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  1. 2018 Fundraiser Feedback

    It was a lot of fun restoring the town and running Jojamart out of it! I enjoyed the community oriented premise of this fundraiser - the restoration mechanic is fun and presents a clearer community-oriented objective to fulfill. The rewards (the ones I was aware of at least) felt like they were worth the effort - they gave a noticeable leg up in mob combat and made traversing the map easier to do. The map fit the theme while showing off some interesting terrain. The custom mobs gave a refreshing spin on mob combat (props on the Enderman work for mixing flushing-from-cover with attack power in particular) and the effort of coming up with combat strategies was reminiscent of the old days of trying to play Minecraft for the first time. The dungeons (at least the ones I visited and not including the one I had submitted) were varied in gameplay as well as presentation. I enjoyed the diversity of the dungeons and thought they were fun (though admittedly I got help in figuring some of them out). The main thing I didn't like is that the mobs closest to the town still hit pretty hard. While it was fun to deal with custom mobs with little equipment and have to resort to non-weapon countermeasures, I felt encounters with them were a bit on the punishing side for the easiest mobs (eg. dying in a few hits or fewer, baby zombies that run as fast as the player can sprint). Keeping inventory on death felt at times essential to not having a hard time - while it was a useful reward to obtain, it felt a bit like a crutch. Iron also felt difficult to acquire underground - not sure if I was just unlucky, but I've been having more luck on the current Chaos map finding iron ore than on the fundraiser map. I also felt that the fundraiser gameplay was a bit too big in scope for the few days that it was up, given the speed at which buildings were restored (I felt that with the energy during the event, more could have been accomplished with a few extra days) and the variety and number of dungeons available. Similar events could perhaps stand to run for longer, though as a fundraiser event, extending its duration past one weekend might be a harder case to make. If there is ever a need for an interim event when all the servers are down but the plugins are updated enough to run this, this kind of map might be a good one. Overall it was a great fundraiser premise, and I had fun with it. At least the general store wasn't closed on Wednesdays :D (I'm still fond of PvP and CTF, but given the community focused gameplay I think it makes sense that there was no PvP involved in this map.)
  2. Staff Inactivity Notices

    For the next five or so weeks, there is a very likely chance that I will be missing during the weekdays each week, and I am certainly going to be away for the weekdays next week. I expect to maintain a presence on discord and slack at least, but will definitely be missing from the game while I am out.
  3. Artwork Thread

  4. Event idea thread

    Thinking about my things to do and I take back what I said about building a game show studio this rev on P, I'm not sure I can comfortably host one this rev without running into difficulties in other things I want to do by then. Skraps hit a lot of good ideas though. Back in the day I was fond of fazaden's cross-server scavenger hunt as well as MCPublic Squares (the latter in particular was what got me into the game show type stuff on P in recent revs). It would be cool to see events like that again.
  5. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    @Silversunset01 - It's less having more long-term than arena events as it is more having some more long-term events that can be completed solo at a noticeably decent pace - similar to NITWITS or the Knights' Quests or the first batch of alien scavenger hunt clues from previous revs. (I realize I did not obtain the map showing approximate locations of the slime golems, so I don't have much to say on that this rev.) As for elytra - I would favor a dragon fight more like vanilla, though this rev's implementation is a decent enough difficulty as well (a fight to get unenchanted elytra should at least not be made harder than this). If a harder fight can be implemented separately for better rewards of some sort (maybe not necessarily better elytra), that would be great to play too I think. The randomness of the mining cost, as well as the arbitrariness of the delayed introduction, imo make them a bad choice for cost for an item considered a core part of the game, and I think they should be dropped for elytra - those kinds of costs are better levied on items that are purely cosmetic.
  6. Event idea thread

