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  1. I would like to say that playing on the survival server was always a good time, at least for me anyway. I always felt that S was like PvE with combat enabled. I would play if it was brought back.
  2. I agree with some of these ideas and not so much on some of the others, but as long as we are talking about Survival/PVP i think there are aspects that definitely need to change. Yes there should be a need to play, perhaps a rewards for time spent in game, unlockable kits or a server-side achievement/reward system. I think there should be a limit on how many personal chests you can lock, this way the player has to put value on what they want to keep safe. If you were in a clan you would have a set amount of safe storage based on how many members you had. A penalty for pvp related death, not death in general (mobs, fall damage etc.) is what i believe you meant so im going to talk about that. Im partial on the idea of a penalty for death because im shit at pvp, that being said i do think there should be a way to avoid pvp. Now hear me out on this one; When a player is killed a set a certain of times in a set amount of time the option to become passive(not able to damage other players or be damaged by other players) should become available. Being passive would have a time limit or until the next server restart. A cooldown would be in effect if the player disabled passive mode prematurely and a message would show in chat both when the player enabled it and disabled it. I do like the idea of unique items and events occurring, things like "supply drops" or "legendary mobs" spawning somewhere on the map. A supply drop would have a notification in chat with a drop time and location, this way players would be able to prepare, travel to, and contest the drop zone. The supply drop could have a chance to have a unique item, weapon or armor piece. The legendary mob would spawn in the same manner but upon defeat, it would give the player or clan who kills it an economy reward. The only thing about this is the "random location" would be random in the fact that it could spawn in one of many protected set locations(example: a ruined castle, an abandoned village/town, an empty arena, a wrecked ship, a jungle/desert temple). The only other thing is that mobs that spawn in the world would also have a rare chance to drop unique weapon or item. XP grinding and enchanting is always an issue on S and most players have a different opinion on what is fair and balanced. I personally would like to see the whole vanilla process disbanded and moved in the direction of economy. Enchants would only be obtained by buying them from the server shop. Also the server shop will buy/sell most items and ores, this way everyone would have access a way to make money and no need to hang on to ten chests of cobblestone. The only thing is that the more you sell any given item the less you get for it/the cheaper it is(just like a real economy). Other ways to get money would be through lottery, killing players and mobs, collecting bounty's, selling heads to the server shop, and winning mini-games.
  3. Community - So obviously arenas are popular, right, or we wouldn't have them. (Kits should be provided for all non official server arenas.) Clan wars yo. Each week the clan with the most kills from people in enemy clans (not randoms) gets a prize. Mini games. KOTV, Mob arena, Skywars, etc etc. We need people on other servers to be like "hey lets go to S and play that dank new mini game they have." People who win will be given a prize that can only be used on s. Design - A multiverse sounds like a fun idea, ive even suggested it before. At spawn we could have warp signs. /warp could be used only in certain areas and would have a charge up time as well as a cool-down. A huge map with one of each biome. The area around spawn would be a small version of the whole map. Every week the map gets bigger. Spawn should have a nether portal. From spawn there should be four roads and a large ring road circling around. At the end of each road there should be a nether portal. then there is an outer road that boxes in the inner road, the two roads are not connected.(same for in the nether) This is a rundown of what i mean. http://i.imgur.com/YxTVzDT.png?1 Features - Yes, every fresh spawn(after the first 24hrs) should be given a shit-kit along with their rule book. Ores need to be plumped. Its no fun to go mining for an hour and have nothing to show for it but some cobble and a bit of redstone. Massive xp plump. Dragon reset. Server shop sells god armor and weapons. Silk touch spawners IMO the nether is dangerous as it is. Keep it vanilla Far fetched idea- Regions/kingdoms. Each region has an invulnerable capital NPC village with villagers who act as a server shop. Anything that the server shop would sell/buy can be found here. The villagers would be balanced differently depending on the region. Players could buy/rent plots for their own shops. Each region can be "claimed" by a clan through clan warfare. If a clan controls a region, they get a percentage of the server shop profit. this promotes pvp and community.
  4. No i think that means we're allowed to kill other peoples animals.
  5. But why? Beds are so useful to people who, uh, are murdered a lot.
  6. Just piggybacking on the building of the nerd.nu community basis, and im sure its been suggested before, but we could host other game servers. I don't know how expensive it is or anything about it really, but i know we have people who play CS and TF2. A Gmod server might be nice and we could run a few different gamemodes.
  7. I do like this. Its a nice alternative than messing around with magic launcher or something like that. And its not complicated to use. 9/10 + 1 for effort
  8. Can we add nametags, horsearmor, saddles and records to the list of things we can buy?
  9. Sounds fun! i like the idea of a multi level maze, especially one with mobs and puzzle-traps. If there aren't invisible "ghost" mobs and witches i will be disappointed.
  10. "Prefer old rules preventing grief but allowing chest raiding" I accidentally voted for this one, so it should have 1 less vote. I meant to vote for "Prefer old rules preventing grief but allowing chest raiding." But other than that, i can side with the current popular vote. Except Xp plump doesn't need to be x15, thats a bit ridiculous .
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