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  1. Mildly for reset. If it helps, I volunteer for all my travelling and homes to be deleted. edit: Strongly for reset with the world changes.
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    No because https://nerd.nu/maps/creative/live/?worldname=world&mapname=flat&zoom=0 Where is the lack of space?
  3. The exact same sentiment and confidence in staff from me, and I agree with 2., especially in PVP arenas. However I'm still interested in finding out what happens with a higher density of portals. Judging by the past players will still want overworld transport.
  4. I like the diamond armour idea because it's harsher on people who have conquered the game, so I wouldn't want an enchantment about it. Eg a person in ideal diamond armour/elytra has them every 3 days, basic enchants on diamond or a lot on iron has them every five days, down to leather armour or none has them every 10-15 days. They could be attracted to people who have an enderchest or enchanting table nearby (which has many false positives) or other non-armour measures of minecraft master. I build open topped (aka unfinished) homes so they especially don't suit what I will always do.
  5. I wouldn't choose another map this size, this only felt right because it might not have been reset. The world, rules and events are fine, it seems it works for the people who are there. Don't like the open book policy but I see how it would benefit other, actually active, people. I don't see how it would benefit creativity, only production.
  6. This could have happened with the town I linked above but I don't think they ever applied for a zone (or built the wall). Has a town become a pvp town yet?
  7. I want to see PVP arenas under the current rules before supporting changes. Can you demonstrate what is lacking? If there's nothing to show it may look like all that is lacking is player interest. http://redditpublic.com/carto/pve/p17/carto/#/429/64/2440/-1/0/0 was the previous effort.
  8. Come to the TF2 room on discord. I'm also up for Rocket League or Golf with Friends.
  9. It might be that one hour I want 1.5 stacks of iron. Next hour someone else might want that. An hour I've built 256m of an overground rail line and I need more iron. I like the answer of exactly how much iron they make. edit: Well obviously I'm hogging the output here in this example. I don't build 256m of overground rail line every hour forever.
  10. We should be trying out this vanilla change in (roughly) the new year with not too many extra variables. Do we want to roll back a certain amount of related changes, ie the plugins added this year that change the supply or demand of iron and gold? I'm not necessarily against changing this but we usually decide things on how we feel about it rather than stats. And just for one silly example of skipping some of the tech tree - a few revs ago I joined a town on day two. I explored some of a stronghold that was part of the town base and found an iron pick and a diamond. By this point all I had on me was food from spawn. I branch mined for a few minutes before finding diamonds. I made an axe and went cutting down the trees. That was one of my favourite rev starts because I wasn't repeating the same slow parts I'd done 20 times before. The path to an enchanted diamond pickaxe is similar each rev (large or small server or single player) but what I do from there is all of the fun, variation and creativity.
  11. I'm seeing some absurd thinking here. What in this game isn't creative plus time delay? Why is the fun in obtaining to be held as high as using? (for a specific example: beacon bases are now made out of farmed emeralds which a purist like Etho doesn't do) Why is a long tech tree a good thing? How would new players have any idea of our difference to vanilla and it's impact on the tech tree. How does that affect their likelihood to stay? I don't really want these answered just that the reasoning I see relies on a lot of things I'm not seeing, or it relies on being the top iron producer and various reasonable singular opinions from there. We're clearly desperate for a chance to discuss and define how we differ from vanilla, I asked broad questions in a previous thread because it seemed like it was already starting.
  12. We started off by just removing the parts of the game that caused lag or grief. Then we tried out Civ-something on survival and found that it wasn't for us. Then we started recreating the same kind of thing on P (overstating it - don't take it seriously). If, and I don't think it should be above questioning, we're keeping the horse plugin and the thirst for gold it makes but we can't have portal farms is this a case for having zombie pigmen spawners bought for several stacks of obsidian? This would be an example of how some vanilla feature was outright banned for good reasons but now we have better adaptive options.
  13. It favours people able to AFK to build up local difficulty and be at the spawners but we're used to that now. Great idea. edit: Horse armour? Trapdoors? Bars?
  14. Barliamore is right with the price increases, however that will cause too much dependence on wither skeleton farms, either frustration from the people competing to use the farm or from observers seeing that it was made too easy. Here's the best list of non-renewable items I could find, take off netherbrick, podzol and packed ice. http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/260084/what-resources-are-technically-finite-in-minecraft Wither skeleton and dragon heads are some of the most difficult to get but access to them doesn't scale well. Either its farmed or cramped.
  15. Vindicators are very powerful, on hard they hit for 19. No, we will never have them spawning randomly. Snow skeletons have slowness arrows and I don't know if we want that everywhere.
