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  1. Ya'll know me, still the same GB but lately I've been low key. In the past few months my career and personal life have taken an ever-increasing chunk of my time. As such, I feel I am not capable of taking on the duties of a Head-admin at the present time. I am now stepping down and moving to inactive until I can better resolve my work-life balance. The nerd community needs an all-hands-on-deck leadership team right now, and my inactivity is more harm than good. I would like to clear the way for some fresh faces to bring their ideas to the table. I appreciate all of the time that I have spent on these servers; I have made friendships that will last far beyond my years with the community. I will be regularly checking in on the forums, irc, and occasionally in-game, so feel free to message me with any questions or concerns, don't be a stranger. Sdoc era sdom, Draykhar
  2. Hello Dobreira, I've edited the title of your appeal to appropriately reflect who will be handling it. Please know we haven't forgot about you, and are discussing it among ourselves. Please bear with us and we'll get back with you shortly.
  3. Alright. It's time. Here's me right before my Uncles wedding a couple weeks ago.
  4. Good topic. I know myself and 1-2 of the other heads have had a plethora of life issues lately that have prevented us from playing. At least for myself, things have finally quieted down this last week and I'll be around substantially more. That being said, us headadmins do need to take a more active role in the server. It's not fair to to the staff or playerbase if we're not around to lend a helping hand. Those of us that are dodgy in our activity levels need to start leading, or get out of the way for someone who will.
  5. Relevant year-old thread: https://nerd.nu/forums/index.php?/topic/419-upvotesdownvotes/
  6. Ban has been removed. I hope your conduct in mumble reflects what you have said here.
  7. Many of the irc crowd already knows my music choices as I link stuff there all the time (PM me if you want to be added to that) I'm a big fan of Swinghouse, Ghettofunk, Electroblues, Soul, Americana, and Rock of most varieties. Here's a barrage of links to things I like. https://soundcloud.com/frizzo/jamie-berry-feat-octavia-rose https://soundcloud.com/gramatik/obviously https://soundcloud.com/thump/gramatik-get-a-grip-feat-gibbz https://soundcloud.com/skullee/dancefloor-outlaws-long-dark https://soundcloud.com/kiss-me-yesterday/its-a-good-day-free-download https://soundcloud.com/bs7/gypsy-unit-sorry-mr-policeman https://soundcloud.com/slamboree/slamboree-i-hate-myself-glitch https://soundcloud.com/chop-shop-45/balk-whip-hkpp-mashup https://soundcloud.com/umamiinspace/umami-seven-days https://soundcloud.com/recordkicks/hannah-williams-do-whatever https://soundcloud.com/mixendorp/link-in-the-chain-david https://soundcloud.com/televisormusic/televisor-strut-out-now-on https://soundcloud.com/thefunkhunters/lunar-smack https://soundcloud.com/defunk-music/sunshine-blues-feat-em-casey https://soundcloud.com/soundnomaden/sound-nomaden-singing-pirates https://soundcloud.com/realboy/realboy-suck-my-swing
  8. Hello, please reaquaint yourself with our rules, post back here saying you understand them, and I will unban you tonight.
  9. Deneviens already covered all of this, but I'll reiterate a few points that I feel you're not getting. A ban and its subsequent appeal is not the place to incite discussion on whether or not the staff is what you consider adequate. It's to bring the cold facts into the warm light of day and work from there. I'm not taking these actions into account whatsoever in the length of your ban, but rather presenting them to you so that you understand that a ban appeal is not a rallying point. If you'd like to continue the discussion about inadequate staffing or staff misconduct, I'd be happy to hear you out, however a ban appeal is not the place to do so. And standard protocol /was/ followed. You'd been warned about it prior - a month before and again a few days before. You had your fair share of warnings - and even admit yourself that you deserved it You weren't banned for spam, you were banned for harassment, and you had already been warned about it numerous times. Hell, there were people in the channel verbally warning you not to send it in the time building up to you sending it. I'm upholding your 1 month ban length. I hope that's enough time for you to look at your actions and see what you can do to change them.
  10. You had been messaged by Denevien a few days prior that this type of conduct was not appropriate: Beyond that, you were warned nearly a month ago for the same thing. Twice now before this ban contact was made regarding this. You had already been asked to stop and neglected to do so. A warning between you doing it yet another time and your ban would have been frivolous: It didn't get through the first two times, why would the third be any different? Your Mumble ban will remain in place. Sorry, but you can request a unban from mumble one month from the start of this appeal. Please reappeal on the 5th of of March and we will see that you are unbanned. In the mean time, reacquaint yourself with the rules and take a look at your actions. You've consistently followed a pattern of skirting the harassment rule in various mediums. I don't want to see you banned again. Moving past that, I'd like to address some of the more unsavory things I unearthed in seeking information regarding this appeal: This isn't appropriate whatsoever. Bans, their appeals, and all of the aftermath of them should not be used as rallying points to pit staff against each other; these appeals are a laying out of the facts, and a determination of what is to become afterwards, not about who's on whose side. As moderators and admins, we're placed in these role to handle the problems that arise in an unbiased manner, not pick sides in what is really a small ban-appeal blown way out of proportion. Nor is yelling out things like #demodtompreuss2014 in chat repeatedly going to get you anywhere. If you have a problem with anyone - staff or player alike - take it up with an admin you feel comfortable talking to, not pitting everyone against each other.
  11. I'll be unbanning you when I get home in about 4 hours. Thanks!
  12. http://imgur.com/yVvrskO This isn't the appropriate use of LWC. Please re-read the Rules and post back here stating that you have read them and will abide by them from here out, and I will see that you are unbanned.
  13. It'd be ludicrous to enforce a rule 'no, you cannot run from a fight'. A necessary part of survival is just that: Surviving. If you're unsure of whether you're going to win, you have the option of attempting to nope out. The chase is as much a part of a pvp encounter as the sword-swinging in the middle. Hell, half of fights are pearling out and repotting anyways. Might be considered dishonorable to run from a fight and what not, but there's no honor among thieves anyways. I feel the K/D and the streak bits are actually doing more do discourage pvp than anything else. Quite a few times this rev I've seen people with high-up streaks avoid combat specifically to keep their sprees. KDR is doing similar.
  14. it was a temporary ban, no need to appeal these, we usually unban after the event for such things.
  15. This is the only immediate concern I can think of with this. Other than that, I like the idea.
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