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  1. Woops, forgot to post, been gone for the last week and a half on vacation. Back!
  2. I'll be away on vacation for a week starting today.
  3. https://imgur.com/a/tNQ6afo I just want to say that AndyJF has done an amazing job helping me with Laputa: The Castle in the Sky! He's done amazing fine detail work and really helped me break out of the builder's block I had with this structure. I hope you enjoy checking out this gallery of his amazing work and look forward to his next steps!
  4. Woops, forgot to say I've been on a work trip the past 2 weeks. Back!
  5. Talk to me about the redstone for those gates. I have made several very reliable 4+ x 6+ gates in the past.
  6. On vacation (the last few days) through the rest of this week.
  7. Is there a chance we can put all of the old revisions in read-only mode? This was planned at one time with the "museum" and some of us old farts have a bit of nostalgia.
  8. On vacation for the next two weeks, may have some limited access.
  9. I'm back after a week's vacation...kinda forgot to mention.
  10. If someone made two sequential modreqs (and labeled them "Protect from Corner 1 here..." and "...to corner 2 here. And call it 'this land...or your grave! Curse this sudden but inevitable betrayal' " ), I could protect that, no matter how large. In fact I'd recommend this practice for super large claims.
  11. On vacation from now through mid next week.
  12. Getting Lasik tomorrow. Probably will be away for about a week. If you don't hear from me it's because I'm blind.
  13. I'll be leaving rednecklandia to visit family and will return in the new year! Technically I've been gone a week already, but forum difficulty's (working with Bard) prevented me from posting here.
  14. I'm going to be away from the server on vacation from 7/28 to 8/6 at least and probably a few days after recovering. :D
  15. Please take the time to read through our rules since it has been over a year since you last played with us and respect other player's at all times. Unbanned.
  16. I'm off on two weeks of travel. Either I'll not be around at all, or my activity is going to spike!
  17. Have a nice build and just don't understand the twisted arcane art of installing fancy shader plug-ins so everything looks nice? Well no promises, but fill out the following information and post in this topic below to have some kind hearted sucker-I-mean-soul do the work for you. No one is specifically assigned to completing these requests, so ask nicely and have an open mind about the time it may take to complete. Essential Request Information: Build name: Server: Coordinates or a public /home Screenshot picture of the exact view. Mark the location where the screenshot was taken with a brightly colored block.
  18. I will be mostly out of touch with the internet from March 10-24 on a trip to Dubai. Don't try to find me!
  19. Fair. What if players have to escort another player, and we set it so they turn into a zombie/die or the cure/package drops from their inventory if they aren't in daylight? Alternatively (if it would be easier) we could just make the cure/package a wolf, which can be set to follow a player and must be defended and kept in daylight.
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