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  1. I think having a big island on the map with PvP on would be cool. That or a "wilderness" type area of the map. Edit: Saw OP was Feb 10, didn't read the year lol. Thought this was a more recent discussion.
  2. I'd like to see them stay. I've only seen one yet this rev, I don't think they are that scary. If most players vote to remove them, giant zombies would be a cool replacement.
  3. Can "Hiding in a tree" move back to the pvp channel? :D
  4. unce


    showing all the horse commands when you do /ccorral would be useful too. I noticed that hlist and hgps aren't listed there.
  5. unce


    Adding something like /howner would be cool too. When working on horse farms as a group, being able to have more than one player own the horse makes it easier to sort them.
  6. Terrain: I liked most of the terrain this rev. I think the trees could be shorter in the future. Spawn: I think the spawn is nice overall, but it would be cool to make the outside of embassies more open to customization.
  7. inb4 toxicv dickhead The topic of this post is "Survival: The Next Revision." We should focus on the next revision of survival instead of pve drama.
  8. unce


    pls add a command to make horse commands persist
  9. 2016 bump. Any plans on changing the CSGO server to something else soon? I don't it's being used much.
  10. I don't know what grinders you're using, but at a double zombie it took me over an hour to make 4 tools, none with decent enchants on them. From the replies I'm seeing here, enchantism isn't the best fit for the server, but I do think we could benefit from an /unenchant command with a bigger XP plump. Something like SwitchView said could be really cool too, but it seems like it would be more of a non-vanilla type addition that, from the replies here, wouldn't be a good 'fit' for the server.
  11. Not everyone likes to spend their free time leaving their account at a grinder when they could be digging rails or working on cities. Sure I could afk and go play another game, but I'm sure players who got online to play minecraft would rather be building. Grinders would still be very important builds. With enchantism or an unenchant+xp plump change players would still need to grind to 30 several times to fully enchant their gear. Think of this is more chocolate sprinkles. This is a good example of enchantism being beneficial. Like burning through sets of armor on S, players burn through tools quickly on P. Building towns and infrastructure isn't fun when you're spending 90% of your playtime standing at a grinder getting crappy enchants. I think it would be cool to give it a try and see how players respond to it.
  12. I don't. The fun on here comes from building right? Spending an hour grinding for a few shit tools isn't fun. What do you guys think about adding enchantism or plumping XP and adding an /unenchant command?
  13. Any updates on the new survival? I haven't heard anything about it all year. :D
  14. I like this idea as long as the challenge is something that individuals and small towns can have a fair chance at.
  15. I have an idea! How about ONE HIDDEN PORTAL. Put it in a cave somewhere and have it be like finding an end portal. This way towns aren't all fighting over portals. I think if we do it like this we could have some really neat transportation designs, and not have to worry about waiting hours to take the zodiac things. The zodiac portals were cancer, or at least one was.
  16. I picked other on pre-made things. I'd like to see a map with cardinal roads and no spawn city. I find the spawn city plots to be too "cookie cutter" like. Here's an example of a fun rev with no spawn city and cardinal roads for those who didn't experience it.
  17. The Great Beedo City! It's around -130 -30 lots of cool buildings and a stable
  18. I agree with Steve on portals killing infrastructure. Reducing it down to a spawn portal and 4 cardinal portals(at the cardinal points, not moved 500 blocks or whatever) would make the rail systems more useful. I'd also like to see more waterways added, kinda like that one CTF map. Having to actually travel the map lets you see more cool builds and land.
  19. This sounds like a really fun idea diznoy. If this takes off I'd be down to help with building stuff.
  20. Any update on the "Create-a-channel" thing? It seems like it would be easier than having things requested here.
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