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  1. Old ban appeals and ban appeal publicity

    This is my biggest concern, above all Even staff make mistakes, let's not forget this.
  2. Old ban appeals and ban appeal publicity

    Keep ban appeals public. I can't agree more with love&doubt's statements here.
  3. Stepping down

    Hey everyone, this is just a formal notice letting you all know that i'm stepping down from my role as Cadmin. It's been great being able to contribute in such a big way to a community I adore with my heart and soul, and I would love to do it continuously forever without feeling burnt out. Unfortunately, that's simply not possible. I'll be returning back to a moderator, and i'm not going on a hiatus or anything, so you can expect to see me as you normally would in-game.
  4. Staff Inactivity Notices

    I'll be gone from the 25th-28th. I'll still be around to contact via Skype, Discord, Email, and Slack -- however not the forums for this time.
  5. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    I know you're speaking for a few people here, so we'll make sure that the space world has the appropriate size next revision. Yeah, we're hoping it can bring in new players too, without straining our current players. We already incorporate several landmarks into the map, and never really seen fighting over them before. There's already been a lot of feedback expressing that C players couldn't handle themselves under these circumstances, so we may make city friendly areas have less impressive landmarks, or just focus on making the terrain city compatible.
  6. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    I believe this may already be possible to flag a region to keep nonmembers from being able to spawn pets. I can ask dumbo about it! If i'm correct, would you like me to help you get your regions flagged so that this won't be possible?
  7. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    Adding more roads than normal probably wouldn't be too difficult, however making a new policy on road claiming might. We don't exactly understand what you mean by this, and maybe it would be best expanded on? We've been seeing a lot of feedback saying that same exact thing. While it's likely we will adding these "one-time" events, here and there to keep things fresh, we're not 100% decided on anything just yet. Even if we do have another weekly event, it's ok because nobody is going to be forced to participate, so you don't have to hold your breath. #11 was definitely not something that was being pushed for, this was testing the waters. It's complete negative feedback was expected, and anything related will be set aside unless someone really wants to pull up an argument here in comments that we absolutely need something like this. We already incorporate several landmarks into the map every revision, but usually lack city-friendly ones. It won't be any different than revisions are now really, and we will definitely be considering the possibility of people getting greedy /potentially fighting over landmarks (so we'll make sure we make enough) Ah, thank you for bringing that up, that's something i've heard from multiples of people, and we have a testworld dedicated to it. It's very likely you will be seeing a rule dealing with PvE testbuilds, or testbuilds in general being restricted to only to that world. This isn't a for-sure yet, there's much discussion to be had, but i'm glad you've brought it up here. (I've seen several instances of this taking place and sometimes it makes me wonder why we have a PvE testbuild if nobody uses it.)
  8. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    Ah yes, docks! Nice catch-- I forgot about those. I'll let Bardidley know they absolutely cannot be taken away, everyone loves them. Dumbo is the master of curved roads, we'll get him right on it this revision. If you take a look at some other replies to feedback you will see other possibilities of roads changing as well, what are your thoughts on those? That's an odd, but good suggestion. No use in not trying it! Also, yes we will be having this and/or a tutorial area. Thank you TB for replying, we hope you stay with us for this next revision, and even if you don't please visit!
  9. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    Thank you for replying! Seems you are really into the idea of having a tutorial area-- it'll likely happen! Same with mob spawners, if we can do it--you'll be seeing it next revision. I notice you specifically are talking about scavenger hunts here, and that's good. It seems that everyone else appears to be on that same page as well. Scavenger hunts are really fun, and they have such potential to be incorporated into player builds. We're happy to see such positive feedback for that, and it's easy to incorporate. We're going to try and make just enough city compatible areas with landmarks. We hope that you wouldn't fight over areas to begin with, but after reading a bit of feedback it's likely that a large majority of the map will be essentially city compatible anyways, so worst case scenario you won't end up with a world painted landmark. As trouble mentioned in his reply, WE now allows for much easier terrain manipulation, and players who have the motivation can easily transform their area into something even more incredible than we lay out. In my reply to Mewcifer, you can see lots of what will be happening in regards to the city tours, or rather the potential, you should discuss with eachother what you'd like to see out of the city tours, or expand on just the possibility of a scavenger hunt.
  10. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    We've been working a lot in our past revisions to make the map more city friendly, you can look forward to this more in this upcoming map! I get what you mean about making the areas in different teirs--this is actually my specialty and i'd love to incorporate this kind of terrain. We're always trying to keep a good balance of compatibility and beauty, without essentially turning C into a flatworld.
  11. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    It's alright, your replies were well written. I'd like to say in regards to #4 that's a great idea for us to consider. We have a little bit of time to discuss which standard of road would be best suited to be compatible with our large cities. If you like, you can have a chat with other big city creators and see if you can come up with form of standardized road. Even though a tutorial area didn't get the most amount of ticks, i'm still going to be highly considering it, along with a few new signs to encourage new users to behave better. Pets are a tricky topic for even us, and with the feedback on demand for spawners, it's likely we'll be looking into making this possible on admin request. As much as I would like to not have to worry about large claims, we tend to take on large claims as admins for several reasons: keeping track of when we need to do region cleanups, assuring no drama is caused by large claims, assuring we can keep in contact with the requester, ect. I wouldn't say it's a good idea to favor those who have a good record, and I feel like this falls under unfair advantages/bias. We make sure that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, rather than guilty until proven innocent. It's only after a while into a revision do we start denying regions to people who have too many without using them. Given that a lot of feedback suggests we should have events that focus around player's builds. After seeing the feedback it's likely we'll have a weekly or bi-weekly event for featuring player-made games, arenas, builds and other things. We hope this encourages players to build things that are fun for everyone. This is just one idea however, if there is a minigame you know people are dying to see every week, or even have speedbuild multiple times in a week, it's not an impossibility. After seeing the feedback, and considering the negatives, we're mixed too. It's likely that we will not specifically be working with players, but still creating city friendly areas to the map. Each will be unique, and players will be able to claim them in a normal manner. It's likely that if we do player driven events, that city tours may fall under this category (for those who want it). If this is the case, we encourage you to create an objective for those participating (such as a scavenger hunt, or other).
  12. Ask Haiku Anything Round 2!

    at least i tried to take the opportunity
  13. Ask Haiku Anything Round 2!

    Haiku version: Why do you always smell bad why are you so gross do you know what soap is dude properly.
  14. RDstonetrxz [Hollifer]

    Just as a reminder, you are unbanned
  15. RDstonetrxz [Hollifer]

    Hello RDstonetrxz. It seems like you are well aware of what you did, and thank you for being honest with me. Hacking items, exploiting bugs/vulnerabilities, and giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players is against the rules. We want to keep C a fun place where people can do things like PvP without worrying about these kinds of items, so please try not to do this again. You will be unbanned Aug 2nd at 3pm (today). I don't want you keep you out of game for too long, so please review the rules before logging back on: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Rules