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  1. I find this strange. Why can't I delete my account? Can someone else remove it?
  2. (Overall) - as a vanilla-ish advocate, I do think last rev was a good balance. In a way, last rev's IGSes were keeping with the vanilla concept and were almost like carbon/carts/etc, in that even a lone person could do it on their own, even if resource-intensive. 1. (Prevent etc.) - I could see a timed duration being a good thing to start, as un-vanilla as it is. Encourages initial cooperation amongst town members and solo people can still collect plenty on their own. Off-hand, for the idea. 2. (Changing etc.) - I still think this and other mechanics (horses, villagers) could be dealt with better by just being more strict with vanilla mechanics/enforcement. If vanilla iron golem spawners were limited to 4 spawn pads per town, and horses were limited to 20 per person (no +addowner'ing to give a breeder more), maybe a max of 50 villagers in a 100 block radius...? Seems we could go back to a lot of vanilla stuff. I'm not privy to server specs but the last few launches have gone admirably, so couldn't a lot of this stuff just be limited and not completely changed? (Stricter vanilla creates a lot of difficulties with a lot of these projects, and people seem to prefer things be more difficult.)
  3. You put this in a way I couldn't, but yeah I think that's how I feel. I am curious, joining this server now, at the level of knowledge that I had when I first joined way back when? I'm pretty sure I would have found this current rev a bit overwhelming (especially when turkey blazes are thrown in...)
  4. And now we're diverging even further into the topic of the IGS themselves - So um, to help clarify arguments from this point forth maybe someone could make 3 new threads, or some easy way to tag replies - 1) [TRS] This rev Specific - I still think iron golem spawners should be added immediately (to the same # as ~~elder~~ guardian temples at very least) 2) [RIG] Rev In General - some debate is going about that. 3) [iGS] Iron Golem Spawners - specifically? Herding cats, I tells ya... So TRS - still want more spawners added, tho probly too late now. Mighta been neat for new players to find. Too late for that. I guess more will come eventually, but by then, the only people who will win/receive them will be the same old same old. RIG - I could write for days. I'll pass for now other than reiterating - the more specialized we are, the less open to new players we are. And perhaps the past few revs have been too heavily focused on community feedback, which by its very nature precludes new users from participating in. So maybe "new user perspective" could be given more attention. IGS - I think a combination of last rev and this rev could maybe be okay, even when not vanilla? Give them the same frequency/distribution pattern as guardian temples, and roughly the resources to develop. Guardian temples are huge pains in the asses to make vanilla forms of, just like iron grinders before. The TRS version of spawners being found could possibly work in future revs.
  5. "A rev without any iron grinders could be interesting." For certain people, sure. Certain people. The broadest range of people? Questionable. And seriously Random, you're going to resort to "If you want to never have to worry about resources play creative mode"? You know that's a BS argument, c'mon man...
  6. So I'd like to clarify one thing which I think would address parts of buzzie, toothless, and random's arguments - when I am arguing vanilla, I am not arguing for a pure unadulterated vanilla; this obviously wouldn't work for the server. And, for further clarification, my desire for "vanilla-ish" isn't a desire simply for vanilla's sake, but because I believe it makes the noob-entrance-requirements to the server higher each time a change is made.
  7. Lyle - I agree with a lot of what you said (tho let's stay away from the rail wars, I understand you have done a a helluva lot and torteela has done a helluva lot, can we leave it at that?). I think that when lag issues arrive, it is better to deal with that person more personally (and perhaps more harshly^1?) than to completely revise a vanilla mechanic. I understand that at a certain point in time (really, several) - a certain person (really, several) - were told they were really causing a strain on the server with one of their activities. And that even after warnings, even after having admins intervene once, those player(s) continued anyway. So we're going to radically alter vanilla mechanics and make it even harder for new people to join? How does that logic follow? _______ The very summation of my argument is - the more vanilla we are (I understand certain things like LWC/etc have to exist), the more likely we are to draw new players. The trend has been move away from vanilla in order to address a few issues that come up with a few people. Deal with those people better instead, keep the server as vanilla as possible, keep the number of server-specific-alterations to a minimum. ^1 (thought ^1 superscript worked) _____ Edit 2 : Imagine moblimiter kept horses to ~~10~~ 20. Oh boy you'd have to really be dedicated to make a great horse that way, and it would be for the most part vanilla. But that challenge. One might even have to work from other breeders from other towns in order to, vanilla-ey, make a great horse. Instead of...spamming spacebar...
  8. Also, while we're on the subject of "enjoyment" - some people, one person in particular you're quite familiar with who you'll know next line, really enjoyed breeding the best possible horse. Some people enjoyed that so much they kept at it until they were tired of the constant hate because their horses were always the best. And after that person decided to stop, other people decided they enjoyed it, and they wanted to keep that tradition. And they enjoyed making the best possible horses for free for the rev to enjoy. Instead of like...spamming spacebar... Some people also enjoy making really great iron grinders for everyone to use. Instead of like...happening to find one... Enjoyment is great. But it seems we need more players? Maybe venturing further from vanilla isn't the answer. Maybe if someone has too many horses, tell them to chill. If two towns are building vanilla iron grinders next to each other, ask them to cooperate. Edit : maybe make an mcp classic server where worldguard is basically the only plugin? I would enjoy that..
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