    Guess I should rebuild a game show studio this rev hmmmm
  7. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    The Overworld Map * I am not sure what the statistics are, but hitting diamond deposits that were usually at most four ore made it feel rare. Otherwise resources felt alright. * A big map like this one is fine (it's big enough that it dulls the usefulness of elytra imo), but a smaller map might be fun for a rev. Shorter distances between settlements might incentivize rail building. The Nether Map * It's an aesthetically interesting place with hidden points of interest underground, and it has treacherous terrain. I like it and wish I spent more time looking around. * The mobs are well designed - comparable in difficulty to the existing natural-spawn mobs, easy to identify from a distance, straightforward to run from when aggroed. They add more variety to the Nether's life and potentially different challenges to face (the berzerker in particular becomes a little scarier for shield users). It's also nice to have far more opportunities to collect skulls with the different wither skeleton variants. The only objection I have to them is philosophical - it feels silly that skulls (endgame-ish item) were made extremely easy to come across, juxtaposed next to elytra (endgame item) which was made significantly harder to obtain. The End * The dragon fight is not bad - I'm extremely appreciative of the fact that, while the dragon fight was made harder, it was not made impossible to solo. The fight is admittedly a bit annoying with so much health to knock down and distractions to keep down, but it is fun - incidentally, it has also become my go-to source of blaze rods... Portals * I have mixed feelings about portals being delayed over the course of the early rev. On one hand it makes for a fun event and prolongs some of that first-day excitement; on the other hand, portals going up late seem to miss the initial infrastructure/city location planning and there doesn't seem to be much going on around them. * The amount of portals for this size feels good - several that fast travel around the map is still fairly possible and (appears to) satisfy demand for building near them, but not enough that they are frequent occurrences. Custom Spawners * Custom spawners are nice to have on the map, and I think is one of the unique things about the server that, while we could strictly speaking go without any of them (besides perhaps shulkers), it has become part of the culture that I wouldn't want to see them vanish. The creeper spawner at least is probably the most well known one, and my guess is it will also be the most missed if it disappears. That said, I don't really mind custom spawners existing on the map - if I don't feel it is worth it to journey to one (eg. too far away, don't like the place, can get enough locally), I simply will not visit. Plus, it is nice to have the grinder option available even if I don't use it all the time. * I admittedly have not felt the missing spawns that came with players visiting spawners in the Nether, so I don't have much to comment on it. Custom Drops from Ores * It's a fun mechanic this rev and I enjoy that chance of getting rare drops, for no other reason than to hope to collect all the rare drops. It's been a strong motivation for me to mine more this rev. To be able to trade them in for amber that can be traded for other fun items is nice too - though I would argue that the items that can be purchased with amber should be cosmetic rather than useful (eg. I don't think elytra should be among those items). I don't have much to weigh in on how common or rare the drops should be - the current odds are okay. Elytra * I am admittedly not a huge fan of mining, and find EoF to be easier to obtain than amber fragments. That said, I would like to see elytra costs be both cheaper and more deterministic (more like what it was previously than what it was this rev). Fighting the dragon by itself was a good cost in that sense, since the cost to obtain the elytra is more consistent across all players and is (imo) also fun. Mining to get lucky enough to amass the required amber felt far more like grinding in comparison - I don't think something this sought after should be placed behind a (usually) fundamentally random cost. A delay in introduction like this rev isn't a lot of fun to sit through either - I don't believe the detriment to the community is great enough to justify that. (It can be argued that getting the ghast tears for the crystals itself is random, but I feel the random element in obtaining the essence of flight is much smaller compared to obtaining amber. To be fair, the event prizes provide enough amber as well - the meandering maze prize itself contains enough for unenchanted elytra - but I don't feel they should be relied on to obtain the needed amber.) * I don't mind elytra generating in the End personally, though this rev I appreciated the fact that they were removed - it would have been disconcerting to juxtapose the cost of reaching an End city with the current cost of elytra. The cheaper cost from previous revs was more comparable with getting to an End city. * From a personal standpoint I don't think the presence of elytra really changes my willingness to invest in other transportation methods. I would argue that cheap elytra doesn't change the rail or road situation much - in fact, from eyeballing the deadmap, I think this rev's rail network seems comparable to or less extensive than last rev's, despite the fact that elytra was cheaper previously. The issue to me doesn't appear to be elytra displacing rails, but rather fewer are willing to build them. * Personally, my willingness to invest in other non-elytra transportation infrastructure doesn't feel based on speed or ease of use alone - afk-friendliness, utility of the line, distance, time available to build, and motivation are some additional factors in that decision. Being in a remote area by itself made laying rail feel like a more prohibitive investment, even more so if the places I visit for resources are themselves distant. * The approach of drawing more attention to rail stations and incentivizing building of rails (eg. stations marked on live map as a /place, stations at spawn) was a good idea I thought. I can say from firsthand experience last rev that having that spawn rail station in the Nether (ie. a destination with instructions on how to connect to it) was a motivating factor in laying the rail. Admittedly I don't live near enough to spawn in the overworld to lay rail to it, but having that destination, especially knowing there is a space for a connection, helps make the effort feel worthwhile. Events * I appreciate the amber that is placed in the prize boxes given how sought after and how (sometimes?) rare they are otherwise. I'm not entirely sure about the extra-enchanted prizes being given out, but demand for them does not seem to be very high (at least from my experience holding a Fortune 4 pick). * The poetry contest was a nice switch and touches more on the extra-layer-of-community in contrast with other events that take place solely in the game (slime golems, maze), and I appreciated that change of pace. (I didn't expect to win though O.o) * I feel there should be some more events where the difficulty is toned down so a player can finish it solo without having to excessively brute force search (I think the maze would fall in the soloable category while the slime golems search would not - with no clues, finding golems in a 9kx9k map feels really tough even with a live map). Joining up with a group to finish an event makes for a lot of fun (eg. Alien scavenger hunt a few revs back), but being faced with a very large search area feels intimidating if working on it alone. * I'm looking forward to the aliens returning myself :O EDIT: Iron Grinders * I know I mentioned they felt really expensive early in the rev. They still do, but after obtaining two spawners, the entry level cost doesn't feel too high. I still don't feel the cost tracks very well with vanilla, but that is perhaps more of a philosophical objection than practical.
  8. Staff Inactivity Notices

    Reporting in.
  9. Staff Inactivity Notices

    Out April 28 to May 2. Expecting activity on nerd services during that time to be minimal to none.
  10. Fix the wiki.

