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  1. SkrapssparkS

    Mayan Group Build

    This Friday at 6pm - 8pm EDT there will be a group build with the theme Mayan taking place on the creative server. Take a look at some Mayan buildings and structures, here are a few examples. For some of the older players, you may want to watch the film Apocalypto for some ideas (awesome movie). The location for the event can be seen here. All server rules apply. You will have access to world edit. The event officially ends at 8pm EDT, however, if you still want to continue building afterwards that is up to you. We hope to see you all there, and hopefully we can have a pretty amazing event!
  2. SkrapssparkS

    Anyone here remember?

    Also just noticed it’s 2017 wow quite a bit late to the topic :S
  3. SkrapssparkS

    Anyone here remember?

    Hey Elijah, that’s a name I’ve not seen for a while! I remeber this haha thanks for posting. I changed my name but I am buzzinbee if you remeber me at all. Sorry for the late reply but I’ve just seen this
  4. SkrapssparkS

    PvP discussion

    After looking at this I have a few points. If PvE were to implement a PvP area say the top few hundred blocks of the map it would be relatively easy. However, while setting up the area wouldn't be too difficult it would require quite a few changes to PvE and to the staff. Firstly mods would be required to learn how to moderate like they would for the survival server, which is not easy. Spotting certain hacks that might not appear in NCP can be especially difficult, new hacks would be getting used on the server. It would require much more admin work. Time spent moderating the survival zone is time away from moderating the Creative server and the PvE server. The server itself would have to have some updates. The rules for PvE would change as it would have to include all the survival rules, spawn would have to update to let people know about the survival zone and how to act when inside it. While the survival server was fun, it didn't attract too many players. Some threats it could pose would be as stated the prizes such as heads could take away from prizes given out in PvE for events. You'll always get people flying into the survival zone by accident and dying, same with new players wandering in and dying. It also has the possibility to cause PvE players to leave to try and find a server dedicated solely to PvE. After all the implementation of new rules, it could flop, and it kind of defeats the point of the server being player vs environment. Okay, now that I've got all the negative out the way there are some very good perks to this. For one, you now get PvP, which is great fun. It would integrate two Minecraft communities, those that like PvP, and those that don't. It wouldn't cost anything to set up. It wouldn't really change how PvE outside of the PvP zone is played or doesn't have to. It could present quite fun event opportunities. It could get back some of our older players that left after s.nerd.nu closed, and it could attract some new players (you never know). While they have to spend time learning new moderating commands and skills, those are still skills which can come in use. Despite all the negative, there's no harm in a trial. There's also the potential of having it in a multiword. Now in my personal opinion, I love survival and would want to play it again. However, I don't think the perks outweigh the negatives. That being said most of the negatives come from the idea that survival would be part of PvE. If resources aren't too scarce, I think it'd work much better in a multiverse, or as it's own server again. There are a lot of negatives so I personally don't think it'd work so well as a section of PvE, but hey it's always worth a trial. My apologies if this matter is already closed.
  5. SkrapssparkS

    Event idea thread

    You could also try and get it so players would say what server they are usually on so that they get matched with some players from the other server. (Might be something good on paper with everyone just saying they are from different servers to be with their friends) but if it works it could help add to the sense of community between the two servers.
  6. SkrapssparkS

    Event idea thread

    Another event that would be fun would be a survival island event, where you are given minimal resources on a floating island and have to make it as advanced as possible. We did it for a staff event years ago. However for the general players it'd have to be a little different e.g. no machines to glitch items in :P But if you had the team assignment plugin you could get several different islands competing against each other to see who could advance their island the most. I've pitched this to a couple c players who seemed quite interested in the idea. It's the sort of event that would probably have to take place on the event server though.
  7. SkrapssparkS

    Event idea thread

    Hey yeah sorry, the earlier one was a lot less official and so just spontaneously took place, we mentioned it in chat on the other servers however in future we'll post about it here. But they both seem to have worked very well so expect more!
  8. SkrapssparkS

    Event idea thread

    https://imgur.com/a/AwOHQsK These are some of the progress screenshots from the first non-competitive group build which was set a little earlier than Holli's to accommodate for people in different timezones.
  9. SkrapssparkS

    Event idea thread

    That'd be awesome! it could also be a theme for a non-competitive build event?
  10. SkrapssparkS

