fill some gaps with misc. rock and island builds, helped with regions and other general set-up, did amazing work with sign commands and generally stuck around with me to try to make sure the event went as smoothly as it could. Other space builders to thank: robr - Lego spaceships! StarMinion1 - Spaceballs & Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy references everywhere! marting11 - Giant space duck! MasterCommaThe - The Crystelline Entity (giant glass stars) Weazol - Fully equipped space house with attached ship. zburdsal (on behalf of Solace) - Stolen Donated abandoned villager islands. Decoration, Smaller Projects or Other Misc. Help and Support Barlimore, defiex, ghrey303, Herr_Fawkes, Lappy486, pez252, SirTacoface, Skrapssparks, SwitchViewz, Twilexis, torteela, wyndysascha, and the tech team in general for various answers and bits of information and help. If I've forgotten anyone I'm sorry! Please let me know in the comments - and thank you too :) And without further ado, here is the map link (thanks totemo!) so that you can download this world yourself: http://mcp-dl.com/ctf-2016-06-world.tar.gz MD5 Checksum: 047c41c4f3d5d8396614c51989529829 *ctf-2016-06-world.tar.gz And if you don't want to do that, don't worry! Due to popular request, we're hoping to be able to reopen the event server so that you can fly around an unedited (and uneditable) version of the map in creative mode. Stay tuned :)
  15. Hi all, This thread is for any CTF feedback you would like to share, but feel is more for staff eyes only. There is a public thread for anything more general here: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/4170-2016-ctf-fundraiser-give-us-your-feedback/ I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who helped throughout the development of the fundraiser - I'll be reiterating this when the public wrap-up post is finished, but for now I wanted you to know how much we appreciated the effort from so many of you. Hope you enjoyed the event we made together! Time to prep for next year... :P ~Didy
  16. Please fill out the survey so that the nerd.nu staff know what the community would enjoy playing. For those of you new to the idea of modded minecraft, you can try out various mods from the minecraft forums, or try the super easy to use modpack launchers by the Feed The Beast team, the Technic team, ATLauncher, or Curse (the company that hosts the minecraft forums and wiki). The popular/featured modpacks are usually pretty well balanced and work without many issues. http://feed-the-beast.com/ http://www.technicpack.net/ https://www.atlauncher.com/ https://www.curse.com/games/minecraft (if you go with the Feed The Beast [FTB] launcher, a very good introductory modpack is the Direwolf20 pack) If you want to tinker with mods on your own (it can be a little bit tricky if you are new to it) I highly recommend using the open source MultiMC Launcher. It makes everything very very easy to keep contained so that if you make a mistake you can easily undo it or work in a separate instance. If you tinkered with minecraft mods in ages past, know that it is much simpler and less challenging than it used to be - Forge is basically the main thing that allows mods to be easily dropped in and out of a minecraft instance, and there are no more data value conflicts when multiple mods are installed. http://multimc.org/ http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods (NB: this poll and post were made by me, Mumberthrax. I am not a nerd.nu staff member. Voting in this poll does not necessarily guarantee any particular action on the part of nerd.nu staff/administration) Thanks for taking this survey! Feel free to share your comments below! Edit2: to allay concerns about security issues, the FTB launcher, Technic launcher, and ATlauncher are all three open source with code hosted on github. AFAIK your password/credentials never go anywhere except to mojang's login servers when using these launchers. The curse voice launcher doesn't even let you input your mc password iirc. Edit: To be clear, nerd.nu uses server plugins that are sometimes called mods, but client mods are what we're talking about here. Here's a video series as an example of what the direwolf20 modpack is like:
  17. Time Conversions: Round 1: Friday 8pm EDT Round 2: Saturday 6pm EDT Bonus Round: Sunday 7pm EDT Connect with: lobby.nerd.nu (and run through the CTF portal) event.nerd.nu (direct access) What is the CTF Fundraiser? CTF stands for ‘Capture the Flag’. Players will be split into two randomly assigned teams, Red and Lime. Players must find and capture the enemy’s flag and return it to their own flag base for points. PvP is enabled, so all you fighters out there - better get ready to rumble! But don’t worry if you don’t enjoy PvP gameplay - equally important are those who stay at their own team’s base and concentrate on infrastructure, or those willing to go out and find those vital supplies to help secure victory! Nerd.Nu runs a CTF event every year to help raise funds to keep the server and other nerd services up and running. Our funding goal is $2800 which will sustain the servers until the next fundraiser comes around. If you'd like to help out the community