    Good catch: the instructions are outdated and the bot is in fact out of commission. The page could certainly use some updating. (If you are interested, you are able to do this as well with an account on the wiki :O) Side note if you are looking for subreddit flair: I don't think repairs are planned ._. so your best bet is to modmail the subreddit (/r/mcpublic), and anyone with mod perms there can set your flair.
  11. Staff Inactivity Notices

    Regular visits to the servers have recommenced.
  12. Unity: The Spleef Diamond Cup - a story serial

    Bit late, but the last part, Part 3, is now queued for release on http://unityspleef.tumblr.com/ . The first segment will go out tonight at midnight (I think PST), and segments will be posted every other day at midnight PST(?) (see below) until February 24. Come see the end of the Diamond Cup tournament! Though things don't entirely go as planned... NOTE: I did move a few time zones to the west since I posted the last part, so new segments may go up a few hours later than usual.
  13. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    @Sir_Didymus The main confusion I had with the Nether was at first when looking for portals on foot (going to the right spot but finding out the portal was on the other layer). Once the infrastructure was built, that became less worrying since getting to portals became a matter of following the road or riding the rail. If it came down to picking one over the other, I would probably suggest something along the lines of vanilla. One thing I do like about the vanilla Nether that custom doesn’t offer much of is its terrain - it is inherently different from the mostly flat and predictable overworld terrain and in some sense acts as its foil. The custom Nethers seen so far largely mimic overworld terrain (flat), which I think makes the Nether feel a bit more like the overworld rather than a unique dimension. Along those lines, what might also be interesting to see is a custom nether that uses similar treacherous terrain but populates it with more structures and different vegetation, sort of like the current custom Nether. === A pre-built rail station at spawn would be great for travel from spawn - I confess the likelihood I will attempt to connect to it is not high unless I end up building near spawn (I don’t generally invest in laying many hundreds of blocks of rail even if there is a destination that will receive my connection), and its utility to me would be more for travel. That said, moving the rail station at spawn inside the spawn build itself might make it more visible (if it is not already?) Same for the Nether rail station, though as a portal maintainer I found that distance straightforward to lay rail to. === For iron grinders, probably something easier that lowers the barrier to getting a spawner, even if it is a Tier 1 spawner. In retrospect, it makes sense that the spawner costs are so high this rev since they start out at Tier 3 - but I feel that the cost alone is an overestimation of the amount of effort required in vanilla mechanics to build at least an automatic grinder. (This is not counting a simpler manual design of putting villagers near doors and manually dropping lava on the golems that appear.) I like the idea of high-tier iron grinders being obtainable (feasibly) only by a few parties or settlements - it allows them to specialize in one part of the game and be known in the community as iron suppliers for the map, encouraging players to visit certain areas for faster iron acquisition. In that sense, I do like that the cost is not cheap - but I don’t feel that it should be too high that it takes too much effort to obtain alone. (The randomness is not something I really favor either, but making distribution of golem souls completely deterministic probably runs afoul of its own potential problems, eg. it is too easy to farm. Perhaps tweaking the probability at which it drops to reduce the spread of number of ores before one appears? I haven’t thought too much about the probability mechanics at this point.) That being said, I’ve only gotten one golem soul this rev and I hardly consider it surplus - so I don’t have much to offer on alternate uses. Similar drops would be fun to see, but I don’t have much to offer about similar uses there either for similar reasons.
  14. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    (note that I’ve been absent from the map for about a month, and I've removed questions that I did not provide an answer to) Expectations I do kind of like it. The rev length is far in the future that knowing the rev ends in six months is not as dissuading as I had thought, and it does give a better sense of time in terms of when to expect the end of the map. (As a former Padmin, this was the kind of thing I had worried about as something that would discourage players from logging in, but I’m happy to see the fear appears so far to be overly exaggerated.) Map Size Living close to a portal evidently makes the 9kx9k map feel small. There isn’t a place I couldn’t reach by using the portal network, perhaps taking rails, and then flying the rest of the way. My viewpoint here is probably going to be biased. It would be interesting to see the effect of a smaller map size - I do not have a strong preference either way (my building footprint isn’t large enough that I expand into contact with others often), but certainly the distance to bridge by rail would decrease if settlements and points of interest were all closer together. Nether I enjoyed the dichotomy that the two-layer Nether presented, though I am not sure if I spent a lot of time in both: most of the time if I’m not on the rails, I’ve been in the upper Nether more than the lower. 