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  1. See paragraph three of the note removal policy: As you are currently under a ban for the same behavior as recorded in the note, no demonstration of changed behavior has yet been made. The note stands.
  2. Hello Citlalin, Thank you for your apology, and for confirming you've read the rules and agreed to follow them. I've unbanned you. Welcome back to Nerd.nu! Your Favorite Power-Tripping Asshole Mod, Sassy
  3. Hello Citlalin, You were initially muted for persistent discussion of graphic violence in general chat, despite staff attempts to encourage a topic change. A record of the relevant chat messages is below. Before staff could finish typing out a message explaining the temporary mute, you began using modreqs to hurl abuse at staff. You were warned that this was a misuse of modreqs and that further modreqs would result in a three-day ban. The third modreq resulted in the ban, as warned. Your ban will last three days, and be lifted on February 8th, 2022.
  4. You were banned for the cumulative effect of the following events Making a large fuss out of a natural spawn, drawing attention and celebrating the NSFW aspect of it Continuing to do so after being asked by staff to stop Messaging players on Discord and In-Game repeatedly about the matter both before and after staff asked you to stop Reconstructing the offensive build after it had been removed Insulting staff and questioning their decisions about the matter To itemize, you were banned for Harassment Trolling Disruptive arguments Offensive builds You were first kicked, and then banned as more details about the ongoing behavior came to staff's attention. This is additionally not the first time you've been spoken to about being a disruptive presence in the community by trolling. If you intend to be a productive member of our community, you will be able to re-appeal your banning in a month.
  5. -Plot Number : 0019 -Plot Owner: Assasymphoni -Group Island -Rose -Category: Prettiest
  6. The Spawn Building While I loved the design and theming and ‘activities’ of spawn, I think people did struggle with the exits. Not because they were particularly obscure to find, just less blatant than in previous revs. There were also the numerous new log ins who, after panicking over spawning in under water and fearing drowning, struggled to find their way out of the ship. That may have just been the newness of the underwater mechanics, though. I would really like to see the idea of spawn secrets kept in next rev – maybe even with a semi-function, semi-junk prize for finding them all. A mid tier enchanted sword, perhaps, with a punny name. I nominate ‘Nerd Killer’. On the subject of ‘Spawn Melons’ – while I understand the concern for using spawn melons as trade-system breaking in future versions, they’ve had that potential for ages now. I think it’s well known to break the spirit of P, and part of our community is trusting and respecting others to foster that spirit. No need to manually enforce it. I don’t think they should be gotten rid of entirely – especially not when we have such rich and large spawns as we do this rev where people getting excited and exploring the area could die from starvation. There’s enough challenge and risk in getting tools and armor for that sense of reward, especially at starts of revs, without adding the risk that people will spread out, get far away from spawn, and then lose all their progress of trying to find a place to settle simply because they couldn’t find a damn pig to punch to death. Plus, it’s just a time honored Nerd Tradition. The Overworld  I’ll be honest, I’m an idiot when it comes to the really noticing the biomes. I didn’t miss the custom spooky vine trees with skellie spawners in them, that’s for sure though. The custom biomes are always nice flavor, but I know I sometimes feel bad destroying the custom biomes for my own build. I get grief-guilt, even knowing it isn’t grief! The custom biomes are amazing and beautiful, but Nerdians are fully capable of transforming biomes themselves in Survival, so they sometimes feel unnecessary. For me I think it ultimately comes down to considering the time of the people putting together the map, and how they’d feel to have towns/people/robots come along and bulldoze down one of their beautiful mountains or build an ocean where a plains was. The Nether Opposite of custom biomes in the overworld, I like the custom Nether biomes. They really give more depth and new things to explore in the otherwise frequent sameness of the redhell realm. There were some early problems with native Nether spawns being affected, but that was adjusted with the introduction of more custom mobs. I liked the custom mobs; not much else to say there. Still haven’t gotten a super punch bow, though. Glowstone and Quartz were also impacted by the custom biomes, which seemed almost completely devoid of the resources most of the time, but I felt that was largely offset by things like the glowstone trees. The End The end was a BIG change, and overall I liked the effect. Again, took some tweaking to get the mob spawning right. Still disappointed Rose couldn’t make end dolphins, but that’s probably a base game issue. May be the outlying opinion here, but I liked