with a donation, just visit http://nerd.nu/donate - any contribution is very appreciated! When you first join the server you will appear at Space Station CTF-2016! To join a crew type /join or hit one of the crew assignment signs. You will be randomly assigned to either Red Crew or Lime Crew, and beamed to your destination ship. From then on, if you die, you will always re-appear at your crew's ship. Take some time to explore your ship - you will find a basic kit, and somewhere in the ship's kitchens no doubt you will find some melons! Take them, you'll need them to start out. Once you feel ready, leave the safety of the ship and make your way to the team base! You wear colored glass on your head to denote your crew - removing your glass helmet in space is not recommended! Team Bases Team bases are located in the North-West and South-East corners of the map. This year, spawn ships cannot be changed, but your team bases are fully editable. There are uneditable 'forcefield generators' denoting the boundary of your safe area (the area in which the enemy cannot PvP you). The safe area contains a starter base for your crew to get things going. Your ship and base are situated on a large asteroid, the surface of which cannot be edited by the enemy. However, if you aren't within your safe area boundary, then look out - the enemy can and will attack you! Build up your base with proper protection if you want to expand to the pvp enabled area! Flag Bases To capture an enemy flag you must first find one of their two flag bases. A 'flag' is a firey piece of wool in enemy colors! The flag bases are on their own asteroids, somewhere near to each crew's base island. You can build protections for your flags, but you must leave one side open for fair access to the enemy. To steal an enemy flag, just click on it. To capture a flag and score a point, take it to one of your flag bases and click on your own flag. If the enemy has stolen both of your flags, you can't score! Be careful you don't accidentally fly or run through your safe area. Taking an enemy flag into your safe area will cause it to be returned to them! If you die or log out while carrying a flag it will be dropped on the ground. If you were flying through space, it will float. Clicking on a dropped flag that belongs to your team will cause it to be returned to its pedestal. Click on a dropped flag that belongs to the enemy in order to pick it up! If a dropped flag is left for more than 5 minutes it is automatically returned. If a flag is stolen from its pedestal for more than 30 minutes it is automatically returned regardless of whether it is currently carried or dropped. Craft a compass and it will point you towards the nearest stolen flag that belongs to your team! The Power of Wool If you step on wool or carpets in your crew's color, you'll recieve a beneficial potion effect. Conversely, if you accidentally step on wool or carpets in the other crew's color, it will hurt you! Use wool to help protect your island and base from intruders, and to help you attack the other team! Buffs Buffs are special blocks that give a beneficial effect to your entire crew. There are three buffs to find out here in space. To capture a buff, simply click on it. However, it's not always easy to find a buff or get to them. For example, you might find spawners or parkour in your way! Jetpacks Craft a jetpack to allow you to explore the quadrant for ores and other precious materials. There are two jetpacks available to you: Iron and Diamond. Both types consume coal as fuel. Recipes are as follows: The diamond jetpack is slightly faster, and has a better rate of fuel consumption. Keep an eye on your fuel supplies - if they run out you will drop out of the sky! Player Damaging TNT Yes, that's right... TNT is back! It won't damage any blocks or builds, but it will certainly damage enemy players! Use it strategically to annihilate the opposition! Here are some commonly used commands for the CTF: /join Randomly assigns you to a crew on first join. /g <msg> Allows you to send a message in global chat (your default chat is team chat) /teams Lists all the members of a team. /score Shows team and individual number of kills, deaths, flag captures, flag returns and buffs scored. /drop Drops the flag, if you have one! /flag Shows the location of the nearest flag stolen from your team. /rehat Puts your space helmet back on (why did you take it off?!) Don't forget to lock your chests! /cmodify r:red Type this then punch a chest, to lock it to red team (all red crew members can access it) /cmodify r:lime Type this then punch a chest, to lock it to lime team (all lime crew members can access it) Other commands you would typically find on nerd.nu will work as well e.g. /clanchat, /list, /modlist, /modreq, /msg or /m, /r, /s HYPPEEE! (Trailer courtesy of Zomise) Silver Stealth Edit: The server will be running a custom resource pack as well (prepared by our very own Sapphric!). You can play without it, but it will be way more fun to see all the fancy things he's added! For those who have trouble with server-side resource packs sapphric has given the link for download so everyone can enjoy the fun (even if they have potato internet like me!!)
