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  1. Of course my internet went down today. I was unaware I could do this by myself. I thought this was a server side operation. I didn't mean MasterCommaThe did anything wrong, just that it was closed and I really wanted it. Thanks for the responses. I'll download schematica now. You can close the thread. Thanks, Michael
  2. Hi, I am off for the next 2 days before I leave for a vacation. Generally I work around 60 - 75 hour weeks. This is the only time I really have. I would really like to have a schematic of my build on C so I can incorporate it into my offline world. I made a modreq but MasterCommaThe closed it with out accommodating. This would be a big favor and make me really happy on my day off to do this. Otherwise I won't have this kind of time until next year. Please let me know if this is possible. It isn't terribly fun to play by myself on C and this offline map has been in progress since 2011.
  3. I hope the admins are spying on me talking nonsense to tolken. I'd love to feel special
  4. Considering nat was like 4 or 5 in 1998 that tech blog probably wasn't his.
  5. Well thanks Deaygo for reaching out to older faces but not one who has farted in his presence and is still active on the servers lol Anyway Eustis had a way of always being the coolest guy around. Even in a game of blocks that you know attracts nerds he was like the guy everyone wanted to hang out with. Affable, well like, helpful. A big presence was lost with his passing and it was felt deeply even by people who only got to spend a few hours a week over the course of a year with him.
  6. We should add Eustis. He was really influential both on Reddit and on the servers and a good player and friend. He passed away a about a year and a half ago but there isn't any mention of him anywhere. I don't know if many of the current players remember him or not but I think he should have a spot. http://obits.theadvocate.com/obituaries/theadvocate/obituary.aspx?pid=173704463
  7. How about the rotating chaos server maps on E with command blocks or mods and stuff?
  8. There is nothing illegal about recording people in a publicly opened channel on mumble on a private mumble server by the way. It is not a phone call. Also even if you were to do it someone would have to 1) press charges and 2) the case would have to be accepted and then acted upon by the police. That won't happen. Anyway lmk the next time you are going to have a chat
  9. Great so can we put this up this weekend? I'm on vacation lol
  10. One way to keep chaos interesting is to switch up the maps regurlarly and have old S/P/C maps or crazy worldpainter stuff and be liberal with commandblocks or mods Maybe we can either isolate one city of a past revision as an entire map to battle it out in.
  11. I like flying a lot, I don't think it will improve or save creative if we remove it. I know I would probably not play anymore though.
  12. I'm hoping it will go on sale too, I'll buy copies for people who will actually play
  13. I'm up for playing things that involve getting drunk
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