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  1. Hi, as your ban was a self req ban i have unbanned you!
  2. Hello, You were banned due to griefing other player's builds, as for the "no constructive edits" that means you did not build any substantial builds, please read the rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/ and msg back here when you have read and understood them.
  3. Hello, i suggest reading Community Rules - Nerd.nu Gaming Community , as for your ban you are unbanned
  4. perhaps a /pvp command on p and c that warped you to a arena in a multiverse for combat would work
  5. only thing i can think of is possible less item frames in spawn for those with older pcs, the framerate dies with 100+ item frames
  6. moving around oct 31 to nov 1st, might be away then
  7. end was super op with diamonds imo, also missed being able to make base under end island. ore gen eitherwise was good i think
  8. map: suggest more ocean if new ocean update drops same time, spawn: underwater spawn if we update to 1.13
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