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  1. In order to facilitate better communication between staff, we've decided to officially move away from IRC to Slack. IRC is not the most user friendly and historically has not had as many staff members use it as we'd like. For those of you unfamiliar with Slack, it's similar to IRC but based around the web. Here is a page and video showing the service off: https://slack.com/is Some pros to Slack: Push notifications through mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, with message history transferring. So you'll never miss a message. Desktop apps on Windows, OS X and Linux. There is also some support for connecting with an IRC client, optionally. DMs and group DMs Fancy message formatting, instead of mostly plain text Flexible notification settings, so you can receive alerts when someone wants to contact you, or suppress them when you don't want to be disturbed. The user experience is much like Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, but with many more features and IRC-style channels. All the pings! You can @reply a person to ping them, or alert a whole @channel or everyone who's not flagged as AFK with @here. They'll get notifications to their desktop and mobile apps if they're away, unless they put their notifications on snooze. Easily search the 10,000 most recent messages. It's easier to get a newbie set up and using it, since it's a more familiar paradigm. The techs are working on converting our bots to work with Slack so anyone needing to use them will need to use IRC for a little bit longer. We will also maintain the #RedditMC channel and eventually hope to have a bot that sends the messages from IRC into Slack so everyone can stay connected. I've exported everyone's forum email address to import into Slack, however if you'd like to use a different one, please send me a message and I'll correct it. By the end of the week I'll be sending the invites to everyone. If you want to go ahead and get signed up, just send me a message and I'll add you as soon as I can. Feel free to post any questions or comments about the new service. We hope this tool can help us communicate better as a group!
  2. So right now we have a version that just removes some cache clearing during onPlayerQuit in version 1.2.3 and migrated the database from sqlite to mysql. So far the main lag point of a cache miss, and resultant sql lookup, seems to be gone.
  3. I just did a 10s timing window during a lag event and here are the results: http://timings.aikar.co/?url=12636395
  4. If you have a solution/suggestions to the potential for exploitation, please feel free to share.
  5. Can we change the name to Standmaster9001 so its OVER 9000!
  6. nickeox, I am sorry you felt that way, however I don't believe you were kicked "for being gay", but simply using the word. Had anyone else at that moment said the same thing, they also would have been kicked. Was that staff member over zealous? Most would probably say yes though I have no idea about the events surrounding it. I wasn't meaning to insult you just that there is a big distinction between being kicking because you used a word and being kicked for being gay. If it truly was the latter, then you should/should have brought it up with a head at the time as it would have been highly inappropriate.
  7. Actually another option is to enable the "Display Name" feature. The options available are as follows: Characters allowed in usernames - If this is set, IP.Board will ensure all usernames only contain characters in this list upon registration. To allow only alphanumeric usernames, use: a-zA-Z0-9 Block linebreaks in names - Do you want to explicitly block newlines, linebreaks, and html tags in usernames and display names? Maximum display name length - The maximum number of characters that a display name can be. Prohibit display names from selecting log in names - If "yes", one is not able to choose a display name that is the same as another's display name OR another's log in name. If "no" one is not able to choose a display name that is the same as another's display name only. My recommendation would be: "a-zA-Z0-9\-_ '" - All letters, numbers, dash, underscore, space and apostrophe Yes 25 is default Yes
  8. Being the staff member on during the incident that spawned this thread I'd like to state a few things for the record. The conversation in question did not start off innocently, instead it started with 2 trolls trying to rile people up, one quote for reference "Is this whole server gay? lol" followed by a few more references as well. After warning that it was not appropriate I asked all the parties to take their discussions to a clanchat which they refused. They then proceeded to attempt to argue over what usage of gay is appropriate. After about 10 warnings for discussing it I believe I kicked 2 people and muted 1 person 2 times. At no point did I "kick a gay person for mentioning they were gay" and find it quite insulting that anyone would paint that picture of nerd or its staff. The current rule is simply that we do not allow that chat in global and all participants of that incident were well aware (one having been banned for it previously and then proceeded to evade said ban) Now, on to discuss the merits of this rule. Whose judgement shall we use on what usage of the word (or other words) is allowable? If the person says their intent is pure but others are offended, we just have to let them say it because? Can only gay people use the word to describe themselves or others? What happens when a straight person refers to someone as gay? How are we supposed to know the intents of every utterance. Sure, we can *try* to gather from the conversation, but then that leads to staff subjectivity which I know a few of the people in this thread have been trying to remove. We don't have a 100% outright ban on the word. We usually warn first and attempt to move the topic to a private chat or clanchat and usually only then kick/ban if they persist. Have staff been over zealous in the past? Absolutely! I myself have, but we are only human. I tend to find that allowing leniency on words that are capable a very strong emotions can lead to trolls taking advantage of it. Take for instance this thread in which there have been a few "tongue in cheek" references to the n word. No they didn't say the word, or specifically mean anything negative towards it but their intentions aren't the problem. That word still carries a lot of baggage in this world.
  9. Magnyus, if you can figure out how to detect certain words completely by themselves without false positives, you have just made a lot of money. This problem is referred to as the Scunthorpe Problem and is an extremely difficult problem to solve. It is absolutely no fault of the jar that it highlights part of Gayle.
  10. What is everyones thoughts on allowing people to change their forum names? It is easy to do, and there is a record of it in the admin control panel. All posts by the user will show with their new name.
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