    Event idea thread

    Hey guys, I have been pestering people with event ideas, so I am making this thread to document any ideas I have, and for anyone to add their own ideas to the thread help visualise which ones would be popular. So I'll start a couple off: A server text based quiz. (would require server admin permission) This would involve a series of multiple choice questions most likely on nerd.nu trivia. You'd type in your answer either a, b, or c using a command such as /a /b or /c. If your answer is correct, you move to the next question, if your answer is incorrect, you are kicked out of the quiz. If you make it through all the questions you could have a prize, this could be split with all the winners. I have heard there was a similar thing, non-text based called "tics trivia run". Game show events: we had mcpublic squares a while ago which was great fun here's the link. Server wide scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt that would utilise all the servers. Server challenges: This would involve doing specific tasks on each server. For instance, on creative you may have to build a certain thing and take a screenshot with it. On PVE, you may be required to collect several items. (First one to complete all challenges wins). Team speed build None competitive group building, so you'd get a couple hours to all work on a build project (this would most likely take place on creative). The usual sort of mini events such as spleef and speed build. Puzzle builds. There have been a few events like this, where you may have to solve a riddle or puzzle to progress. Parkour, I know it's generic, but I'd quite like another 6K :P I understand a few of these events are common one's we've done a lot, but it's just a thread to get them all down, and discuss the ones we'd like to try out. If you guys think of any, please put them down here, it'd be very useful, and would also allow this thread to give people ideas on potential events they could run.
  11. SkrapssparkS

    Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    4) I would like to see a pre-built DerpU in the map, something to give players a bit of encouragement to build, something to show people cool building tricks, nice wall designs and cool interior design tricks. I personally would love to visit! You could also make it quite large with a few extra rooms and allow players to design things to be submitted into the build, thus getting player participation and maybe helping to give the server a bit more of a sense of community. 6) I'd like to see something similar to P where you walk through a few basic tutorials, however you aren't forced to prove you've looked at them so people that know the rules don't have to spend ages getting out of spawn. Just something you walk by and can look at. 8) I'm not a fan of not being able to kill animals or move them, a parrot flew in the way of my build because I'd given it seeds, and I couldn't place blocks so it was just a bit of a pain. I think natural mob spawners would be cooler than pets. I don't really like the stacking pets thing it looks very odd and can be very annoying for some players. Having said that, I don't think that players should be able to place spawners, and there should be limitations to the placement of them with modreqs. Perhaps use them as a prize. E.g. win the pvp contest and an admin shall place you a spawner where you like. regular naturally spawned mobs could be cool to just have aswell just have a mob culling plugin added to prevent too much of a build up of them. 10) Speed builds are great fun, however more games could be introduced, spleef competitions could be fun, if the right prizes are awarded, like I said for number 8 things such as mob spawners would make cool prizes, also plots near spawn. I'd like to see more pvp tournaments and spleef tournaments organised. I feel you could get teams to participate, (hear me out on this one) we have a few cities that always get built on creative, if we asked for city builders to form teams with their own city, you could provide an award system at spawn for the different cities, so there'd be something to show off about your city other than it looks nice (just an idea). 12) You know my stance on this haha, I love the idea of pre requested areas of the map. Provided that the player has proven they do use their land, or are committed to building. This could be tricky to prove, it does give long term players a bit more of an advantage which we often stray from however I think it's something we actually should reward. 13) I'm sure people would like it, but I know myself and I'd probably just fly off in the middle of it. It's quite fun talking to builders though about their builds, something a little less formal. I'm not very good at explaining when I write stuff down, so if you have any questions I'll try to explain my ideas in mumble to you.
  12. SkrapssparkS

    What are you listening to right now? Thread

  13. SkrapssparkS

    [PMC] Fundraiser #2 - Development

    A tech would have to do it, but just posting here to say I'm alright with it if mods can use larger world edits in event. Just don't go creating stupidly large world edits that crash the server... That's my job
  14. SkrapssparkS

    The great PVP RING! [pve]

    I don't think it'd really work on pve however I like the idea that sounds kinda fun, possible for a future event maybe? it would be an interesting addition to a CTF to have a high plumped ore part but you either take damage slowly over time or mobs are just very powerful there in a cut off section of the map. Good idea but I don't think it's something that'd interest a lot of pve players.
  15. SkrapssparkS

    [PMC] Staff Event - Brainstorming

    Just as a reminder the last staff event we had was very similar to the charity fundraiser event (an island with minimal supplies that the staff used to try and progress as much as possible.) We can do similar things to that if you like, and if we end up with enough time on our hands we could always create mini CTFs ect however that would require us to have a lot of time on our hands.