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  1. Difficulties Logging In

    It seems I can log on reliably when I close Chrome. This is annoying, but it will have to do for now. Edit: I've narrowed the solution from closing all of Chrome to just closing the tab I'm using to run a specific, highly-addictive browser game. Still, there are other servers out there I can connect to without closing said game, so there must exist a server side reason for this.
  2. Difficulties Logging In

    Since the start of the new revision on C, I've been having major trouble attempting to log in. Every now and then, I'm successful, but most of the time, all I get is a brief glimpse of the server that lasts maybe a second, and then I get sent to the lobby. Sometimes I make it to the lobby, but usually I just get disconnected. If it helps, I recorded a video showing what I see: I also have similar problems with P, but I seem to be just fine on other completely different servers. Also, I know of at least one other player who was experiencing the same issue, so it's not just me. I've brought it up on Slack, but no one there was entirely sure what was going on or how to fix it.
  3. [Forum Game] Google image war!

    Did somebody mention the wild?
  4. Welcome, Mewcifer! Our new Creative Admin!

    They say better late than never, so congratulations Mew!
  5. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    8. I think it would be cool if mobs could be incorporated into builds more. The current limit of 6 really limits what you can do in this regard. To stop people from spamming mobs everywhere, I think we should keep the default limit, but allow more mobs to be spawned in by admins if people modreq for them. 10. For one thing, please sometimes do speedbuilds on a different day. I can almost never participate due to my IRL work schedule. Also, I would love to see a return of spleef. 12. I myself am not a city builder, so I'm not really sure how valid my opinion is on this. It sounds like a cool idea though. Maybe if you do what P does where they don't upload the carto for the first week so that players have to go out and find these landmarks themselves so they don't all get claimed within 5 minutes. 15. I find the first option to be oddly specific. Is this a reference to something?
  6. [Forum Game] Google image war!

    The image you posted doesn't show up in google chrome. Edit: Weird, it shows up now. I guess my computer just sucks or something.
  7. [Forum Game] Google image war!

    My picture of nothing is larger than your picture of nothing : P