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  1. Have a nice build and just don't understand the twisted arcane art of installing fancy shader plug-ins so everything looks nice? Well no promises, but fill out the following information and post in this topic below to have some kind hearted sucker-I-mean-soul do the work for you. No one is specifically assigned to completing these requests, so ask nicely and have an open mind about the time it may take to complete. Essential Request Information: Build name: Server: Coordinates or a public /home Screenshot picture of the exact view. Mark the location where the screenshot was taken with a brightly colored block.
  2. I'm back.
  3. I will be mostly out of touch with the internet from March 10-24 on a trip to Dubai. Don't try to find me!
  4. If we're allowed, here are some additional images of the beehive I took:
  5. Are you doing that by command or does there need to be a certain amount of room left for it?
  6. This issue in one of several forms has come up a few times on C. Back in Rev. 13 when every space on the map was filled near completely this was unconscionable, of course you could only ask to have your build itself protected back then too, as without flying making claim boxes was impractical. If you wanted, for a short time, to have a view of open land you needed to build near the edge of the map, and there was frequently a rush to do so when the map expanded. As time has moved on, with lower server population density it has become more practical to grant players the ability to preserve the aesthetics of the land their build survey's, but I find the old philosophy to be both the easiest and most fair. If you want a preserved view, take a screenshot, it will go away eventually and that's how building blocks with friends works. If we really wanted to grant player's preserved views we'd have a server where each player get's their own MultiVerse World. Just my opinion.
  7. I too will be eating myself into a coma and hibernating from roughtly the 23rd to the 30th. The bears have seemingly accepted me as one of their own, I enter their cave at will, and sleep among them.
  8. Our multiverse worlds are never displayed on the Carto. It is like they're not really part of each revision. I'd recommend we switch back to a single world with designated regions for specific purposes.
  9. I can't handle the appeal, but I'll field your question. The answer is that item frames when misused cause a vulnerability to the server. Sorry, can't provide details of that for obvious reasons.
  10. Well thanks, I don't really look at the posts because its always at the same time and place, so I hadn't noticed. Thanks! Still, maybe that would be better placed separately in a folder in the Events part of the forum.
  11. I may have asked before, but could we get access to the //generate WE command? (It would allow World-editors like me to make more than just the standard shapes.)
  12. It would be nice if we had a 9 trophy stands, where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place builds are copied after each round. This would allow us to view the winners from each week's set of rounds at our leisure once each competition is completed..
  13. Great explanation. Thanks!