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    The Face Behind the Name

    Totally my real hair
  2. dobreira

    Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    @Sir_Didymus Making the map small is not viable because clashes would happen and it would generate conflict, the only thing I can think of is a "spawn town (doesnt need to be at spawn) where everyone can build, the town being handled by P admins would encourage people to build there, not sure how many people would build there or if people would even like it but it might be worth a shot maybe. I would support biome specific ores for emeralds, gold, lapis, redstone and quartz so everything except iron, coal and diamonds. Every biome should have a chance to get all the ores but the ones I specified would be in a lower chance (except emeralds, I think emerald ore should be exclusive to certain biomes) I really liked the "biomes" in the top of the nether, they look pretty and are an easy way to get resources like sand. But in the future I would like to see a gravel area, just for the sake of concrete. The maps have certainly getting better as the time as went by, there were things that I really loved when spawn had. There were revs of spawn with small parkour courses, harder secret areas to get in to ( in this rev it seems pretty easy to get to every secret at spawn, not actually sure if I have seen everything), and the thing I liked from spawns that we haven't had in a really long time was hidden chests at spawn with loot for the start of the rev rush. I think next time the unfound spawner clues should be released earlier on at this point of the game the spawners seem pretty useless. I was referencing the knight's quest on everything being too similar there were 4 or 5 unique things you had to do in the quest and then all of the rest seemed to be exactly the same but in a different place, go inside find stuff come back out it got pretty repetitive.
  3. dobreira

    Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Expectations It´s always knowing the duration of the revisions it makes people be able to plan their time more accordingly and plan their builds likewise I would like information being revealed as we go like how the 6k was revealed rather than saying X events are gonna happen in this period, us having to work to get the events makes it seem more worth it The more surveys and collaboration with the player base the better Map Size I honestly like the Map size, and dont feel like returning to a smaller map would encourage community activity, the thing I feel like would improve community activity and I don't want to see happening would be to limiting the number of portals to 1 at spawn, this way everything would be closer to spawn, and more roads and rails would be created but almost everyone would hate it. Ore Distribution Gold was a pain to collect for the horse, I end up with almost 4 times as much diamonds as I do gold when I mine. Emeralds were far too abundant, and diamonds always seem like there are too many but that's also because we have no use for them after villagers Nether Portals The portals are in good locations but it seems like we have too many, there are a couple portals that are not developed in the slightest. Nether Only the top nether should return, the vanilla nether is pretty boring but the top nether makes things fun. The problem with having 2 layers is inconvenient because at least for me I never know what portals are where and end up either being above or below them when travelling. We should have a nether spawn again mostly because the nether spawns that people build generally over sized, bland, boring and confusing. End The end size is good because of ender towns the bigger it is the better the chance of more people raiding them for loots. Mapworld The map world is a creative world where we get nothing out of, it should definitely have world edit, building maps takes time that could be used in making more productive things. Spawn The only problem I have with spawn is events like the thanksgiving event trade in center that have no space pre set at the start so room gets made later on, a room specific for events of the same nature could fix this problem. Features Custom Spawners Custom spawners if they aren't found in a certain amount of time let's say 2 months should have subtle hints being dropped, most people forget that there are portals that still haven't been found, those hints would remember people and make the search easier. I'm against the hot and cold thing because only people on at the time would get hints. Community Events I like events with upgradable rewards that keep reapering in future events (like it was done with excalibur), the only thing I dont like from events is when everything is too similar and ends up feeling like a drag
  4. dobreira

    Note appeal

    So I feel like I have had this notes for a long time, and I also feel like they no longer reflect who I am as a player. I will go by them in order: Starting with the youngest one Created by Mumberthrax, it says that I got warned for command spam and honestly I don't remember doing (it was 3 years ago) but I also don't think I have done it since then. Going to Tharine's note of pvp combat logging which is something I haven't done since then and something that's seems mute since it was made on S. The 3 Grief ones were deserved at the time but I no longer grief and even the griefing when I did it wasn't serious, it was either when I started and didn't know what I was doing or something I broke that I didn't realize was someone else's. The Lag machine on C was a weird time that I made several of them but after that I stopped making them and when I made them I made sure to break them after I stopped testing whatever I was testing. Thank you for your patience
  5. dobreira

    What is your favorite song/album?

    This is my favorite song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSrTnWDTdwI
  6. dobreira

    dobreira [Head Admin]

    I read the rules, and I broke the rule that states : "No attempts to circumvent any protections on the server, including but not limited to the server script, LWC (Chest protection), WorldGuard (Block protection), and No Cheat Plus."
  7. dobreira

    dobreira [Head Admin]

    Got banned in April for circumventing the pvp flag on PvE. The ban ends on the 20th. Awaiting for response.
  8. dobreira

    Dobreira [Head Admin]

    I was banned in April for shooting an arrow through a nether portal and hitting a player on P. I asked the player to go trough the portal so that I could test if the bug was still around since I had reported back when I first found it. I hit the player with 1 arrow and explained to him what the bug was. The player was ok with me hitting him with the arrow. However, I realize that consulting a moderator regarding this plugin exploit was the better approach. Again, I did not have any malicious intent, was merely demonstrating the exploit so that it can be addressed. I feel I've spent enough time banned from these servers. True, I have made mistakes in the past, but I haven't made any within the last year barring this incident. I believe I'm mature enough to be a constructive member of the community, and would like to return to playing with my friends.
  9. dobreira

    dobreira [tompreuss]

    In relation to my ban. I got banned for shooting a person with an arrow through a nether portal on PvE. I told the person to go to the nether and then I shot him once with an arrow and hit him. The person was ok with it and I was simply showing him the bug, bug which I had reported to buzzie71 a couple months ago.
  10. dobreira

    C Contest Voting: Zombie Survival Event Base

    Im really proud of what I made and what everyone made. P.S. when is the voting gonna end?
  11. My entry is at X2717 Y170 Z1632, you will spawn at X2667 Y71 Z1713 and you need to protect the building at X2721 Y77 Z1627. I made it with a special help of ROCKONN. http://imgur.com/bFLmWtr,H2VTXco
  12. dobreira

    Trade signs

    In my opinion we should add wither skulls to that list, wither skeletons are almost not spawning and their drops is super rare so its pretty hard, almost impossible to get them. Of course they should in a very expensive price
  13. dobreira

    dobreira [Tharine]

    Hmm, I know I got warned the first time, I also know I was gonna destroy the thing I did, but I am also sorry that I made it in the first place it was a bad decision on my part and I never should had done it. I got banned and I know why I got banne, im sorry.