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  1. Your political compass

    Taxation is theft.
  2. I am Mew! Ask me anything.

    What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  3. Netscape128 [IShwrWithMyBro]

    Thank you - I will!
  4. Hey Nerd.nu! First post, but that's because I'm here to appeal my ban and normally I don't like signing up for forums for every single community. Original account name was Netscape128, current name is Pit_2. Anyway, I do believe I was banned (several years ago) for griefing some unprotected house someplace back in like the 1.5 days. I'll admit to it: I knowingly griefed. However, that was several years ago before I really cared about playing fairly. I'd just like to be able to log onto the nerd servers and see what they're like. Thanks for your time and patience.