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  1. Mildly for reset. If it helps, I volunteer for all my travelling and homes to be deleted. edit: Strongly for reset with the world changes.
  2. tobylane


    No because https://nerd.nu/maps/creative/live/?worldname=world&mapname=flat&zoom=0 Where is the lack of space?
  3. The exact same sentiment and confidence in staff from me, and I agree with 2., especially in PVP arenas. However I'm still interested in finding out what happens with a higher density of portals. Judging by the past players will still want overworld transport.
  4. I like the diamond armour idea because it's harsher on people who have conquered the game, so I wouldn't want an enchantment about it. Eg a person in ideal diamond armour/elytra has them every 3 days, basic enchants on diamond or a lot on iron has them every five days, down to leather armour or none has them every 10-15 days. They could be attracted to people who have an enderchest or enchanting table nearby (which has many false positives) or other non-armour measures of minecraft master. I build open topped (aka unfinished) homes so they especially don't suit what I will always do.
  5. I wouldn't choose another map this size, this only felt right because it might not have been reset. The world, rules and events are fine, it seems it works for the people who are there. Don't like the open book policy but I see how it would benefit other, actually active, people. I don't see how it would benefit creativity, only production.
  6. This could have happened with the town I linked above but I don't think they ever applied for a zone (or built the wall). Has a town become a pvp town yet?
  7. I want to see PVP arenas under the current rules before supporting changes. Can you demonstrate what is lacking? If there's nothing to show it may look like all that is lacking is player interest. http://redditpublic.com/carto/pve/p17/carto/#/429/64/2440/-1/0/0 was the previous effort.
  8. Come to the TF2 room on discord. I'm also up for Rocket League or Golf with Friends.
  9. It might be that one hour I want 1.5 stacks of iron. Next hour someone else might want that. An hour I've built 256m of an overground rail line and I need more iron. I like the answer of exactly how much iron they make. edit: Well obviously I'm hogging the output here in this example. I don't build 256m of overground rail line every hour forever.
  10. We should be trying out this vanilla change in (roughly) the new year with not too many extra variables. Do we want to roll back a certain amount of related changes, ie the plugins added this year that change the supply or demand of iron and gold? I'm not necessarily against changing this but we usually decide things on how we feel about it rather than stats. And just for one silly example of skipping some of the tech tree - a few revs ago I joined a town on day two. I explored some of a stronghold that was part of the town base and found an iron pick and a diamond. By this point all I had on me was food from spawn. I branch mined for a few minutes before finding diamonds. I made an axe and went cutting down the trees. That was one of my favourite rev starts because I wasn't repeating the same slow parts I'd done 20 times before. The path to an enchanted diamond pickaxe is similar each rev (large or small server or single player) but what I do from there is all of the fun, variation and creativity.
  11. I'm seeing some absurd thinking here. What in this game isn't creative plus time delay? Why is the fun in obtaining to be held as high as using? (for a specific example: beacon bases are now made out of farmed emeralds which a purist like Etho doesn't do) Why is a long tech tree a good thing? How would new players have any idea of our difference to vanilla and it's impact on the tech tree. How does that affect their likelihood to stay? I don't really want these answered just that the reasoning I see relies on a lot of things I'm not seeing, or it relies on being the top iron producer and various reasonable singular opinions from there. We're clearly desperate for a chance to discuss and define how we differ from vanilla, I asked broad questions in a previous thread because it seemed like it was already starting.
  12. We started off by just removing the parts of the game that caused lag or grief. Then we tried out Civ-something on survival and found that it wasn't for us. Then we started recreating the same kind of thing on P (overstating it - don't take it seriously). If, and I don't think it should be above questioning, we're keeping the horse plugin and the thirst for gold it makes but we can't have portal farms is this a case for having zombie pigmen spawners bought for several stacks of obsidian? This would be an example of how some vanilla feature was outright banned for good reasons but now we have better adaptive options.
  13. It favours people able to AFK to build up local difficulty and be at the spawners but we're used to that now. Great idea. edit: Horse armour? Trapdoors? Bars?
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