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  1. Not entirely true, my vision for PvP was not shared by the whole admin team and we could not come to an agreement, so I stepped down from the position so there could be a single clear vision for PvP, not the merging of two completely different ideas. The initial launch in the old survival format was to gather feedback about a largely unknown PvP system after the mojang changes, it was not intended to remain. I'm not making a personal attack on my other admins, it was a failing of myself and the headadmin team that a brand new admin with little to no training was thrown into the primary decision making position of a newly relaunched server, it should never have happened.
  2. Use https://discordapp.com/ if we want to cover everything. Remove Slack, Mumble and IRC Use https://www.mattermost.org/ if we want to replace Slack and IRC with something we run Use Slack if we want to replace IRC but make joining for new people difficult (though https://github.com/rauchg/slackin can help with this, Python version here https://github.com/acemod/slackin-python ) Whatever we end up doing we want Open to all, no email signups if possible and simple to use If we bother to change at all, aim to remove existing services where possible to reduce sprawl. Minimal tech requirement - they already seem to be struggling to keep up, lets not add more
  3. Hey mate, seems a long time ago someone compromised your account. I'm going to presume you've changed your password and whatnot since then so I've gone ahead and unbanned you. Welcome back.
  4. I imaging he had his little unix shoes on since he was born! Fair call though - I think my history got muddled at some stage, I recall him using it for a blog, but probably not the very first one
  5. Our benevolent dictator of the time happened to own the domain name when he launched the server. It was originally his tech blog of sorts (see here) It wasn't until some time around 2011 that it started hosting the nerd.nu minecraft servers as we now know them. (see here) Over the years we have owned and at times used other domain names as optional aliases, but nerd.nu has always been the primary, it is quite catchy.
  6. c45y

    Rules gone to hell

    You seem confused, you don't pay to play here, the money you donate goes towards the servers, not specific admin teams. It is nice to know nerd as a whole will use the money wisely, but as someone who has also donated considerable funds here over time, I have no expectation that I will get what I want because I gave money. Admins are admins, they are placed in a position of trust, its like complaining the government can take your land to build a freeway. It is their job to make the server as a whole an enjoyable experience for as many people as possible, if that means you as an individual might have to make concessions for that to happen, so be it. Setting hard limits on every little part of the rules or actions admins take just winds up in infinite red tape that prevents action being taken, if anything remove all the rules and just trust that the admins are acting with the server in their best interests.
  7. c45y

    Rules gone to hell

    It used to take a lot less time, but the rules about protection were also a lot simpler. It is the rules that need to be reviewed, the removal request duration is just a symptom of the larger problem. Private logs is exactly how it has always has been, possibly more public now I guess, this isn't a democracy and you have no right to privacy ( I'm not sure where everyone gets the idea they do ) There is no reason admins shouldn't be able to complete their own requests ( by extension all staff as well ) - they are in a position of trust, maybe its time to actually trust them just to do their job. This is a pointless topic
  8. I am glad that this head-admin approved initiative is bearing fruit, well done.
  9. c45y

    Tree of Life

    Anyone else tried Tree of Life on steam? It's still in beta but shows a lot of promise. The skills system is pretty sweet, though a lot of grinding involved (typical MMO) but combat is pretty sweet so far. It has a green, yellow, red standing which should be familiar to those of you who have seen SAO which adds an interesting dynamic to it all, the worse a color the more of your items you drop on death ( and red shows on the global map ) There are servers for the different regions - America, Asia and EU - so you should all be able to get a good ping ( even my stupid australian net does ) no matter where you are located I'm playing on Asia now as meowingtons. If you are in that area drop me a line, happy to see a familiar face. There is a pretty strong focus on clans within the game, even at this early beta level. If we get enough interest I would be keen to form a nerd clan
  10. I'm not sure if it would just restrict building or also traversal, thoughts? Mineable spawners was something mentioned when we were talking, I forgot to add it - I think we totally should
  11. I've done a bit of development work tonight on the clan land protection idea to try and explain it better The image below shows two custom items, Clan Protection Hub and Clan Protection Extender. These are craftable with the recipe shown below. Each of these items has a function, the Hub can only be placed once in the map by any single clan, and it forms the foundation for all later claims - in the screenshots below it is shown with a Yellow border ( worldedit ) and makes the chunk placed upon unbuildable to any non-clan member ( barrier display provided via plugin ) The hub will also act as the respawn location for any clan with over X number of members ( >3 ?) The Extender is shown in blue below, and can only be placed when directly adjoining either the hub or another expansion chunk, as shown in the progressive screenshots below ( hub is claimed --> extender is placed adjacent --> extender is placed adjacent ) The extender can be as plentiful as players can craft it, however all claims must be directly adjacent to an already claimed chunk, the recipe used in development possibly needs to be made more expensive, using gold could be an option?. The barrier block animation can be triggered by command, or attempted destruction of claimed land ( will exclude anything below Y 20 )
  12. For this revision we should modify death to not drop exp
  13. Unbanned. Welcome back, keep an eye on the rules.
  14. This thread will be a living document of the different types of events the PVP server holds, and how to run them. The document will outline the permission levels required to hold certain events, as well as the process for running them (including some approval steps) PVP Arena Competition [ can be run by any member of staff ] The PVP arena comp is common on many pvp servers, we are no different. Weekly competitions will be held, with winners/losers being added to a document at the end, with a victor come the end of the revision announced and receiving phat lewts? Any member of staff may run a PVP arena event, the controls to the doors and gates all exist within teleport accessible areas. If prizes are to be given out to winners then simply check the rewards with the pvpadmins to make sure they are okay, after that you are free to spawn approved items to give out as required. ( via the use of /i ) Locating the arena There is a warp gate located at spawn, this is permanently open to all players on the server Preparing kitted fights EasySign can be used to give players items as required, the use of the inventory argument will give the player who punches the sign an exact copy of your equipped inventory. Make sure the "prep room" door control lever is set to "closed" as shown further below Starting fights After warping (/tphere <player>) into the 3 boxes adjoining the arena floor the controls to open the piston gates are located within the judges box. Opposite the controls shown below. These two levers will control the simple redstone below the arena floor, either opening the doors to the prep room, or opening the gates to the arena floor itself Finishing fights If players have been given kits to fight with then they will need to have their inventory cleared before being teleported to the surface. This can be done via /ci <player> then /tphere <player>. OR for maximum satisfaction, lava the living shit out of them. When all the fights are complete and players are leaving the arena, make sure to clean up. The kit signs need to be removed before the arena can be left open again for regular use outside events. To do so simply use the command shown below, or destroy the signs.
  15. Thanks for your polite appeal, you're now unbanned. It was indeed an IP match, your housemate decided to try to endorse the kkk in our arena signup form, clearly not cool. Welcome back, maybe setting a password on your computer account will help prevent this from happening in the future :)
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