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  1. I will be inactive until the 8th or 9th, but I can still be contacted on the forums if needed.
  2. I will be pretty inactive over the next week, but I can still be reached by the forums if necessary.
  3. I think the nerd.nu logo could be a little bigger. Other than that it looks great, and thanks for taking the time to update the css!
  4. Try not to troll so much or the next ban will be much longer. Unbanned.
  5. As the moderator who muted you told you, mutes are dealt with in game with modreqs and not with forum appeals, so I'm not sure why you still felt the need to make this appeal. The mute has been dealt with in game so I'm closing this appeal.
  6. Hello, You were banned after continuing to troll after 2 warnings, one in chat and the other a kick. Given that and your first appeal, your ban length is set at 48 hours. Please reply here after 48 hours is up and you will be unbanned.
  7. Please make a new appeal when you are willing to take it seriously.
  8. I'm really against using any kind of modreq count to see if someone is active because it's actually pretty difficult to claim any modreqs especially during peak hours. One thing that I think could be used to see if someone is active would be to use the last time someone logged into the forums since that's where most of the staff discussion goes on. I think an active staff member should be at least aware of the discussions going on even if they don't have anything to contribute to whatever the current discussions are.
  9. We received several reports about some of the comments being made were off topic so I went through and removed the comments that were off topic. I posted in here to let everyone know why instead of just removing them. As for the updated part, I was letting everyone know who was in charge of the project and that he would post an update when there was something to tell you guys. I'm not really sure what the face is about, but please say something to either myself or any other staff if you have an issue with the posts being removed or don't' understand something and we will do our best to help you.
  10. We received several reports about the thread so I have removed any posts not relevant to the discussion. Please keep posts on topic and stop the bickering. As for an update, Barlimore is the one who is in charge of this project and he will update everyone once there is something to update.
  11. Hello DancingBolt, Since you have agreed to follow the rules and this is your first ban, I am going to unban you now. Please make sure to actually follow the rules because any further ban lengths will be longer. Ban information: Ban for DancingBolt on c.nerd.nu for General grief after many warnings on P. nerd.nu/appeal by Mrloud15 on 2016-01-12T00:03:02.370 (no more bans, 3 notes)
  12. I'm back and getting caught up on everything.
  13. I forgot to post in here before I left, but I am out of town until after the new year.
  14. Please help me welcome back totemo to the techadmin team! totemo was first modded back in Fall 2011 and was a techadmin between June 2013 and January 2014. He was recently remodded in September 2015. You may know him from his work in Pico or from just hanging around on the servers! I look forward to working with him and seeing the new ideas, perspective, and experience he will bring to the techadmin team!
  15. I will not be around from today to the 24th. If you need to get a hold of me, send me a pm on the forums and I will reply when I can.
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