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  1. Maybe this style of administration is why C has been so quiet lately. God bless you sir, I won't hold the resentment you hold for me against you. Also bump for head admin. Aforementioned policy is as follows: "In order to have a note removed it must be demonstrated that the behavior that caused it has changed and is no longer a reflection of your current behavior. " I have demonstrated my ability to move past this behavior by stopping myself from playing. Considering this, I feel I would be fully qualifying for the removal of these notes from MCBouncer.
  2. i have not played on the creative server in 5 months and would like my notes removed thank u http://mcbouncer.com/u/4254a6cf86b74a2992d9672e4ec85724/notesFor
  3. https://nerd.nu/maps/creative/#/-383/64/-2482/-2/creative34 - overworld/NE https://nerd.nu/maps/creative/#/-238/64/-4660/-2/creative34 - overworld/NE
  4. Awesome, I appreciate it 😄
  5. I was talking to someone on C about whether the dynmap took periodic snapshots of the map's progress (presumably every time the map reset), and they mentioned that the dynmap used to have a page (something like https://nerd.nu/maps/creative/snapshots, which comes back as an Error 403: No Permission) which would give players the ability to scroll through all the previous versions of the dynmap by day. It would be very cool if we could look through old versions of the dynmap, since it would be kind of cool to look through how our builds have progressed over the rev.
  6. So much this. I spent the last day or so playing on a 1.7 client in single player, and it's really fun to take the game back to basics and play it as though its still 2011. If the techs used this method to allow 1.13 clients to connect to a 1.7 server, that would be super cool and I would absolutely use that kind of server since it's kind of cool and quirky to go retro and play super old versions of the game.
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