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  1. Well when we started the servers the stated purpose was transparency. You can't be both transparent and hold server business in secret. Remember the admins and mods do not own the servers they are only running it trust for the players. Even if it is better in some cases it is against the fundamental philosophy we started with. This is related to why I would prefer mumble to discord. Further the ban appeals should basically only be a request and a yes or no. If you are finding that you need to type out long explanations to players don't bother. This was never supposed to be ammunition for drama just an acknowledgement of the rules and reintegration. We did historically have issues with people being unfair in appeals. I really honestly can't pull out specifics from server drama from up to 7 years ago so please just believe me. In terms of the legacy data I don't see a problem with it being public in perpetuity. I have found it quite easy over 7 years to never be banned despite getting into a literal flamewar with you in particular once. So that is really on them.
  2. The people who are making fun of the ban appeals and shaming others are braking the prime directive of "don't be a dick" The appeals should stay public. The last thing nerd.nu needs are secret tribunals.
  3. I am not surprised to see Tobylane first with a really specific use case scenario.,
  4. http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Staff Is this even up to date? Look I like Cyotie911 as a person and his pet alligator but like does he sign into the server? Maybe people can't get a good response around here because the people who are in charge are no-shows I really want an answer as to why Zomise isn't an Admin? It isn't a promotion or anything like that, this person is always online, posting to the subreddit, running breeding programs, what are you waiting for? Cyotie911 and MrLoud who I have never met in all these years to give her some kind of anointment? Get real this is a game of blocks let people help you and the community fully. Why is it Four_Down and RoastNewt can pop up Minecraft servers that are profitable with player bases when we are happy if there are 30 people playing on one server? Why didn't anyone reach out and combine with "Junction" or whatever that was a few years ago? How come in all this time you guys never came out with any swag, t-shirts, mugs or anything to get some money together and make people excited about this? The only physical memorial I have of this I have is the Team AVO shirts that we got as jokes when I was an admin.
  5. So from Sapphiric's comments it seems like you guys are totally cool with this. I guess I will just play single player. Tobylane ugh god damn it. I know you aren't actually interested because among the many criticisms is having people who don't play involved. When was the last time you logged in? However The plan is simple. No duplication of head and server admins. Have more overall plain old admins. Trust them to do the right thing, don't make people feel like they are walking on eggshells, that just delays response. If everyone is short on time its ok to have 10 or 15 admins. Just write down what it is you are doing. Remove all the red tape. Get rid of duplicate services and have all discussion in the forums. Move IRC out of Gamesurge. It is dead. Have even more mods in total. Promote people quickly with in days/weeks of playing so they actually want to help. Ditch the custom plug ins and gameplay modes you can't support in a reasonable timeframe. Nerd.nu was always supposed to be on the latest version. We should be running snapshots so newer players will come.
  6. Look man, I am sorry to her specifically it wasn't her fault that this has gone so sour. I am not a nice person and when I ask someone to leave me alone and forget something its generally best policy to do so. She bore the brunt of 30 minutes of wasted time and extreme disappointment. So yeah Zomise I am sorry however, I'm not sorry for my threads and they aren't actually directed at her Guys, when we designed the admin and mod system the community was much bigger. The players are gone but the bureaucracy remains. You say everyone is lovely but that isn't the experience of players on the server. The trolling in the chat goes unchecked often and actual discussion (you know the kind of stuff that builds community) is censored for being "political" or "take it to clan chat"... That is not how you build a community server. I'm constantly being treated by your mods this way for no reason, so yeah after wasting time and already solving my problems sometimes people aren't amenable to being asked questions. The situation was really really clear if someone dug that hole to role it back or otherwise tell me there is nothing you can do. That is a better way to handle things. Everyone here so so worried to rock the boat no one sees that it is sinking. Barney's thread about "we lost" was over a YEAR ago and nothing was addressed. I'm not sitting here waxing romantic about the past, I actually until last week played here, donated, followed the rules, helped out new players when I could so yeah I'm upset when no one can help and all discussion goes into a black hole. I didn't find out about the Go server until it was already dead. Survival is gone. What is really good? It is funny Barney replied to my last thread, the funny thing is I have always agreed with him but not his methods. I haven't opened up a subreddit to call you guys out nor am I signing into systems with passwords that should have been changed. I just want to see you guys actually do something, ANYTHING to change the course you are on. -Ditch the server/head admin thing, have more just plain admins. Why isn't zomise an admin for example? Are you going to wait for another person who helps out to burn out before promoting them? -Understand people disappear, remove them -Make the modding more automatic -Don't promise what you can't deliver I mean I've seen so many meetings and threads that go no where. This is another one. Yes I have emotions, sorry. My time is extremely limited and I'm dedicating it to this, obviously I care but frankly after 6 years it looks hopeless until some of the admins here change the rules whole sale.
