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  1. Hello, and thanks for taking the time to appeal. From what I can recall based on the notes I took, this ban was from a series of minor griefs that just went on for too long. It's been over three years which is more than enough time, so I'll be willing to unban the account now. Please take some time to re-read the rules before rejoining. Welcome back =)
  2. Looks like you couldn't think of anything that could beat Mr. Roboto. Does this mean I win?
  3. Joy
  4. I need an ELI5 version. With the way the website explains it, I find it boring and difficult to comprehend and I almost completely forget what I've read 30 seconds after I look away from the text.
  5. I wasn't sure what to put here, so have a generic picture that beats everything:
  6. (red) cross
  7. This is what I got. I'm not entirely sure what it means though as I don't get into politics much.