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  1. I've dropped off again, but I spent about a month pretty active on P and never heard of him.
  2. Why are mods and admins voting here? You have your own thread, and there's no point in double voting just to skew the results to look more like the mod/admin voting thread.
  3. There's a working version of /seen on the internet. Having it disallowed in game seems kinda silly at this point.
  4. Out of curiosity, why, then, was an enderpearl cooldown set up? Was it just to make it so you couldn't just prison pearl people over and over?
  5. BUMP. Any news on this? Since Rei's seems to be down, it would be great is a different minimap could be allowed.
  6. BUMP. Have any discussions been happening at a higher level as a result of this thread?
  7. BUMP. This seems to have run its course. Can a Hadmin comment on the results of this Poll?
  8. It's when you hang out at someone's base and kill them whenever they try to return.
  9. Wow. That exploded. I was one of the people calling for the vote, so I accept its results either way. I just said it reminded me of that quote because it was 51:49. Apologies if I didn't clarify that better. #wasajoke. Might not want to take everything so personally.
  10. I'm kinda sad that this stopped being a thing shortly after it began being a thing.
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