  18. Hey everyone, it's that long lost thread about the second Fundraiser I have been meaning to post. Quick Note Anything on here is subject to change based on feedback from everyone and potential plugin limits. However this is the official plan that we are rolling with and anything that changes will still closely resemble this plan. Also, please feel free to suggest things and changes! Claiming Projects & Trello Everything that needs to be completed and done are listed on the Events Trello page under "Fundraiser 2". Please claim any object you would like to work on, and use the comments and checklists to update us on your status for it. We will (mostly) not be using the forum topic for status updates this time around, as all status should be easily viewable on the Trello page. Plugin Testing To save workload on the tech admins we will be testing and configuring a variety of plugins on my personal server box. Testing will be done in 2 ways, 1: Whenever I am around I will send a message into IRC -mods saying I'm testing and looking for volunteers, 2: I will set up a official time here in the thread if I need a bunch of people at the same time. The server will not always be up and running as I turn it off at night, however I will try to leave it up as much as possible. Server IP: minecraft.modernfps.com General Event Information This fundraiser is a CTF game in space where 2 teams fight for each other's flags off of ships in space. The map is full of a variety of different sized asteroids and minature planets that each have resources and spawners in them. Players can move around by building bridges and platforms or by flying around with a jetpack (assuming they have coal to fuel it). Teams 2 Teams: Yellow VS LimeEnvironment & Map Map Size: 1500 x 1500 Always night (as it is space) Map consists of 2 medium sized space ships for each team spawn in opposite corners of the map Map consists of a variety of floating islands and planets. Different islands will have different ores or spawners, and be made out of different materials. The customization of these floating islands is completely up to the staff member making that island. Other Dimensions Dimensions are other worlds that are not the main world and contain special attributes. The idea behind these dimensions is to encourage a center point of battle as well as resource harvesting as resources will be limited on the floating islands. Mining Dimension This dimension is made purely out of ores, glowstone, obsidian and lava. It is a resource rich world. However the world itself has the effect of Mining Fatigue 2 and Blindness 1. It is also only 500x500 (may increase to 750x750)Dungeon Dimension This dimension is made out of a large staff built dungeon full if indestructible spawners. In this dimension exp drops are tripled as well as mob drops, however you have a constant negative effect of weakness 2Other Dimensions? If anyone has idea's for more dimensions or how to improve the current ones then please share!Flags 3 flags total 1 Flag above your ship (meant to be easy to defend) 2 Flags placed somewhere in front of your ship on a floating island that you have to find (meant to be harder to defend) The idea of multiple flags is to have different flags be worth a different amount of capture points. The harder to cap flags are worth more points then the easier to cap flags. Buffs: There are 5 buff towers total. This time around buff towers are to be much smaller, approximately half the size of the previous CTF's buff towers, but will be more difficult to get to via parkour or some challenge. - 2 towers give 1 positive buff to your team and 1 negative buff to the enemy team. - 1 tower gives a super buff to your team but also a super buff to the enemy team - 2 towers give 1 positive buff to your team The idea behind multiple towers that do different things is to provide more depth to strategy. If the super buff tower gives your team Health Boost 3, but gives the enemy team Regeneration 2, is it worth that extra health? Tower 1 Friendly Positive Buff: Speed 1 Enemy Negative Buff: Slowness 1 Tower 2 Friendly Positive Buff: Haste 1 Enemy Negative Buff: Mining Fatigue 1 Tower 3 Friendly Super Buff: Health Boost 5 (Grants an addition 10 hearts of life) Enemy Super Buff: Regeneration 3 Tower 4 Friendly Positive Buff: Resistance 1Tower 5 Friendly Positive Buff: Strength 1Minigames There are to be 4-5 minigames and each minigame is to be hosted by a staff member several times throughout the event. Sort of like a "mini-event". The winning team of the minigame will get a bonus for there team, such as control for Buff Tower 4 granted to them, or 5 flag captures added to there score, or in game items, or something else. The staff member that builds the minigame will get to help determine prizes for that minigame. Minigame 1: KOTH - A single large tower is in the middle and each team spawns on opposite sides of the tower. The teams must then