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  1. You are now unbanned! Hope the studying went well.
  2. I've unbanned you on zburdsal's request. Play well 😮
  3. The Spawn I think spawn could have been better signposted perhaps - while it was straightforward to find the hangar from the spawn point, it didn't seem as easy to find the lab or the commissary from outside the ship (lots of questions in chat about their locations). The Overworld I'd be interested in seeing what happens with a smaller map - from live map there still seems to be some empty space around. Admittedly with the current size transportation doesn't feel very lacking, though as someone who is based closer to spawn and had help with rail tunnels, my immediate vicinity felt pretty lively and well-connected. The Nether I'm not sure I like the mix of custom mobs in nether/end this rev - my preference is that custom mob pools in the vein of what was in the Nether (and End?) this rev (ie. frequent occurrences of generally tougher mobs) should be in a new, separate dimension, where the intent to challenge players can be made clearer. I think they were a good difficulty for more experienced players. Props for thematic consistency though, they really did look and feel like aliens from another dimension in another dimension and I enjoyed that kind of atmosphere. Now the real question is what are the Zox and Kirlids doing in both Nether and End dimensions, hmmmm. The End I thought the End layout this rev was pretty neat. The one thing I didn't like so much was how low the original End center's ground level was relative to the dragon's flying altitude. Elytra Elytra obtaining method feels fine this rev. Custom Drops I enjoyed the variety of ways which the custom drops were obtainable and think that variety should be brought forward in later revs. The trades have been interesting, though I have admittedly treated spesos as rare and haven't been spending much .-. Events I enjoyed the weekly events even though I'm usually late to half of them. Participation event tokens are a good touch. What I really liked was how much some (eg. wacky battles) were more casual/fun oriented compared to more traditional games that are more competitive/even; it's nice to take a break from controlled conditions and just roll with randomness sometimes. Rev Theme Really enjoyed the theme this rev 😄
  4. Out for two weeks in a week 😮 will likely still check into Discord but probably will not be in-game while out.
  5. Part 2 of 2 sections are queued, with the first one out now on https://unityfallout.tumblr.com/ and subsequent ones released Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 PM Eastern time until November 27.
  6. Hello again, and welcome to another story serial! Long after the days of political squabbling (Unity: Glass Vision) and the spleef tournament (Unity: The Spleef Diamond Cup) in the golden days after the Last Chaos (Unity: Origins), civilization fell. The Storm, who came to the homeworld in search of Spaceship Unity (Unity Retrieval Project Backstory) as foretold (Unity: Ancients), finally found it, and the ensuing space battle resulted in the scorching of the planet and the fall of the governing order. A team from the city of Port Aperture, joined by two other survivors, journey to make one last update to the ATLUS information repository in the hopes that it will inform a future effort to repel the Storm and rebuild the map - but the barren world is not their only problem on their trek. This story serves as a prequel of sorts to saberfysh's CMC Starlogs (https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3715-cmc-starlogs-a-story-serial/), particularly exploring the state of the map shortly after Unity's destruction. You can follow the story at https://unityfallout.tumblr.com/ . Part 1 of 2 will be released from today to October 25. The first story segment is up now, while subsequent segments will be released on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5 PM Eastern time. Again, the events of the story are fiction, though Port Aperture takes its name from a town that existed on PvE back in revs 8-9-ish. It is mentioned in this story as a part of Starlogs canon.
  7. Part 2 of 2 sections are now queued for release on https://unityglass.tumblr.com. The first one went up earlier today at 5 PM Eastern time, and subsequent sections will be posted at 5 PM Eastern time on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Mondays until August 14, when the last section is released.
  8. The Spawn Building * It is a very thematic and detailed build. I think the exits were marked well but maybe needed some exploration to find them (eg. boardwalks led to exits but perhaps it was not as easy to tell that they led to exits? Then again I didn't spawn in at the right place at the start of this rev and I swam out the bay instead ._.). The Overworld * The map size felt big even with a smaller map. I think it was a good size. * I appreciate the vanilla terrain. Even without custom terrain there were some cool places to explore. It makes me wonder what kind of custom terrain can be delivered with the new 1.13 terrain. The Nether * Custom nether was great. Terrain was treacherous, keeping in spirit with vanilla Nether, while variation in the biomes was good and addition of more resource blocks was a welcome addition. * Good lineup of custom mobs in the Nether. There are many mobs that carry exotic items and are easily identified; fighting them was exciting and potentially rewarding. The End * I really wished the End had void drops like the vanilla one did. To me that was what makes the End stand out from the overworld, and why I think this End strayed from the original spirit of the End. The inclusion of other blocks (clay, concrete powder, etc.) in the terrain was a nice addition though. Having sponge there also helps with sponge distribution among players, which is nice. * In light of the same preserving-old-End-characteristics, the End could perhaps use better Enderman spawning too (spawner based grinder is noticeably slow compared to the previous natural spawns). The custom spawns, while frustrating for Enderman spawns, were pretty decent too, though I felt the Nether's custom mobs were more interesting. * The dragon fight is quite fun after mastering it. It is more difficult than the previous iteration from last rev, but I find it is balanced by a potentially greater reward. Besides getting the usual dragon head and elytra, there were opportunities to get other ordinarily-harder-to-obtain items such as admin heads and totems of undying in exchange for time spent collecting them during the fight, which I appreciate. There were a few features I didn't enjoy as much (getting damaged on hitting the dragon, the time gate on stage 1) but it was overall still fun. The leaderboard was pretty nice too - I think another good addition to that, if possible, would be a way to call up your own best times. * Free range shulkers were fun too, and the guaranteed one shell drop really helped. A lucky run in the End this rev I think would have beaten previous rev's shulker spawners in terms of collection rate. Part of me wonders if this is also straying from original spirit of the End (to have them spawn in the End and drop shells like that), but it definitely felt nicer to fight them rather than sit in a grinder and hit them through a wall. Elytra * I enjoyed elytra being available as a drop from the dragon fight. It's a deterministic method and is part of what makes the dragon fight satisfying in my opinion. Portals * Current distribution feels pretty good. Custom Spawners * This rev's set was a good lineup. I admittedly really appreciated the squid spawner as a deterministic source of ink sacs after discovering that most of the spawns around me in the ocean were tropical fish rather than squid. Custom Drops * I liked the custom drops as well as how they dropped from other sources other than just mining. It would be cool to see them come from other actions in Minecraft perhaps (eg. random pop out of a furnace when taking things out by hand? chance to fish one up? maybe can add a check for if the player has attempted to use something while the bobber is out to prevent farming with autofishers). Events * Easter Egg hunt was a really good event 😄 * NITWITS should make a return 😮 * Not-vanilla-obtainable prizes are great.
