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  1. The other thread is vauge and unreadable.
  2. Yeah, but I think we can manage to pull it off now.
  3. Please, briefly mention this suggestion: https://nerd.nu/forums/index.php?/topic/2629-new-server-war-a-mixture-of-s-and-p/
  4. The American one is Football. So you're wrong.
  5. Haha, this will defeat you! Oh wait...
  6. Meh, time to upgrade anyway.
  7. The moderator killed you, the moderator should reimburse you.
  8. Here's a hypothetical situation: Mansion_builder is building a large(30x40) mansion in an area he marked off with signs. He is only finished with half of it: The dashed lines are the plans for the mansions, the brown lines are the already-constructed house, and the red line is the area marked-off and claimed with signs. The area claimed with signs is relatively un-terraformed. Mansion_builder logs off, to re-begin work tomorrow. Then, House_noob logs on, and builds a stonebrick house in the middle of the reserved plot: The grey square is House_noob's smaller build. When Mansion_builder logs back on, he is surprised to see House_noob's build in the middle of his home plot. He complains via modreq, and asks for House_noob's build to be removed. This brings up a few questions: What is the moderator's's verdict? If House_noob is stubborn and decides to keep his house, will it stay? Do larger builds have higher priority? Do sign claims have any value under the rules? Please answer and discuss below. EDIT: This is for PvE
  9. I think if it had a modreq system similar to SafeBuckets, TNT would be a good addition to PvE.
  10. Ok, so here's a new game: GOOGLE IMAGE WAR Google image war is played by posting an image which can 'beat' the previous poster's image, in combat or otherwise. For example, poster 1 can post a picture of a handgun and poster 2 can post an image of a bullet proof vest. The, poster 3 can post a flamethrower, which beats poster 2's image. It does not necessarily have to beat poster 1's image, as long as it can trump the previous poster. So load up Google Images and get started! I'll start:
  11. Her'e a picture of my little aspiring DJ:
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