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  1. The note I made was very recent, and what I consider to be a relatively important issue. We take restricted items very seriously, and you were using them in WE and lagging out spawn city. It's only been 6 months, which in terms of notes, is not a long time.
  2. I'll be away from minecraft for a week and a half starting today. I am without a computer. Still available via Skype/Discord/Slack and the forums.
  3. Sorry for the delay, I'm handing this appeal over to torteela for personal reasons, and he will be handling the request very soon.
  4. Unfortunately no, not yet. I need some time to finish compiling some logs. We need to address some issues, and find a way to ensure this does not continue. It's likely I won't reply until about noon tomorrow, sorry for the delay.
  5. Click Here for a video tutorial that might help you with replanting trees you are unfamiliar with. Have you looked over the rules yet? Are you familiar with the ones you have broken? Let me know
  6. Hello Rubix_cube100. Yes, that is correct. You were banned yesterday for multiple cases of grief. Today you failed to replace saplings in a tree farm which you used, as seen here: Please take time making a replying explaining which rule(s) you have broken, and how you intend to avoid breaking them in the future. After you've read over the rules here: http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules & http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Are_there_any_blocks_I_can.E2.80.99t_place.3F Please post your reply and I will get back to you within the next 24 hours discussing an unban time.