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  1. Socarch26

    Archaeologists' Guild: Winners of the Poetry Competition!

    Fake news, the Argoth propaganda didn't win
  2. Socarch26

    Socarch26 (pez252)(mumble)

    Hey, almost forgot about this but I should probably get this cleared up. I will refrain from torturing my compatriots with my attempts to sing excessively from now own.
  3. Socarch26

    Ask Haiku Anything Round 2!

    Are you my dad?
  4. Socarch26

    Sup bitchez, name's Billo don't wear it out lolzors

    Oh my god Adam actually got on the forums
  5. Socarch26

    The Face Behind the Name

    Haven't updated in a while, here is a pic from a recent white elephant party.
  6. Socarch26

    Powered Flight

    While it would be fun to fly around, i would argue that it stray's too far away from vanilla. Even though infinite flight is possible, punch II bows add certain limitations and a sort of skill to use.
  7. Socarch26

    damion950 [Socarch26]

    Hey damion950, I'm the moderator who banned you after your account was responsible for causing widespread grief on our creative server 2 yrs ago ( I did not hack your account ). Since this is an old ban, I'm going to go ahead and unban you, assuming that you are taking action to secure your account. Make sure you take a look at the rules before you play and have fun!
  8. Socarch26

    [PMC] PvE Rev 17 NEEDS YOU

    Pls at me to white whitelist
  9. Socarch26

    CS:GO Tournament - Sign ups!

    Damn, I would love to play, but my computer is currently bust (which is why I haven't been on) If i can fix it by then I would be so in
  10. Socarch26

    The Face Behind the Name

    Here is a very shitty pic I took 2 seconds ago.
  11. Socarch26

    Kasume [Socarch26]

    Unbanned, welcome back