  7. Thanks for your shitty response. Your fake nicety is tiresome. Good bye
  8. Also where the fuck are the head admins. Kick out people who don't play. Edit I would like to have a conversation but looking at the last thread you guys lack the capacity. I am happy to discuss too if we can actually come to a conclusion that will be acted on. Otherwise you can add this to the last thread of lock this if you want. This is my peace and I wanted a place to be able to say it. Thanks.
  9. It is locked so you guys get a new post: I was mad because I wasted about 25 minutes digging out my horse after being greifed only to get a late response and incredibly inane questioning about breaking a wood halfslab on the road. This was the day before my vacation and a time I was looking forwards to playing only to waste it digging up. If you actually look at the chat when I figured out Zomise wasn't going to help I told her to forget it and close the req, she refused that and bothered me when I was already mad until I told her to fuck off. That is the part I really meant by you guys suck at modding. Look fine, you have no capacity to tp out horses but why not. You say you can't spend all day tping horses? Do you guys not have any discretion? I have a large build on the server and am generally cooperative and I lost 30 minutes of time because I was greifed how is this good modding? Why is it we had one community meeting in months and it was dominated by user issues of people being upset about how you guys mod and about the rule regime you guys have set up? The exact example here is why the fuck not to protect under a city like Rose, there is literally no downside. Even making people consider putting fences underground is absolutely inane. When we started this server the ENTIRE POINT WAS FOR THERE TO BE NO BULLSHIT AllnaturalX in particular hated being jailed when you start to read rules no one cares about for a tp or whatever, yet here we are a few years later, using my donations in his name with a spawn where you are jailed until you find the inane trick to get out. That sucks. The rules are supposed to be really simple "Don't be a dick head" why is there this sprawling constitution? If you don't like rule lawyering fucking ignore those people but when players who have dedicated a LOT of time and a LOT of money to this institution only to waste 30 minutes digging out a horse you cause me to lose confidence. I will never give you guys another cent until this is fixed. Sure I am not one of the largest donors you have but I mean I spent about a thousand dollars over 4 years and I have a locked thread and a dick response from Zomise to show for it. Thanks You guys have so many mods and no one around to help, there is a large amount of red tape involved which is rediculous. Fine you have no plans on changing that. I'm so sorry to see this end like this.
  10. Someone lured my horse from wandering around into a cave then dug all the way down a 2x2 pit then pillared up to the surface. I found my horse with hgps. It took my 20 minutes to dig this thing out. The tunnel when I got to it was sealed and I don't remember where the exact blocks were. A horse TP would have saved my mornings worth of Minecraft time. The level of density exhibited in my interaction with the mod was unbelievable. After I realized they had no intention of helping I asked them to forget it. They then pestered me with questions and reminding me to fix a 1 block break I did on a road when I was digging out of the pit. I was in the middle of digging my horse out. These were closed with a "No way to tell if malicious" OK thanks for nothing. You could have just ended that entire action with a "nothing I can do" instead of pestering me several times about a 1 block break on the surface while I was annoyed. This is just one interaction, almost every time something happens that isn't related to a robotic worldguard task you guys suck at it, completely unwilling to help and make the game better for people while relying on the rules of non interference with obvious trolls and disruptions. Seriously this happens pretty often. And what the hell was with that meeting. What is the point of bring up your tiny nuances to room for 45 people about fences underground. Who cares. Why are you guys so strict? Why did we have to refrain from taking about an exact incident. That whole conversation gave me PTSD from being an admin here. Anyway I'm done for now I guess I got Minecraft out of my system again for a while but seriously no wonder Survival closed forever, you guys have to shake this up a bit or close the doors. Edit: Preemptive I don't care about what Tobylane thinks about this.
  11. Fag gets the ban. And you were let go the first time you used it and not banned. You really need to avoid that on the server. Unbanned.
  12. You know full well how we enforce the no sexism, racism or homophobia rule. Don't pretend like you didn't know you can't say "fag" on the server in ANY context. I don't want to hear it, it isn't up for debate and despite what you think and feel I know for a fact that this language makes some members of the community uncomfortable. One of the main reasons some of my real life friends play on these servers is because they don't have to be subjected to that all the time as if they are playing xbox live. I am also not going to get into a technicality fight with you about specific rules you can feel free to look them up yourself. This isn't the kind of ban appeal that gets you unbanned. All you had to do is say you wouldn't do it again and not appear to be trolling.
  13. OK. Please don't do that again.
  14. I'll get on the horn with Xi Jenping right away and get this straightened right out.
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