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  1. I'm making a bagpipe album. Full of a bunch of shit that I know. Check back here soon because holy shit it's gonna be awesome. I have a new set of bagpipes that are vastly superior to my originals. Whenever I practice solo I plan on coming on mumble too. More info on that forthcoming.
  2. The only rule related to this should be "Don't cut down unnatural looking trees if they have a 'please do not cut down' sign on them". Otherwise people could claim anything is a custom tree except for the blocky ones that no one here likes for some reason. You don't have to protect them with world guard or whatever, just have to see that something that the tree is important to someone.
  3. I won't be there, but I really hope new player retention is brought up. It's obviously an issue - the new players are dropping faster than in past revs - so something is definitely up. I can't say if the long rules are the problem, but I remember when I tried to get my brother to play on the server with me, he joined, took a look at all the signs, said "too many rules" and left. This was back in rev12, so the rules are a bit simpler now from then, but I feel like we can make it more concise. I am aware that moderators are afraid of rule lawyering by the banned players, but if you take a look at the most recent bans, most of them are pretty black and white and the mods often screenshot proof.
  4. The drop inventory on log off thing seems a little extreme... I feel like shelling out an extra $26, or however much minecraft is these days, is a fair trade for getting to hold a few extra valuables if ender chests were to be disabled
  5. Do piston translocation elevators work? There are some videos of them on YouTube and they are relatively simple to build in exchange for being a bit more resource intensive, and they don't get a player up to very high speeds.
  6. I suggested this In a thread about a year ago and honestly it's a nice decorative block if not fully allowed on P. i don't know how we would be able to protect the causing destruction outside of the region thing, maybe have a mod "approve" the lighting of the tnt or something I don't know
  7. I play competitive smash bros, mostly melee and smash for Wii u. It's offline mostly right? :D I also play bagpipes as most of you know and have been spending more time with my gf lately
  8. The zodiac portals were kind of a cool idea but I don't feel like even P is active enough anymore to support 16 portals going on at the same time. Maybe like 4 normals and 4 using some other astrology sign or something? Lol
  9. back again and about time too. I've always thought the X-ray ban was way over the top, like I understand it's a serious offense and all that but why roll back all their edits? Like they have logs of every block they've mined, and the stuff they built before they xrayed shouldn't be rolled back because they didn't cheat to get it. I know next to nothing about mod permissions so I don't know if a rollback of this magnitude is even possible, but people should only be punished for the stuff they do after they X-ray, not before. It's not fair to every other member of such and such town if "le_meme_man_xx" decides to X-ray and other peoples builds are affected because he helped them out before he cheated.
  10. I have it, I haven't played since the August update though. What was added? I'm curious but have been playing tons of competitive smash lately
  11. I wholeheartedly agree, but change is necessary. The fact that a whole shit fest occurred because of some stupid house the admins don't want to remove is ridiculous. We're not 5 anymore, and I'm almost positive Mr stone isn't coming back. I had been in (somewhat) frequent contact through mumble, and he just kinda disappeared one day. Long story short, if we want to keep people here for longer, the dumb land policy is a good place to start. As previously mentioned, reasonably sized land claims should be allowed to be protected, and honestly the whole "protect builds not land" is stupid. I've seen some dumb shit get protected here and other much nicer things "didn't qualify as a build worthy of protection". Pre planned builds are awesome; who just builds shit on the fly without an estimate of how much land they need? inb4 thread locked, too toxic, "admin discussion" needed, two months go by and nothing happens
  12. Wow, what a buttery post. I feel for you man, I had the same problem with removing a house a few revs ago. It literally had nothing in it, made entirely out of (heh) birch logs, and the reason I couldn't have it removed was because "it had two floors and was mostly complete" this was indecember 2013. Enter February 2014 and nothing has changed, player hasn't returned. I make another modreq and again am denied. It has been over three months now, since the build was "finished" in November 2013 but apparently not having a player on for all that time warrants a quality birch mansion staying right in the middle of my planned digging area. The player in question was going to help me one night, and said "I'll be back soon" and I had hoped he wouldn't leave forever. Long story short, that happened. I really think the build removal process on this server is assinine and stupid, and Silversunset01 states "what kind of build should we be removing?" How about this If the build serves no purpose to anyone other than its initial creator, (the end farm that Silversunset01 mentions is a horrible example, this rev it was built by Trooprm32 who is on regularly) gets in the way of other people's builds, and at least a month has passed since the player has been online, why shouldn't it be removed? It only inconveniences the player who is trying to make use of the wasted land. take this with a grain of salt, if you will.
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