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  1. elijah4001

    Anyone here remember?

    It might be a big stretch to think anyone here remembers any of this, because i'm sure everyone has moved on, but I just found this again and wondered if anyone in this video was still around or whatever. If anyone does though please reply aha :)
  2. elijah4001

    elijah4001 [trevorman]

    Yes ive read them and i understand what i did wrong i promise i will never break any of the rules again
  3. elijah4001

    elijah4001 [trevorman]

    I don't think many people will remember but I was banned I think almost a year ago for a few things I shouldn't of done. I regret doing it because c.nerd.nu has been the best server I had until I got banned then i just forgot about it. I would be really happy if you could forgive what I did back then and un ban me please. Thanks for your time reading this ;)