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  1. hello I was banned like 2/3 months ago for one month now my ban is lifted may I PLEASE be unbanned
  2. fine just saying false banning players and not even letting them prove that they did not "cheat/break rules" and then not even get unbanned you said in DM's that it was a week ban so only after a week you said that I need to appeal I said I wanted to keep this private and it did not even seem like you read all the messages I sent you, I just want to play.
  3. Thanks for the false ban I waited the 1 week I was ment to be unbanned four days ago this is very annoying IGN: NameChqnge
  4. Also how long will this take to be reviewed and denied or accepted?
  5. Hello my name is NameChqnge ( also in-game name ) I am pretty sure the reason I was banned from nerd.nu (pve) was because I used XRAY I admit to this and it was VERY wrong to do so. I will not add anymore just what came to mind first Good day.
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