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  1. New map: Laser Tag, by PPGOME Edit: map by PPGOME. The plot sign was erroneous.
  2. New map: Harvest, by TuddlesMcDoodle Edit (2017/04/9): Harvest has been updated to correct an issue that prevented the point from being captured.
  3. Map voting is now live! /votemap <map>: Kicks off a yes/no vote to immediately change the map, skipping the rest of the current match. /nextmap: Picks three random maps and initiates a vote between them. The winning map will be set as the upcoming map. Votes require at least 50% participation from active players or they won't pass.
  4. Abandoned Island now has a 16-arrow limit instead of infinite quantity. Experimental: Upsidaisy kits now include an Elytra and six fireworks. Also, just a little teaser of what's currently in development...
  5. Minigames has now been updated for 1.11.2.
  6. I'm for the good old CTF event. It only went awry this time because of the space stuff. (Mathematically, you're just not going to catch somebody when you both move at a constant rate on a plane. You need obstacles and terrain to vary the movement.) Also, no resets. That just ruins the sense of accomplishment or desire for people to build things. In past events, we usually had plenty for everyone to do. People who wanted to go raiding would raid. People who wanted to build would construct defenses, infrastructure, novelty builds, etc.. People who wanted to parkour had the buff areas. It was a big, open world and you had plenty of options. Maybe throw in some custom spawning behaviour to make the PvE more challenging, too. (Naturally spawning "Illagers" and randomly named Doppelgangers anyone?) The issue is the space event was just too limiting for everyone, with its preconstructed and mostly empty world.
  7. Ban information: Looks like you were banned for some grief forever and a half ago. Welcome back, be sure to read up the rules.
  8. Updated the KOTH plugin with redesigned mechanics. A point is now awarded to the team for every minute that the capture point is held, and one more to the team holding it when the match ends. This way the winner will essentially be the team that holds the hill for the most time, rather than mostly boiling down to a race to capture it first. Made a minor kit change to koth_jungle: a shield is now included and the splash potion quantity has been reduced from two to one. Kit changes made for koth_artifact and ctf_division by author's request.
  9. New map: Caverns by Heartshine, Challenger2 and Ted50
  10. Added time_lock region flag so maps can lock their ambiance to night or day easily. (Maps "Undead Graveyard" and "Abandoned Island" are now night maps.) Made the map config reader more robust to prevent cases where typos or malformed configs could hang the server on startup.
  11. Both maps are now live on the minigame server. And I produced some fancy graphics:
  12. The two winners of the Halloween map contest are live: "Undead Graveyard" by Abitcat and "Fallen Plaza" by _Ferg
  13. Just so everyone's aware: I will be working on the technical side of preparing the builds to become minigame maps in the coming days (soon™) and will have them ready and deployed as soon as my schedule allows.
  14. New Map: Sails by Sir_Didymus
  15. Or maybe one that just picks an arbitrary unclaimed plot and teleports you to it, so make participating easier.
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