  16. The trading I remember was for good diamond tools. Back when an enchantment took up all 30 levels and you had no idea of even one of the enchantments you'd get. That ended with those two things changing, plus most of all villager trading. I think villager trading affected player trading more than the other things put together. I don't know if villagers are OP but I want to be very wary of changing them. Personally I don't use them, I prefer the risk of enchanting picks and books, fishing up books and combining. I don't feel like the game is damaged by other people's vocal choice to go to villagers for their tools. Even people in my town have access to the trades, I've passed by the villagers and not felt tempted or disrupted in the way I want to play. Wellspring had an iron golem spawner that no-one AFKd at, a witch spawner that wasn't even made into a grinder for half the rev and a creeper spawner claimed by a local village of friends. We didn't have excess iron after the usual sorts of projects of the time like CART point to point rails. How many golem spawners were there by the end of last rev? Adjusting for tier levels is it roughly 100x the 4 tier 3 spawners we have now? We might be trying a rev now with 99% less spawners and its not going well. The last 1% sounds to me like a identical experience for all practical purposes, what else matters?
  17. How about we permit people to set their own boundaries. Don't want iron to be easy? Avoid the iron grinder output chest. After reducing lag and rule breaking behaviour we should do what Minecraft is known for - a wide choice of options.
  18. The experiences given here are from people who play a lot. I hear a good amount of thought about people who don't play a lot, but not much yet on this topic. The golem spawners are not here for a random attraction like all the others, including the witch spawner in Wellspring back when I was playing a lot. They are a newer thing to deal with lag from the megaproject iron farms every town would make. Let's not treat golem spawners the same as slime. Other uses of iron include hoppers and maps. I'm living in Ambrosia where we built a storage room reasonably quickly but with a large empty back room. It's there for when we have enough hoppers for a sorting system. Maybe one day these will become so popular and laggy we need some golem-spawner-like solution for them. I sought out something I hadn't done before so I've been mapping. In Ambrosia town hall there's a large wall with about 30 maps, a small wall with 5 zoom 2 maps, 1 of each in my home and 3 accidental dupes in the storage room. That's 136 iron which is close to what I've mined this rev. What are we trying to achieve? With the vanilla farms or the golem spawner farms access and availability always seemed open to the point of communist (a good thing). I don't see how we can improve on that. Active people usually work together in cities, therefore the greatest use of any block or item will be in cities. Even if there was a point in reducing that how could it be done? I don't think it can be. I was surprised when people were talking in global chat about the villager trades various cities have, where is the best place to get enchanted diamond picks or the best trade for pumpkins. A nearly free diamond pick and motivation is what is getting so much done, not nearly free rails and hoppers. I don't think you can take away the ease of getting iron and diamond tools and expect motivation to last as long as you want.
  19. I'd like to end this iron scarcity experiment. I'd give examples but I fear being too specific.
  20. I see it in my front page most days. I'd like the sidebar to be a tiny bit shorter as the set of links for PVE, what I go to the sidebar for 90% of the time, is just below the first screenful. But this depends on many different things and only a few percent have the same setup as me (900px tall screen, RES night mode). If you do more banner images can you also put them at the bottom of the next sticky, so that mobile users are made aware. Maybe a link to the active town subreddits with a reminder that it's not necessary for a player to join a town, or for a town to have a subreddit.
  21. Agreed. We want people to make the effort of encircling their plot. I believe we need squares for the plugin, it can only handle the cuboid WE region type.
  22. Worldpainted flat areas don't end up being all that flat. I'd rather see vanilla plains/etc whenever you want a flat area. Even a fairly dry swamp is a good thing. I don't think big ships are good idea, especially not near spawn. There's only six now so I don't mind. Rev length should be whatever the data shows is best for activity. I would prefer it not to be based on surveys and anecdotes. I never went to space but I'm in favour of special areas and worlds for something that would not be a good neighbour/use of non-flat land in the main world. Much of this can be player designated, eg in past revs there's been airfields with airplanes from many different people. I'd like to see less oceans, less ships, and bridges concentrated in one area. Say if there was a bridge valley where a stream turns into a river, into a river with 10 high banks, into an estuary about 150 wide, into an ocean. I'd guess that there aren't many bridge ideas bigger than 200 blocks wide (other than a lot of repeating sections). irregular plots sound good. Could we borrow some forests from PVE? Could we have a beach/bay front part of spawn city? A plot that connects to a road at y70-ish but goes down to the beach, varying from 10x20 to 40x40. Not all of them need to be beside the water, some could be near crossroads of the area or by an inland marina.
  23. I would like the downtown area to be more linear and less square. It's an fps killer to have everything in view from one point. Not sure on this: Could we limit interior decoration in some way, say only up to y100 or only in 5 floors in total in a plot. CTC3 is something to visit, but you may need to spend lots of time standing still or change your settings.
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