fight to get to the top of the tower and the first player on a team to reach the top wins and gets the prize for there team. Players can start with minimal gear of the staff member running the minigame chooses so. Minigame 2: Parkour - A challenging parkour course around the main Event Tree Spawn that is rather large. Throughout the parkour there will be various signs for prizes, and the farther you get in the parkour the harder it gets but the more rewarding the prizes become. Minigame 3: Spleef - Simply put, it's spleef, but done on a team scale. The arena should be able to support up to 5v5. Minigame 4: Obstacle Course Race - A challenging but fun obstacle course that players race through to be the first one to win Minigame 5+? Think we should add more minigames? Suggest away! Tech Things & Feature Requests To make this fundraiser happen we will need several changes made to CutePvP and several features added. Please let me know how doable the following items are and if they can be achieved within a 3-4 month timeframe. I color coded the features, green means it would be a nice feature to have but is not required, red is a badly needed feature that is vital to have added. Scoreboard: A scoreboard on the right side of the screen displaying how many points and players on each team, as well as which team controls which buff tower Flag Points: The ability to set how points a player gets for capping a certain flag Chat: Staff members need the ability to set regular and broadcast messages to only specific teams Team Balance: Some sort of system to help balance the teams. Such as enabling passive buffs on a team if they are behind X points, and the further behind they get the more buffs they get. As well as having a way for players to switch teams when one side is losing badly. Commands: Change the owners of buff towers, and to grant points to teams Passive Buffs: Buffs that are always on or on for X time to one team or all teams. Such as Saturation or a buff for winning a minigame Timeline and Deadlines The goal for this fundraiser is to go live at the end of November or early December. The following deadlines are meant to keep us on track and make sure everything is completed in time: August 24th: All builds claimed and assigned by staff members September 21st: All plugin testing and configuration to be completed (not including changes/things done by techs in the feature requests above) November 1st: Main map and dimensions completed November 9th: All other major builds (minigames, buff towers, etc.) completed November 16th: All tech work completed and testing begins November 20th: All staff members signed up for hosting minigames and events November 23rd: Any last minute or emergency tech work and testing to be completed November 27th - 30th: Event goes live
  19. Hello all! We're looking to include buzzie's wonderful custom death messages as part of the CTF. However, we need your help! We're looking to crowd-source some space / science-fiction related death messages from you guys - bonus points if you can fill in gaps for the harder ones! Instructions are written at the top of the sheet (buzzie has written some examples to help): [Redacted] You can write as many messages as you like, although we can't guarantee that we will be able to use them all. Thanks everyone! ~Didy
  20. Ahoy lads! I am happy to announce the first admin hunt of Revision 18! It will be taking place on Saturday once speedbuild on C finishes at roughly **10PM EST**. We will also be hosting a second round the following morning to accompany those folks in a different timezone at **12PM EST**. Saturday Event Date and Time Converter Sunday Event Date and Time Converter Each admin will be carrying a different prize for players to collect, who knows what they'll be carrying when you kill them. The **livemap** will become available later this week so that you can use it to help bring those pesky admins down! Before the hunt begins on Saturday our first **blog post** will be going up with details on future events, skeleton horses, and some other things. It should give some insight into our plans for PvE. Now sharpen those swords and prepare those speed potions! The admins have a wreckening coming! Admins most likely attending: Sapphric, Trooprm32, redwall_hp, Silversunset, ExcessiveToker, Hollifer Subreddit Post
  21. Go ahead. Post your random screenshots taken on the servers. :) Some from the C chaos: PUTTING AN END TO DIDY'S INHUMANE ILLICIT GOVERNMENT EXPERIMENTS
