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  1. I'm gonna do this anonymous idea... I'll update this when something happens.
  2. What do you do when the person living on your dorm floor just smells so bad it stinks up the hallway and I can't breathe when I have to walk to my room? it burns every time i cant breathe help
  3. what if like, how apples fall down, potatoes (apples of the earth) fall up? like the entire human race gathers over farms all over to participate in catching potatoes before they hurl into the atmosphere - the potato catching festival
  4. Hey dudes, it's been fun. It's been a couple of years now and I enjoyed every moment of it here. I've got to work on several projects and be a part of an awesome thriving community that changed a little bit each day. Sadly though, I think I have to go for a while, I'll still be around every now and then, so it'll be cool. This thing called, "Real Life," has become more demanding of me, so I've gotta go take care of that first. I suppose I'll see you around, dudes. Take care. ;)
  5. We're very happy to announce two additions to the head admin team: Silversunset & Sir_Didymus! Both have been shadowing Barlimore and myself for a little while now to give them some time to adjust into the role. Silversunset has primarily been involved with P and has been helping to lead some of the changes we see today. She initially joined the community around August 2014 and has been a p admin since July 2015. Sir_Didymus' focus has been on our next fundraiser which he picked up the mantle of and has taken the helm. He found his way into our community around fall 2013 and has been an event admin since September 2015. The addition of these two people to the head admin team will allow us to achieve more of our goals. Being able to divide tasks between four of us rather than two will let us be more visible in the community which is important for us as we would like to make it a little clearer what we do by being more interactive. All four of us will be looking to take a fair and firm approach to concerns and suggestions.
  6. Here is a list of the blocks from a document I started and the Cadmins now are finishing it. It does seem to be that something is slightly borked, but it's not that big a deal right now.
  7. Hey there! Voting is now over - I waited until the 17th to be fully over to lock this topic now. Thanks to all staff who participated, we've yielded a higher voting rate this time around than last time, so thank you. Cujobear, Flumper, Robr, Torteela and Zaliek will be proceeding with training over the next coming days.
  8. Hey there! It's this time again, staff will vote on these 5 candidates and we will proceed with full nominations on January 17th. Voting goes as it was last time: Yes, meaning "I support this person, and want to see them as moderator." No, meaning "I personally do not think this person should be moderator." Don't know well enough, meaning "I do not know this person well enough to make a decision." If you have any legitimate concerns with any of the candidates, please reach out to a Head Admin, so we can appropriately deal with the voiced concern, and properly take your feedback into consideration.
  9. Hey there fellow players. Barlimore and I would like to announce that we are planning to open the dialogue on this changelog to a more open state. As in, we want to make sure you all see the projects/plans/ideas we currently have on our plate, that don't involve sensitive information. I'll start off: We have not forgotten about this and this, it is definitely on our task list, and we will update this changelog with any continued plans we have on the subject. This also involves in updating and revising the rules. We're going to re-write our adverts for Creative & Pve to be used on /r/mcservers and other websites, with the help of the Server Admins so they can have a say in what they would like in their message. We have also directed our attention to laying out a new plan for Survival. More about this will be updated in this log later. Thank you for viewing, and hopefully this will go well.
  10. I'm back from my mini vacation, but along with others, I'll be not as frequent as I'd like for about 4 more days since family is here.
  11. Just wanted to point out that, this is really well said. I agree that we should make it as such, it also gives staff a little more rest and less pressure to apply punishments. I certainly hope players do not think staff is ignoring them. Honestly, if you feel this way, please PM me so we can talk this out, because if that's the case, we're obviously not doing our job correctly. Now, I feel like "promoting" (I know it's not a promotion but I get what you mean) them faster could lead to slight complications. Like me for instance, I made it through to Creative Admin pretty quickly, and was left empty handed as the only one running the place, and had NO idea how to do anything. It was difficult and not at all the same as being a moderator, and that made some slight complications for me as an Admin and the players playing at the time. Obviously nothing went to hell and we're all good, but the rapid "promotions" is hasty and could make for some potentially unwanted situations. Also, It's not that I don't trust newer players, but I feel like "modding them within the first few weeks" wouldn't be a great idea. Many new players either do not show any interest to want to become staff or they simply just don't know how nerd works and feels yet. I think the system we have now works fine, regarding the modding of players, since the pool is small again. If we modded everyone at that rate, we wouldn't have any normal players, and we have all timezones covered pretty well, with the exception of Australia (slightly).
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