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  1. Of course my internet went down today. I was unaware I could do this by myself. I thought this was a server side operation. I didn't mean MasterCommaThe did anything wrong, just that it was closed and I really wanted it. Thanks for the responses. I'll download schematica now. You can close the thread. Thanks, Michael
  2. Hi, I am off for the next 2 days before I leave for a vacation. Generally I work around 60 - 75 hour weeks. This is the only time I really have. I would really like to have a schematic of my build on C so I can incorporate it into my offline world. I made a modreq but MasterCommaThe closed it with out accommodating. This would be a big favor and make me really happy on my day off to do this. Otherwise I won't have this kind of time until next year. Please let me know if this is possible. It isn't terribly fun to play by myself on C and this offline map has been in progress since 2011.
  3. I hope the admins are spying on me talking nonsense to tolken. I'd love to feel special
  4. Considering nat was like 4 or 5 in 1998 that tech blog probably wasn't his.
  5. Well thanks Deaygo for reaching out to older faces but not one who has farted in his presence and is still active on the servers lol Anyway Eustis had a way of always being the coolest guy around. Even in a game of blocks that you know attracts nerds he was like the guy everyone wanted to hang out with. Affable, well like, helpful. A big presence was lost with his passing and it was felt deeply even by people who only got to spend a few hours a week over the course of a year with him.
  6. We should add Eustis. He was really influential both on Reddit and on the servers and a good player and friend. He passed away a about a year and a half ago but there isn't any mention of him anywhere. I don't know if many of the current players remember him or not but I think he should have a spot. http://obits.theadvocate.com/obituaries/theadvocate/obituary.aspx?pid=173704463
  7. How about the rotating chaos server maps on E with command blocks or mods and stuff?
  8. There is nothing illegal about recording people in a publicly opened channel on mumble on a private mumble server by the way. It is not a phone call. Also even if you were to do it someone would have to 1) press charges and 2) the case would have to be accepted and then acted upon by the police. That won't happen. Anyway lmk the next time you are going to have a chat
  9. Great so can we put this up this weekend? I'm on vacation lol
  10. One way to keep chaos interesting is to switch up the maps regurlarly and have old S/P/C maps or crazy worldpainter stuff and be liberal with commandblocks or mods Maybe we can either isolate one city of a past revision as an entire map to battle it out in.
  11. I like flying a lot, I don't think it will improve or save creative if we remove it. I know I would probably not play anymore though.
  12. I'm hoping it will go on sale too, I'll buy copies for people who will actually play
  13. I'm up for playing things that involve getting drunk
  14. So back in before we launched PVE we had a spawn contest. I lost to themaas. That was some bullshit. My entry had a giant skull with lava eyes and bloody ribs. It was awesome. I demand immediate redress. Thank you.
  15. Anyone else have this game? Poker night anyone? Chess. I can host
  16. Tobylane, discussions about facts and politics is not offensive. No one was name calling, no one was assuming. Especially the first time this happened. We were literally just talking about the stories of the bible which are common knowledge to most people and interesting facets of our culture. I understand that some people are more sensitive than others but there are things that are squarely in the not offensive category. Discussing the world as adults on the internet or examples of the oldest literature known to man in a respectful way isn't in that category. Calling that offensive makes the meaning of the word offensive meaningless. There is no slippery slope here. This is actually pretty black and white. Further if a player actually has a problem they should speak up and deal with it socialy. We don't have mods on this servers to be parents. Being a moderator is not a promotion. If someone goes over the line they get kicked/banned but otherwise this should have been handled in chat by adults. If somoene actually said "Hey lets talk about something else" we could have talked about tacos. Instead we had some inane bullshit server-mom garbage that isn't what the ruleset of this server is designed for. Lastly I want you to know that I know you just respond to comments to incite people.
  17. zburdsal it was you but ghery or whatever that time and another. You guys are being ridiculous. Who are you to judge the content of a discussion that is not offensive and not against the rules. No one used any pajoratives and people were hashing out ideas. Once you used the idiotic mod voice then it became about circlejerking you. If this is your reasoning then so be it. This is why I added the bit about doing a bad job. Segregating the general chat into a million clanchats isn't going to foster community or get you active and happy members. Basically you can take you #politics and shove it. I would rather play somewhere else then to have a conversation by myself in a clanchat. Speaking of that, where is the donation drive? Its been two days since that thread it should have been today. None of you have asked for help. I heard no words about anything. What happened to CS:GO? jchance is willing to pay the costs. As am I. I'll even build the box. Why is nothing getting done while you are having poor stewardship of the community? This isn't making me excited to donate. Edit: After this I'm going to totally drop it but seriously the suggestion is to shape up. I'm not feeling confident here.
  18. Talking about religion or politics isn't inherently offensive. I'm proud of being Jewish and I have studied the bible at a university level. I actively read and consume the news and know what actual debate and discussion means. I have no agenda. If I feel like talking about it on a server with someone and no one else is talking about anything I think it is really shitty to have a mod use his mod-voice to talk it down as if it is offensive. Frankly it is a ridiculous understanding of the rules and a great way to push down the discussion level of the community. So whats really good? I'm not talking [removed] levels of no one has the right to be offended while I say offensive things. I'm talking about an actual discussion of culture, religion and light politics that was among willing and participating adults. This is the second time that my discussions have been moderated on PVE by the same mod who would prefer general chat to be dead I guess. Frankly I don't disagree with the malcontents on these forums that the staff here, in general, is doing a bad job. This is the worst of it in my opinion though.
  19. Do you have an implementation of this ready to go or are you just requesting this get done?
  20. In regards to another server it should be something that isn't done anywhere else. What that is will be hard to pin down but copying something else has never been our style. Traditionally what made this server great was the making new things aspect. I understand that development of minecraft mods isn't the same as the wild west days of minecraft but maybe we should bat around on how to combine plugins in a unique way or something else entirely. Regarding the other threads and user voice my opinion is everything should be on the forums here, dump the other sites besides reddit completely. The reddit comments shouldn't be considered the "on the record comments" more like a chat room. It is very temporary anyway and its more anonymous. It doesn't cost money to make new threads and bat them around for a while. They free. New threads should be created when the old ones die or get too long. The OP or someone early in the thread should just post the best ideas from the last ones if they can find them. No more than a few sentances to sum up though because otherwise no one will read it.
  21. Isn't it just a checkbox to make them public? Is this an issue? I remember when I used to moderate the subreddit. I never once had an opportunity to do anything because there were so many mods lol. It was all just obvious troll stuff though, what was highlighted in pink. Quick edit: yeah doxxing maybe I can't imagine there is that much of that going on, you can just list what action was taken with out providing the censored text
  22. That is exactly how it used to be. They combined it to unite the community and that there wasn't enough posts in each to make it seem like an active message board. Three dead boards is worse than one alive one.
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