  22. Intro Create a pvp-enabled survival server to run on the event server for two weeks minimum. Include a handful of plugins to make the game interesting* and more balanced pvp-wise. Have an early target end-date in mind before launch, and announce it publicly. *(Interesting = environmental challenges from extra hard mode, mineralvein, & monster apocalypse) Plugins Include: the extra hard mode plugin monster apocalypse mineralvein (the one they use on civcraft) antixray and orebfuscator grief prevention nerdspawn (with random-radial spawn enabled and a handful of respawn locations around the map) pwnpvpbalance and/or redwall's combatrebalancer cobracorral vehicleraid mylineagepvp nocheat plus (disable chat spam filtering) pwnfilter (or just let griefprevention handle chat spam filtering) clanchat enchantism pearlnerf combat tag (or ideally something like it that spawns an NPC anytime anyone logs off - regardless of whether they were technically in combat or not; griefprevention has a combat tag config but it kills players instead of spawning an NPC and only happens while recently in combat) botany (because trees) moblimiter whatever plugin P uses to boost passive mob drops Optionally include citadel for those who want to reinforce stuff outside of GP claims. mylineagepvp would basically allow users to be pve if they want, passively discouraging PKers, but rewarding consensual combat. If you want links to or descriptions of any of these plugins let me know. ***Some plugins may require tweaking for MC 1.8 but I'm pretty sure all of these are open source and permissively licensed*** Configs Generate the world with roguelike dungeons. set "extra hard mode" plugin to nerf grinders. plump xp by a ton for mobs/ores. Enable siege mode in griefprevention. Possibly disable the nerdpoling nerf in extrahardmode. Definitely change the extrahardmode notifications to the chat window and not scoreboard. Find that damned plugin that stops snow golems from generating snow unless they're on obsidian. Monster apocalypse should be set to make mobs identify the player from farther away if nothing else. Use a relatively flat biome for spawn - like plains or savannah - to decrease fps/lag issues for those who want to pvp near spawn. Include warps at spawn to various locations around the map. Include warps with a 10 second warmup back to spawn at those points. These could also be the nerdspawn respawn locations. This warmup thing could easily be done with CH. Don't make spawn too elaborate or too big - KISS. Keep the rules straighforward too - e.g.: "don't be a dick. No cheating (fly/speed/pvp/xray hacks, etc.). Don't be a dumbass - if it isn't a fair fight, nobody is going to have fun." Put a melon farm at spawn. Consider putting a tree farm at spawn that autoplants saplings - so new players have access to lumber (worldguard and/or wgcustomflags for this). Make /help not ugly like it was on S, make it actually informative. Don'ts Don't mess with economy stuff. Don't mess with bounties. Don't mess with pvp ranking plugins unless it is polished, refined, not spammy, and easy to use. Don't mess with prisonpearl. Avoid dependence on LWC - consider not using it at all in favor of GP locked chests (LWC has rare chances to fail, exposing items assumed to be secure). Don't use safebuckets - it isn't needed with griefprevention. Don't make cardinal roads. Precautions Extra hard mode will respawn the end dragon periodically, so warn people about attempts to make end grinders. Roguelike dungeons have lots of mob spawners. ensure extra hard mode is set to nerf grinders - and/or worldguard protect the roguelike dungeons except for breaking certain blocks to gain entrance/escape (wgcustomflags plugins can help with this). I haven't tested monster apocalypse on a server with many players so pay attention to TPS and such while using it and adjust spigot settings like mob view distance and the like - pay attention to player feedback - it should be challenging, not pointless. If someone is obviously intentionally causing lots of mobs in dungeons to spawn, warn/ban them - or find a way to limit the maximum amount of aggressive mobs in a chunk. Concerns Grief Prevention will cancel the threat from monster apocalypse in terms of mob griefing protected bases. Grief Prevention will disable tnt use above sea level, making mining for coal initially fairly challenging... extra hard mode's torch nerf will favor people using gammabright and xray mods. Grief Prevention provides a method to teleport to spawn if a player is stuck - I'm uncertain if it works outside of GP regions which might be an issue if citadel is used. Make sure mobs are actually spawning at a reasonable rate for mild threat and reasonable ghast tear collection - play the game at ~peak hours (or alternatively buff tear drop rates) antixray plugin may be an issue if players tnt a very large diamond vein. Experiment and tweak accordingly. Blah blah Run this as an event, not a regular server. Invite pve regulars to try it out. Do this after activity on P from the new rev has died down some, so as not to detract from it. After a little while ACTIVELY gather feedback. Pester people not through in-game automated notifications, but say "hey, hey... hey joe. fill out this survey so we can do better." Or do it automated and provide an incentive"fill this survey out and get a couple blox of tnt and two diamonds." but