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  1. Id support bringing survival back
  2. I also miss survival
  3. I also miss survival man

  4. Stung in terms of nostalgia or just stung in general? It stung when you guys left and made Survival boring :( I listed all the survival OG's.
  5. We all left and never left a trace. But on occasion I hang on pve and just mess with p players.
  6. I apologize MasterCommaThe, it may seem that I will not comply the rules but I will. I would like to be unbanned mainly to see where the community is now and the new snapshot 1.9 server; I wont go on only to disrespect etc. Also those offense are kinda old, you are still going to put them in the calculation of my ban length?
  7. Survival will come back if you hit up monrozabaleta, shanty_sniper, IDANUB, TheKingDuff, kyle_yardley, gaambo, Alissa_S, Isaiah_S, Emery, Gsand, unce, Randomdoor, BCB, istorm9, lazee boy, djt, tornadohorse, malvagio, dickflyr, Tharine, beastbruiser, nyislanders123, BraydenH, Ozomahtill, Mrgauthier, Smdavis, Gizzletinks, Avadakedavra, Maltom, nickeynickey123, Pootersaurus, drjohn123, ScaryBilbo, Abiuv, Forzaire, and Solarus, Moderwarfare483, lawjik, the_spammasaur, buchanman, uni0, Archiuz, nos_pumas,pokegeek1234, bhrossman, brianherman, joshuaherman, Texastormenture,whiteturbo, natdog, plomdawg, richedd, dizney07, dementedm0nkey, dando, casey1975 and the beloved pkome. All these players have made Survival for me personally a great experience, although they have probably grown out or are now adults. Tell them if they want to relive old survival nostalgia. * DISCLAIMER*: Most of the people I have listed are banned; so give them another chance pl0x.
  8. Hello, it has been long but I have been banned for repeated trolling, chat/block spam, and grief. I agree to all of those reasons except the griefing; due to the fact that I destroyed all the blocks that I placed. Although the Survival community has gone down the drain and this community in general has gone down the drain, I would like to be unbanned to see some old people that played nerd before survival shut down. RIP Nerd.nu Survival server 2012-2013 Although most of the Survival community grew out of minecraft probably.
  9. rip survival. #bringbackbeastbruiserassurvivaladmin
  10. 10 seconds is great IMO. You have to be really skilled in order to avoid pvp with it since you have to be dead still in order for it to teleport you. Especially with the enderpearl cooldown, you really can't use it to avoid pvp. Also MonroeZabaleta, how does the command have to do with keeping gear safe? Are you saying someone that sits in spawn with diamond armor is abusing it to keep safe?
  11. I agree with natdog, setting any area near spawn pve could make it SUPER easy to avoid combat.
  12. I believe there should be pvp all throughout spawn, since people should take a risk taking their diamonds or other valuable ores to spawn in order to sell. Also could I walk into the pvp safe shop area to avoid combat? Overall, I think making anything in or around spawn a pvp safe area is just dumb.
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