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  1. Hello Monroezabaleta First off, please keep accusations of other players out of your appeal. An appeal is for discussing your behavior, not other players. Please PM any proof of hacking to myself or one of the heads Ban Information Ban for MonroeZabaleta on c.nerd.nu for Inappropriate conduct in chat/harassment/public accusations in chat nerd.nu/appeal by Mrloud15 on Feb. 11, 2015, 5:39 a.m. (no more bans, 5 notes) Please give an admin at least 48 hours to respond. If no one has responded to your appeal within that time then feel free to B.U.M.P your appeal by commenting here.
  2. What happened to Buch's space event?
  3. I find it odd that we are spending most of the time arguing over what to call a server, when we haven't even decided what direction to take it. Perhaps we can stop arguing over the minute details and come together towards a productive discussion of what direction to take the server. The time for a discussion about what to call a server would be better served once we know more about what the server will look like.
  4. that should make it all better
  5. So now i'm not a "survival core player." good to know i guess. I started on S, and other than one rev where i built an Iron farm on P (while simultaneously playing and building on S during the revs that overlapped that one PvE rev) I have pretty much played exclusively on S. I have frequently been in the top 5 on usage for S and have had several revs where i had over 1000 hours logged. I have built quite a few huge builds single handedly including a full size arena that was used for the subsequent S rev. Many of my builds have been near spawn forcing me to either use diplomacy or pvp to defend myself. I have built many xp, mob, and iron grinders, all public, to try and encourage pvp. I've helped out new players with advice and gear to get them started. I even built a pvp kitting station that would give out food, weapons, pearls, and arrows to encourage pvp and spent many hours gathering resources to keep it stocked. I've played on S for every revision since i bought minecraft and joined during rev 15.(incidentally I found Nerd.nu from the link on /r/minecraft and S was the first server I ever played on) Since becoming Admin, I admit my usage stats have dropped, Do you know why? Yes, partially because I have had IRL stuff come up(such as work which has me getting up at 4:15 every morning and not getting home until after 6:15 at night) but also because I spend a large amount of time performing admin duties that take away from my play time. If I look at my personal statistics for this rev in minecraft, I have been logged onto the server enough to be in the top 20 easily, but as the usage stats don't log AFK time, it doesn''t show the hours spent combing logs and querying logblock for modreqs and moderating duties. None of this shows the amount of time spent doing admin duties out of game. What does a player have to do to be considered a "survival server core player?"
  6. But just to clarify, not merging the servers.
  7. Thanks for all your help and all you did for the servers! Hope to see you around
  8. you can filter out specific people from the whenisgood list so they don't have to fill out a separate survey. click on a name on the left and select exclude
  9. Unbanned. Hope to see you around ingame soon. Have fun!
  10. Previous appeal Just to clarify, you were banned for X-ray, not X-ray hacks. X-ray, by definition, is stopping the rendering of any blocks besides desirable ones( such as ores, chests, spawners ETC) which helps to locate them and gain an unfair advantage over other players. whether xraying with a mod or exploiting a glitch, it is still xraying and still against the rules. Please take a second to review the rules(the survival ones specifically as they have changed drastically in the last month) and reply back here stating that you have done so in order to be unbanned.
  11. Hello Pwnolarbear, please wait for the Trooprm32 to handle your appeal. If no one has responded within 48 hours, feel free to bump your appeal. Ban info: Ban for Pwnolarbear on c.nerd.nu for Xray on S nerd.nu/appeal by Trooprm32 on 2014-08-03 14:37:57 (no more bans, 3 notes) Previous bans & appeals Ban for minor grief First xray ban and part 2 First appeal for this ban
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