only do it after the server has been up for a few days. Make the survey easy to fill out, and not too long, and allow for open-ended written responses. Make results visible to public either live or within three days of the end of the event. Make a fancy post introducing the event with nice headers and bullet points, with a quick summary at the top. Optionally set up some control points (like, ten or something) and let individuals/clans establish dominance over them to gain fame and mild buffs (i don't know what plugins for this there are, so consider it a low priority compared to getting the event up and running) Consider using that plugin from the CTF that added special blocks - basically for a speed-boosting block for players to make roads with. Consider providing a convenient source for gunpowder/sand/tnt, for mining with extrahardmode enabled. I don't know what the padmins have planned for their story this revision, but consider integrating this event with it somehow, to encourage p players to try out the event for a little bit and hopefully increase the ratio of adventure-style players versus "imma fuk u up" types. This is not about trying to replace P or steal P players, it's about setting tone. Maximum kit loadouts (this is basically what limits are set on permitted enchantments for armor and weapons, as well as brewable potions and their effects) This is where I'm inexperienced and the pwnpvpbalance/combatrebalancer/mylineagepvp plugins may alter the dynamics. go with vanilla. gather feedback. adjust. pay attention. watch for: evenly matched combat durations, armor/weapon damage, repair costs. Combat should be not too long, not too short, and players should not lose all of their gear just from fighting in a single match. Moderation Once the server is open, let it go with little moderation - mostly for chat/harassment and pvp "hackers". Grief shouldn't be an issue with grief prevention(+citadel) - if someone tears up natural terrain or makes swastikas just use GP's natural regeneration tool on it and do whatever with the "griefer" seems reasonable. Warn people using pvp/fly/speed hacks to disable them before banning. Don't be afraid to start muting/kicking trolls/toxicites for being dipshits in chat. Are private player notes a thing yet? They need to be for easier tracking of troublemakers without giving them a scarlet letter. orebfuscator and antixray should weed out many xray issues. Seriously, if someone is being a dick repeatedly, just ban them. Nerd may be a place of second (or twentieth) chances, but it doesn't mean you gotta let assholes ruin the place. A pvp server doesn't get a free pass on assholeism. Admin: exercise discretionary powers wisely, always in the interest of fairness and fun. if a rule is inhibiting creativity and/or fun in a specific instance and the reason for the rule in this particular case is not exceedingly clear, exercise discretionary powers. Fairness and fun. Fair and Fun is camping a worthy opponent's base and defeating them against odds. Unfair and mildly fun for only one party is camping an unworthy opponent and preventing him/her from playing in the way he or she prefers. This is also called "being a dick" and it applies at spawns, bases, or anywhere else. If someone is distraught enough to complain in global chat, leave them alone. If they're complaining despite being evenly matched, then they aren't going to be fun to fight anyway if they're a sore loser. Anyway, mylineagepvp plugin should help with some of this. Ending the event Ceremony or no ceremony, up to you. The point is having fun in the middle if nothing else. Gather feedback and use it for whatever survival server planned for the future. Having something interesting to look forward to at the end of the event might help encourage activity in spite of the announced end date. Closing This is some relatively easy stuff that can be thrown together for a mildly interesting relatively-low-maintenance pvp-enabled event. I don't really see any downsides to trying it. If anyone has suggestions for improvements please share. If any admins have any opinions, please share. Forum moderators, please remove any comments that are drifting off-topic or overly dramatic. Also, I'm not heavily invested in this. I just always kind of wanted to use extrahardmode+griefprevention+monster apocalypse on a server with nerd-quality moderation/community peeps and figured I'd jot this down and throw it out there. Edit: actually, I just want to play with the better TNT from extra hard mode. o___o Edit2: also, some stress-testing was performed on a testing spigot server running on my dinky laptop with extra hard mode tnt and worldedit (and grief prevention). Giant cubes of TNT+redstoneblocks were created. Spigot did a wonderful job of keeping the explosions asynchronous and the server was fine, as was my laptop. Also the overworld surface was pristine despite the new massive cavern below. Rest easy.