having the super abundance of ores in the End. Let’s be honest, diamonds, emeralds, and lapis are all already made cheap by a half decent villager trader – and with all of villager trading in peril with upcoming updates (even if next rev isn’t likely to update), having those resources available in the end is nice. (Plus, if you try to take away the lapis, you know Ice is going to come for you). Gold is by and large cheap and useless as well – only value is in feeding horses and those outlying people who eat nothing but gold carrots. Further, in defense of it this rev, All The Things would have been 100x more hellish without it, so I cannot be upset with it. Free-roaming shulkers were a new and horrifying addition. I enjoyed it. It didn’t make obtaining shulker shells particularly more difficult but did require a bit more effort and challenge. The dragon fight is amazon. I’ve been terrified of previous dragon fight changes being too difficult, and there was some concern about that leading up to this one. Once it arrived though – bermuda has made a masterpiece. Is it harder? Only in the sense that it forces the fight to be longer, and rewards planning and caution. It is a refreshingly fleshed out take on the fight. The leaderboards are a nice bit of inconsequential fluff. Everyone loves killing a dragon 120%! And who doesn’t love being able to murder some demon-pixie admins every once in a while? Elytra  My only comment about Elytra this rev was noting that the wait for it was long. For totally understandable technical reasons, of course, but I don’t think it needs to be that long going forward. Also, to be argumentative, I didn’t see any significant increase in travel infrastructure built at the start of this rev over previous ones, in the absence of the elytra, despite previous arguments using that as reasoning to hold it back or get rid of it. Mapworld No additions or comments. Just keep rolling it over! I don’t want to have to remake my tv ever. Portals I like having the portals all available day 1 and having 8 portals. This really worked this rev. One note: people always seemed to struggle at first to find the spawn portal? Maybe just needed more signs. I don’t know, it was a giant glowy purple thing at the top of the hill. Sometimes people are blind. Or don’t look up.  Iron Golem Spawners Cost of spawners seemed perfectly fair to me (even if it felt a bit tight with those All the Things requirements, oof). The individual upgrades were helpful to a sense of progress on the grinders; more frequent ‘rewards’, made upgrades feel more attainable. Regarding 1.14, I again assume next rev won’t be an update to it, considering all the problems faced with the major changes in 1.13 and the plug ins affected, so it’s not a huge rush, but I’d image it would be reasonable to keep this same system with the changes in iron golem spawning. If we want to stay closer to vanilla ‘rates of iron acquisition’, that would be something to discuss. Maybe less effective upgrades? Custom Spawners Custom spawners were A+ -- except the Enderman spawners. They just weren’t very efficient, and really woeful compared to past Enderman grinders. I know E-grinders are not the best exp systems anymore, but I’m nostalgic for a good Enderman grinder. And all the pearls. Also, witch spawners are ultimately pretty useless, but they’re fun! And the theming opportunities!~   Custom Drops from Ore, Mobs, Loot chests and Sugarcane I love the custom drop system, and the modifications this rev. I feel like the rates were wonderful, with a small caveat I almost don’t want to mention: the Rum bottles from the custom Wither Skellies may have been too frequent a drop. I’m still waiting to see what, if any, new trades and traders we get this rev. Having them be decorations and non-functional prizes feels balanced. My suggestion for new custom when we do upgrade to 1.14, regardless of other theme of the rev, is infrequent ‘CujoCrack’ from bamboo. Or something nodding to our favourite Pandamin, in light of Pandas and Bamboo being added to the game. Custom Saddles They’re enjoyable. Keep them. I still want a bat, please. Mix of prizes and trades is good. Events All the events were fun. Next year perhaps before Easter there could be an egg designing competition, or just an open call for egg designs. Let players get involved! As much (grinding, soul dampening, heartbreaking) fun as All The Things was, I don’t think it should happen every rev, or even every other rev. It is a HUGE thing to accomplish and having it too frequently would remove the specialness of it. Unlocking spawn trades with collections, if it is going to happen that way, I’d like to be on a more regular schedule, as something to look forward to and work towards. Having higher level enchants I always feel has to be carefully considered to not be really game breaking or really too difficult to acquire. Nerd has managed to do it right thus far. End of Rev I vote for server tour for end of rev. Freeze the map, let people explore it, and really see everything everyone has built. I know we can do that once it is archived and the world download made available, but that can take a decent while into the next rev, at which point everyone has moved on.
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