2b. I like the Nether spawn rail station. As a portal maintainer, it is a much closer target to lay rail to; as a traveler it really helps to have the station there (though mostly because it is effectively a rail hub now, which makes portal-to-portal travel more or less straightforward). End 2. Could a harder fight be added as an additional possibility rather than an overwrite of the existing End dragon fight? Though a non-vanilla dragon fight sounds like fun, I am not sure the need for it in place of the vanilla fight is great, given that I feel some players still regard the vanilla dragon as too difficult to fight. Mapworld It is useful to me to have mapworld plots retained. Building new mapworld plots felt a bit time-consuming to do, so having plots whose images I want to reuse this rev (or didn’t realize I wanted to until later) are already complete has been really helpful. WorldEdit to me is most useful for quickly changing the background color of a plot. For simpler map art, I think that ability would be useful. (It would naturally be less useful for very detailed pixel art, where use of WorldEdit would probably not be so advantageous.) Spawn 1a. I am moderately surprised that the portal is the source of lag, but if the goal is to move it away, I would also suggest bringing the rail station with it: a highly convenient arrangement in the past was having the spawn portal and rail station next to each other. 4. The distance between my camp and the spawn rail station was prohibitive enough that I didn’t consider laying rail to it (part of this is because I live near a portal and it feels like a faster route to spawn). That being said, in the absence of portals or to avoid traveling out of my way to reach one, it is convenient, though sometimes I forget it is there because it is located east of spawn (could it be moved into the spawn build itself?). Otherwise, I’m impressed with how many connections the station is able to accommodate as well as that it presents a solution to the issues we (again as an ex-Padmin) had of having a rail station at spawn. Features Iron Golem Spawners 1a. Maybe this is just me and being a lazy miner, but as an individual, it felt like an unreasonable time sink to obtain enough golem souls for a grinder (I believe my stats were 1 golem soul from 400 iron mined so far - too few for a spawner, let alone a surplus to use elsewhere). The obvious remedy of course is to keep mining, but given the rarity of golem souls, I projected that I would be spending too much time mining for iron for golem souls for a grinder - it feels like too much of a grind that the ability to make a grinder for myself is effectively out of my reach. (I respect the idea that it should take significant effort to set up a grinder, not everyone who wants a grinder should be able to get one, etc., but it feels a bit disconcerting to come up against a steep wall like this compared to last rev.) Otherwise, the possibility of a soul dropping does make mining for iron more fun and less mundane than previously. Additional Thoughts: One thing that I find odd is that, while there is a push for more rails to be laid and used as an alternative to elytra, there is simultaneously a push to make (AFK) iron harder to obtain. I don’t think the two goals mix very well: if iron takes too much effort to obtain in quantities needed for a well-connected rail network, I would think that would translate into less rail laid; if rail laying is encouraged, it makes sense that iron for rails should be made readily available. The (admittedly somewhat elegant) solution this rev seems to be alts sitting at iron grinders, which I am grateful for (along with Djentle gifting a lot of iron for my own rail laying) - but in their absence, I am hard-pressed to see how both goals could be achieved at the same time, barring the presence of players who enjoy devoting their time completely to mining or laying rails. Custom Spawners 4. I’m not in favor, mostly because I am moderately wary about the turn this will take (similar to how iron golems have been treated since they were made spawner-only mobs), though I haven’t thought about this too deeply myself. Spawners would make spawning deterministic, which would indeed solve the issue of grinder outputs being at the mercy of mob distribution around the map. But I’m more worried about whether the mechanics brought in to replace it will in fact truly approximate vanilla difficulty. On top of that, I’m not entirely impressed with the rationale with which these concerns have arisen. Plugins TrainCarts It is a great plugin - not only in terms of the speed boost (and one that seems robust to a high frequency of twists and turns and dips), but railing with other players as a train makes group travel more entertaining. My experience has been a little rough around the edges - there was one arrangement of carts where I felt like I was going too slowly (maybe chest cart attached to empty cart on powered rails? I think when I added a furnace cart, the train sped up to the usual high speed), and I’ve noticed some of my rails changing orientation sometimes unintentionally, but it has been a good plugin otherwise. Yes.
  15. Staff Inactivity Notices

    Likely going to be off the servers from around December 14 onwards; I'm moving and I am not sure when I will have sufficient internet to come back, other than it will be within a month and a half (if I'm lucky I'll be back on the servers within days). I will still have access to Discord and Slack in the meantime. EDIT: It's looking like I'll be back on the servers in early February.