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  1. Hi Dorky. Is there any story behind the 4 in your username?
  2. The thread seems to have gotten stuck with the previous image, so have this one instead.
  3. Venezuela (If you're not familiar with it, the game Mercenaries 2 takes place there)
  4. Because of Black Friday, I'm having to work extra this week so I probably won't be on much if it all.
  5. There seems to be a new issue which just started happening yesterday. I can log in, but chat doesn't show up. If I try to chat, other people can see what I say, but I can't see what they say unless I view the server from the live map. After about 20 seconds or so, live map says I've left the game. About 10-15 seconds after that, I actually leave the game and get sent to the lobby. In the lobby, I get the same issues, but I don't lose connection. After about 30 seconds or so, everything catches up and starts playing normally. Problem is that I'm in the lobby and you can't do very much in the lobby. If I try to switch back, the same thing happens and it sends me back to the lobby again. I was last able to log on at about 5:00am last night, so if anything was different then from how it is now, that's probably where the problem is.
  6. It seems I can log on reliably when I close Chrome. This is annoying, but it will have to do for now. Edit: I've narrowed the solution from closing all of Chrome to just closing the tab I'm using to run a specific, highly-addictive browser game. Still, there are other servers out there I can connect to without closing said game, so there must exist a server side reason for this.
  7. Since the start of the new revision on C, I've been having major trouble attempting to log in. Every now and then, I'm successful, but most of the time, all I get is a brief glimpse of the server that lasts maybe a second, and then I get sent to the lobby. Sometimes I make it to the lobby, but usually I just get disconnected. If it helps, I recorded a video showing what I see: I also have similar problems with P, but I seem to be just fine on other completely different servers. Also, I know of at least one other player who was experiencing the same issue, so it's not just me. I've brought it up on Slack, but no one there was entirely sure what was going on or how to fix it.
  8. Did somebody mention the wild?
  9. They say better late than never, so congratulations Mew!
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