  9. Away from May 31 to June 5. Will likely check in on discord but will otherwise not be in game. EDIT: Reporting in.
  10. Hello again, and welcome to another story serial! In the wake of the Last Chaos (Unity Origins), many of the former allies of the warring cities Akro and Megatown, as well as independent residents, joined the newly reborn United Minecraft Cities. Cooperation between the diverse members has transformed their ways of life for the better, and reaffirmed their commitment to unity. A new era has dawned on the map as former enemies and rivals marched together in lockstep and looked to new heights in the future. Or so that's what people say. Set some time after the Spleef DIamond Cup hosted by Megatown, the story follows a UMC investigator as a crisis arises that tests the strength of the new unity, and struggles to come to terms with the new reality. You can follow the story at https://unityglass.tumblr.com/ The sections of the first part of two have been queued for posting. The first section is already up, and sections will continue to be posted at 5 PM Eastern time on subsequent Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until July 3. While the events of the story are fiction, the underlying exploration is not - it's been something I wanted to explore in the universe, after seeing it a few times in real life: what does it take to destroy the unity that is so easily talked about, and how easy is it to do it? A note to readers, especially newcomers to the universe: the story is set in a Minecraft environment whose mechanics parallel that available in rev 10/11 of PvE (around Minecraft version 1.6) - the days when iron grinders were built with pods of villagers, minecarts were slower, horses were bred for their stats, and elytra was undiscovered (though traveling by airship is rare in this world). It is an old time, admittedly, but hopefully not one that is too alien compared to the present day.
  11. You should double check your client version (and possibly which portal you enter in the lobby). PvE only accepts 1.13.2 clients. If you are getting to PvE fine, then you are on 1.13.2 and need to downgrade your client to reach Creative.
  12. C is currently still running 1.12.2 - you will need to switch your client version to that before you can connect to C, either directly or through the lobby. (The lobby will accept a connection from a 1.12.2 client.)
  13. buzzie71

    Rev 24 Rails

    The last few revs have had pre-built spawn stations (21-23, though 21's was near spawn outside rather than inside). There's been a long stretch of P revs where a staff-made pre-built station had been absent from in or near spawn (rev 12 to 20 I think). In those revs there tended to be a player-built station near spawn to fill the niche.
  14. If the goal is to keep a third server called minigames open, I think whatever replaces what's on it now should be more long-term than what is usually run on the event server (so something that is intended to run for at least a few weeks), though the more popular and longer running, the better in that instance - otherwise some of the uses proposed I think would just make it effectively a second event server when we have one that is recently only used for the annual fundraiser (which is not necessarily a bad thing either, but may be a bit awkward unless the server drops the minigames name too). To hold player attention, or at least try to decouple player interest from the effect of declining player count, I think ideally the server would run something that does not rely exclusively on the presence of other players to enjoy it (KOTH/CTF was fun, but it requires other players present to even kick off a game - once players start dropping out it's harder to find players to play with). An adventure map that is built to handle multiple parties moving through it would fit here, bonus points if it has features that make it worthwhile to replay (eg. branching paths). The downside as some others have alluded to is that most adventure maps available outside of nerd are not built for multiple parties moving through at once. I think it would be possible to create one on nerd that can support multiple parties, but it would be potentially heavy on time and effort to develop. On the flipside, something that does bring players together for a game and require other players to enjoy (sort of like the current minigames) would be great too - we are a community after all, and I feel game types that force players to play together have become few and far between these days (eg. the old CTF fundraisers), though having a dependence on other players for enjoyment may cause player interest to drop faster and may require more maintenance on the administration side to keep things fresh enough to attract players back. Here, other minigames might be great too if they can be set up, bonus points if it can simply be downloaded from an external source and run on nerd - perhaps in addition to having rotating minigames, having random map ordering on server startup? Being able to call a vote for map switch is useful, but it might also help to randomize the map ordering so the first map played is different? Generally I'm a bit wary of a PvP map along the lines of old S being run, even if it is a shorter duration (eg. 3 weeks to a month) - imo if any PvP kind of server/gameplay comes back, it should go through enough planning and scrutiny with confidence that it will retain players. For a short run with no expectations of recurring though, it might be worth it as a one-off though? There's also the moderation issue there though; this would require a lot of moderation effort based on history. If we are sticking with the current minigames for a while - how much effort would it take to randomize the map ordering on server startup? I'm wondering if that, plus running regular minigame nights, might help, or perhaps an organized tournament across multiple maps - though admittedly P players having to downgrade their client to reach the server might make it less easy to access for them.
  15. "Emily...we've been close friends for a while now right? There's something you should know about me. About where I'm from, and why I came here..."
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