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  1. unce

    PvP discussion

    I think having a big island on the map with PvP on would be cool. That or a "wilderness" type area of the map. Edit: Saw OP was Feb 10, didn't read the year lol. Thought this was a more recent discussion.
  2. unce

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    yee I got PUBG!
  3. unce

    Town of Salem

  4. unce

    The Face Behind the Name

    test post pls ignore
  5. unce

    Should we remove skeleton horse spawning?

    I'd like to see them stay. I've only seen one yet this rev, I don't think they are that scary. If most players vote to remove them, giant zombies would be a cool replacement.
  6. unce

    Request a Mumble Channel!

    Can "Hiding in a tree" move back to the pvp channel? :D
  7. unce


    showing all the horse commands when you do /ccorral would be useful too. I noticed that hlist and hgps aren't listed there.
  8. unce


    Adding something like /howner would be cool too. When working on horse farms as a group, being able to have more than one player own the horse makes it easier to sort them.
  9. unce

    Rev 17 Preliminary Feedback Thread

    Terrain: I liked most of the terrain this rev. I think the trees could be shorter in the future. Spawn: I think the spawn is nice overall, but it would be cool to make the outside of embassies more open to customization.
  10. inb4 toxicv dickhead The topic of this post is "Survival: The Next Revision." We should focus on the next revision of survival instead of pve drama.
  11. unce


    pls add a command to make horse commands persist
  12. unce

    How active is this server?

    2016 bump. Any plans on changing the CSGO server to something else soon? I don't it's being used much.
  13. unce

    Who here LOVES standing at grinders?

    I don't know what grinders you're using, but at a double zombie it took me over an hour to make 4 tools, none with decent enchants on them. From the replies I'm seeing here, enchantism isn't the best fit for the server, but I do think we could benefit from an /unenchant command with a bigger XP plump. Something like SwitchView said could be really cool too, but it seems like it would be more of a non-vanilla type addition that, from the replies here, wouldn't be a good 'fit' for the server.