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  1. Ok, my ban reason was harassment, and this is the context (which definetly matters in this story): I tried to get a bedrock penis protected, one of the bedrock pieces there got destroyed, and what resulted was an half an hour long trolling session. And apparently, that was ok. i then went to my stash, back to the bedrock penis and replaced the destroyed bedrock with Obsidian. i got kicked. i typed " fuck you temp" on a sign, i got kicked. i typed " i know youre in modmode right now, and i got BANNED for HARASSMENT. Both of the actions, with the obsidian and the sign were absolutely childish, but if i got kicked for these, how did i get banned for saying "youre in modmode", well maybe i got banned because my saying "youre in modmode was the final straw, but i dont see how thats harassment, i dont see myself getting kicked for a message like that, you can use /list to see whos in modmode, so i dont really see how saying youre in modmode is punishable. so, please explain to me how saying "youre in modmode" is harassment or unban me, thanks!
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