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  1. Hey everyone! I have been on a bit of a multiplayer kick lately and looking for people/group to play with. I've got Golf It Garry's Mod Portal 2 TF2 Left 4 Dead 2 GTA V
  2. You will never not look like a lovable dork!
  3. With SwitchViewz recent blog post I thought I would get the ball rolling on ideas for how to implement it and deal with it's OP PLS NERF status. My own idea is another villager trade for an upgraded Elytra that allows powered flight. Similar to the current Villager trade for Elytra, it would require Essence of Flight but substantially more than the the single essence required for the first trade. I think no less than 5 EOF. This idea would require a lot of grinding and luck to be able to acquire powered flight Also it might be cool to do it as a two step trade with the multiple EOF acting as the reinforcement for the Elytra and then trading Dragon's Breath as the power. This idea requires grinding and fighting the end dragon to acquire powered flight. A third option could be the Elytra using Dragon's Breath directly as fuel and having to periodically refill the Elytra to keep using powered flight. This option requires fighting the end dragon to acquire powered flight. These are all dependent on if staff can actually implement them. Any other ideas?
  4. I may not shoot with film, but I do a decent bit of photography. http://conmangryphon.deviantart.com/gallery/
  5. Oh my good golly gosh that all sounds wonderful! I wish I had more spare time to play minecraft again :(
  6. Hey everyone its been a while since I've had a chance to pop by Nerd. So tell me, what has everyone been up to?
  7. Hallelujah! Finally a time when I'm not working!
  8. Been gone for a while. Have an update pic. I swear I was doing lens, light, and monitor tests not just using an overly expensive camera to take selfies.
  9. Loving the Rooster Teeth Podcast. Also the other stuff in the RT Network: The Patch, Dude Soup, On The Spot.
  10. Man y'all are nuts. Lemon on errything!
  11. The /Filmcast The Canon I Was There Too Voice & Verse Savage Lovecast We Have Concerns Mindcrack Podcast Still Untitled (Adam Savage Podcast) Common Sense With Dan Carlin Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Nerd Machine's Picking Favorites A Cast Of Kings (when Game of Thrones is in season) Serial also Upvoted the reddit podcast has been pretty decent. All these make my commutes much nicer.
  12. pretty much any shooter has the potential to be very popular. Insurgency, G-Mod, and TF2 come to mind. Also potentially some MMOs
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