  23. Hi there everyone! First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for their congratulations and such. I can't wait to work with everyone, staff and members alike, to help bring great things to all our servers. Next, I have had a few people ask me and other admins questions regarding my new position. To answer the first question I've been asked: yes, I do have quite a few ideas for different events for each of the servers and can't wait to set them in motion. Some time this week I hope to meet with all the server admins to discuss ideas and time frames so we can start things as soon as possible. In addition to the new events I will be running, I will also be hosting the moderator run arenas on Survival, speed builds on Creative, and (hopefully/possibly) that lovely game of Spleef on PvE. In regards to the Event server, what I hope to do is host three to four major events on it a year. The Head Admins and I are already discussing getting a donation event set up, so be looking out for that! All the other events will be hosted on our current servers: Survival, PvE, and Creative. I also want to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to the community to bring any ideas they have for possible events. My idea with this is not to take over any ideas the members of our community have but work along side you to make it happen. This way we can work together as a team to make our servers as great as possible. If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to PM me here on the forums. Another way to reach me is IRC; if I am working at the office then just message LRO|Office instead of LadyRavenOwl. All of you are also more than welcomed to message me via Steam, my username is LadyRavenOwl. Speaking of Steam, another thing that I will start directing is Steam Events! I am looking forward to extending our community and having fun outside our virtual legos. If you have any ideas for that, hit me up and we can talk about it!
  24. Hey everyone, lately we have been thinking about ways for us to host more events in MC as the majority of events we have done have been outside MC or is a fundraiser. We came up with the idea of hosting weekly or biweekly events on the Event server, something like “Event Saturday.” The idea behind this is to have more events more often while providing diversity in events and bringing the community together to have a good time. We are currently working on the first couple of events however we are in need of Arenas! We need your guys help in building multiple arenas for us to host these events in and to provide arena diversity. If you are interested in building an arena please reply here so that I may contact you with information about what kinds of arenas to build. We also may hold a arena contest in the near future on C that players build for us to use, however we would like some special staff made arenas as well (such as holiday ones). We would also like to hear any idea’s that you guys may have for these miniature events. We just ask that you keep them relatively small as they are meant to be a quick hour or two event that isn’t too hard to set up (such as PvP Game, UHC, Tiered Spleef, etc.). We look forward to any help or ideas you guys can offer!
  25. Good afternoon everyone, in the last admin meeting and after some talk in IRC we feel that sometimes we take the job of a staff member to seriously and we need to sometimes just let loose and have some fun. There was a general consensus that a staff event was needed where we could all go and commit murder have fun together. Right now our plates are pretty full with the fundraisers and other smaller events however we still think it's important we get together and do a staff event. We'd like to hear what some of your guys ideas are or what you would like to see for a staff event. Nothing super big though, just something simple and would be pretty easy to set up, such as an Archery Arena, KOTH, etc. We'd like to make staff events happen every now and not have it be a one-time thing. All the ideas that are presented in this topic will most likely be used at some point, whether that is at the next staff event or another one after it.
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